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When Kim Tinkham wrote to Oprah that she was going to heal herself after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Oprah invited her to the show. Two days before her fiftieth birthday, in February 2007, Kim Tinkham was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Stage three breast cancer is a serious condition and it must be treated as soon as possible. We find Kim on the couch with Oprah in March 2007, a bit more than a month after she was diagnosed. This is a recurrent claim in the world of alternology: you have to really want it, really believe it, or it won't work.
Oprah made some sort attempt to dissuade her from doing that and suggested she combine genuine medical treatment with her application of The Secret. Kim tells Robert Young that she had a question from day one, the first question she asked her first doctor: "What caused this? During the talk, she explains how she used Google to find information and "do research" as she calls it. The cancer or the cancerous condition is the result of a metabolic or dietary acids that are being eliminated into the fatty tissue. I don't know how anyone thinks that they can cure a disease by giving you something that wasn't the reason for the disease in the first place. She says that Robert Young told her that latent tissue acidosis is the cause of all disease. When Robert Young asks her about what happened to her symptoms, such as hot flashes, sore joints, lack of sleep, hair falling out, skin changing when she started the pH Miracle Diet, alkalizing her body. Kim then explains that she was diagnosed on 5 February 2007 and that she came to Robert Young on 4 November of the same year and that there were no signs of cancer in her blood stream.
In short, Kim Tankham's refusal to accept reality, her wish to get answers where honest doctors could not give any, drove her straight into the arms of someone who told her all she wanted to hear. With proper treatment, and if the diagnosis she mentioned is correct, she had a bit more than one chance in 2 that she would survive at least five years.
What do you think of the “cultural” Halloween costumes that appear in abundance this time of year?

Apparently, lots of people on the Internet are making fun of this concept, and have turned their campaign into a humorous meme.
They should make one of a redneck holding a picture of someone dressed as a redneck for Halloween. They did, it was to represent the mountain people usually shown as inbred hillbillies to point out the problem with stereotypes and judging people by those.
Post-Soviet states in Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Standard treatment consists of surgery (partial or complete mastectomy) and chemotherapy, possibly augmented with radiation therapy. Oprah had invited her after she had written a letter in which she said she had decided to heal herself, inspired by "The Secret", a book and film by Rhonda Byrne, that promotes positive thinking. This means that if the alternological treatment doesn't work, it is not the fault of the practitioner, but the fault of the patient.
Kim answers that she chooses her life, and that it is not about holding on to the breast but to her right for choice. This means nothing, since cancer markers are less than reliable and must be complemented by other tests.
Her ignorance and her desire to be told what she wanted to hear, reduced that probability to about 0, a virtual certainty that she would die, as indeed she did. It reminds me of the time that Speedy Gonzalez was cancelled and taken off the air because it was racially insensitive or politically incorrect or some BS reason like that.
Is this motivated by a bunch of well meaning white kids who are afraid of offending someone? You know, I sat here last night trying to think of something to say but had to shut my browser down because I didn’t know how to word my feelings.
Kim's oncologist recommended immediate surgery (within a month), followed by chemotherapy and possibly radiation therapy.
The treatment is painful, thoroughly unpleasant and that's not even taking into account that the perspective of losing a breast is not something most women are looking forward to.
She chose not to have immediate surgery and consulted with lots of doctors and alternative therapists.

She would ask the first person who could tell her what caused the cancer how to get rid of it.
Furthermore, Robert Young makes claims that are either blatantly false or unsupported by the medical and scientific community. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that "The Secret" has any value, and the same is true for the curative powers of the alkaline diet. To make things even worse, the 5-year relative survival rate for female breast cancers in women her age is 59.2%.
Not because I had cancer, but because most of the doctors that I've spoken to -three so far- have all said that surgery was absolutely necessary within the next month. She asked this doctor for six months to do what she wants to do, and hopes that this will at least shrink her tumour so that a lumpectomy could be done instead of removing her breast.
None of the doctors she asked could give her the answer, but they all knew how to get rid of it. This means that -in spite of the less-than-pleasant treatment- the probability of dying before the 5 years after diagnosis are over, remains pretty high. I would have to undergo a partial radical mastectomy of the right breast, followed by treatment. Having grown up in rural Alberta, I don’t get offended when I see cowboy, redneck, hillbilly costumes.
Apparently actual real Mexicans living in Mexico watched it and were upset that it was gone. And on a side note, what about my Aboriginal friend that adores her Pocahontas costume – is she still being racist? While the general mechanisms of many cancers are relatively well understood, this does not mean that we already have good treatments for them.

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