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The range of smartphone models available at iiNet means an exploding demand for the apps that unlock their potential, and today there are two main providers of these apps: the App Store from Apple and Google’s Play Store. The Google Play store has an animated interface featuring displays of featured apps as well as sponsored content, and has a selection of over 450,000 apps on the market, many of which are free to download and try. Each app market supports payment for premium apps or app content through a proprietary payment system. One defining aspect of the Google Play service is its advanced search feature, which is programmed to respond to realistic human input by accounting for typos and other errors while still delivering accurate results.
Both the App Store and Google Play support cloud storage of downloaded apps for use on multiple devices linked to the same account. Google Play’s storage system offers even more flexibility, using its cloud compatibility to deliver downloaded content to any Internet capable device as well as install apps directly to Android devices from the online store. While the App Store and Google Play are conceptually similar, differences in their execution yield very different services in the end. While these app markets may be similar in function, the differing approaches of their developers manifest themselves in each market’s look, features and overall user experience. On the other hand, the App Store has a more minimalistic appearance, employing more streamlined menus to give users access to their library of over 600,000 free and paid apps. Apple Pay can be integrated with other iOS devices such as the iPod and Apple Watch, and linked with the user’s financial information, can be used to make purchases within the market as well as within the apps while Google Wallet serves the same purpose with the Play Store.
Apple’s iCloud automatically stores all purchased and downloaded content online, and once store, this content can be used on any registered Apple device. The App Store’s wider selection of apps and extensive integration with Apple products makes it an outstanding environment for dedicated iOS users. However, the much more flexible Google Play service has a much larger library of free apps and supports a wider range of devices, making it a far superior choice for less committed smartphone owners. And, if the tweets are too messy for you to see, it allows you to group people on a list, keeping things orderly.You can also choose to speak your tweets, too.
Friendcaster for Facebook is not the official Facebook app for Android, but many users choose to download it because it has better features than the official Facebook app itself.

It can definitely give you the best Facebook experience on your Android device.The app has loads of features for an amazing mobile Facebook experience. It has a simple yet nice-looking interface (just like Facebook ) which you can customize to some degree. If you own accounts for several networking sites, you will find yourself unable to manage all of them, especially if you are a bit busy. However the app’s free version can only be used to manage your Twitter and Facebook account.
Google+ is another way to keep in touch with friends while you are using your mobile device. If that’s not enough for you, the app allows you to chat with all your friends at once! You can save money with discounts from businesses and you can also ask your friends what the best places to go to are, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or a store. Through this app, you can check in to movies, TV shows and music, allowing you to discover new things that you will love to watch. It’s also more of a social networking site for entertainment because you get to interact with friends and know what movies they like. You can also share your favorite movies and shows with them.You can also check out what your friends are watching and even chat with them while you are watching your favorite shows. The app has over 700 shows for you to check out, including some of the most famous, such as American Idol, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead.
You can also unlock stickers and discounts as you use the app, and what’s even more fun is that you can get the real stickers in the mail.
Vlingo Virtual Assistant is the app which makes everything easy if, say, you are driving or cooking, or for when you just can’t hold your phone. Just speak to it and it will take care of everything.There are a bunch of things that this app can do for you. It can even tell you directions, find an establishment, buy a movie ticket, and even book a hotel room.

Aside from that it can also update your Twitter or Facebook status for you, as well as check in with Foursquare. The highlight of this app is that it can find almost any song that you are looking for, even if you don’t know the title. It’s one of the best security apps downloaded by many users to protect their devices from malicious contents or from anyone who wants to mess with their Android device. It’s an all-in-one security solution promising to protect your device from loss, theft, and even hackers. Staying organized is an everyday struggle, especially for those of you who have a lot of things to do.
It’s impossible to remember every appointment or task that you have to do if you have a hectic schedule, except if you have a photographic memory. Aside from the notepad function, you can save files, capture photos, and even record voice reminders. You can organize your notes by tags and notebooks to make sure that everything is in place. And, you can sync all these files across several devices so that your notes can guide you on what to do, whether you are at home or at work. You can even share your notes with your friends or officemates to remind them, as well.Evernote for Android on AppBrainThose are just some of the best free Android apps for 2012 (so far), but there are more not included in this list.
This app list however is subjective and some of the apps included may not be one of your favorites.

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