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The running of a business or the sharing of social and household documents relies heavily on email to fax transactions. Here at FaxFX, we aim to provide email to fax services in a secure and reliable manner, distributing documents in a timely manner. We have equipped the average message sender with a smart and quick way of sending faxes by setting up email to fax transactions via computers or mobiles to incorporate an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle for all. Before electronic communication, fax machines were connected to phone lines collecting high bills every month, as senders would deliver messages to different countries and time zones, however times have changed, and everyone who has an internet connection has the surety to use email to fax systems. We understand the need for email to fax services, so get hold of us for the way of the future and sign up with your free fax to email number today. Did you know that there is a way to send your faxes as you need to, but make a contribution to saving the environment at the same time? And email to fax software system allows you to use the Internet to send and receive faxes, rather than relying on a physical machine. When you use email to fax systems, you also get to send your fax documents on a secure line and directly to the recipient. For those who are looking for a way to get their companies involved in saving the environment, and who want to play a part in a greener world, making the chance to email to fax rather than relying on your old fashioned fax machine is a good bet.
If you have a vested interest in seeing the world progress and in saving resources for future generations, start your journey to greener business with and email to fax system that uses little paper and ink, and saves you time and money that you will inevitably need to make your business successful. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Fax2Go is a leading provider of innovative, efficient, and incredibly easy to use fax-to-email and email-to-fax in an instant. Fax2Go offers clients complete flexibility and comfort with the ability to manage faxes right from an email inbox.
The fax machine has been around for over 100 years, providing efficient communication, however its use has been upgraded to an electronic process and the future of communication lies in its ability to deliver information at a fast and certain pace. We have moved on with the times and embraced the digital age of information, thus keeping our products innovative and beneficial to our users.
All one needs is to be connected to the internet, and sending messages has never become this easy. Our services are free; there are no additional costs to setting up other than having an internet connection. Choosing an email to fax option, rather than relying on your old-fashioned physical fax machine is a smarter choice as concerns the environment and if you are trying to save money. As such, there is no need for paper and no need for ink, which is saving you money and playing a part in saving the environment. Not only is this the greener choice then, but it is also the choice that saves you more time and more money. Because it uses fewer resources and makes it easier for people to transmit documents, it is better not just for the world, but also for those who live in it. Enjoy the autonomy of faxing important documents in matter of seconds to both international and local fax numbers.
Incredible software in print to fax allows user to convert documents from your PC to faxes that can be sent to any fax number across the world. People still use fax services to relay messages and rely on their ability to ensure productivity within company standards.

As a receiver, you choose whether you wish to archive, forward or discard your fax messages. Many trees need to be cut down and excessive water must be used to make these resources and this means a lot of non-renewable resources are being wasted.
Our core technology makes converting fax to email effortless and is absolutely user friendly.
Fax to Email solutions allows users to send and receive faxes across the globe with ease and at your own convenience. Eliminate the use of cumbersome fax machines and avoid the need for a fixed phone line as well.
Preview faxes before you send them across, and better manage your important correspondence by synchronizing your list of contact with your fax printer. You can send messages from wherever you are without the aid of a fax machine, and your faxes come directly to your email address, ensuring confidentiality and security- allowing messages to stay private and within a controlled environment.
We deliver a secure, flexible, reliable and optimum fax management platform that assures quality service.
Manage all important official and personal faxing requirements through a centralized single point application program. Faxes no longer require a separate device to function, but can be sent right to your desired mail inbox to be viewed at liberty. Send multiple faxes to the various numbers at once, with the added benefit of screening your documents before sending them across. Registration for the FaxWorx cloud based fax service is free of charge and all faxes sent are paid for by the sending party making it completely free to receive a fax.
All you need do is register with us and we will provide you with a unique programmed fax number in sync with your email address. When someone sends a fax to the 086 fax number the fax is rooted to one of three online faxing servers. For more information go to a€?Send-a-Faxa€?The nice thing about Free Fax to Email is that it is a hands-on self-managed system. The concept is simple a€“ a fax machine scans a document, encodes the information and transmits it across a telephone line. The server converts the hard copy fax and forwards it to the registered email address as a PDF attachment. Once you have registered for the Free Fax to Email service you would receive an activation email. Click the link, follow the onscreen instructions and activate your number.How many faxes can I receive per day? There is no limit on the number of faxes that you can receive per day, or any other time period in fact.Can I receive multiple faxes at the same time? This means that your correspondents should never get a busy fax machine ever again.How long are faxes stored?
This functionality can be turned on or off through the online management porthole Forwarding a fax to another internet email user. Simply forward the email or drag and drop the fax attachment to a new email.Does the sender need internet access?
From start-ups to big corporate companies everybody is seeing the benefit of receiving their faxes in regular email accounts.

You can now send and receive faxes anywhere in the world where you have internet access, making it ideal for people in the field like estate agents, sales people, engineers and architects.Scalable for any Business The digital fax solutions offered by FaxWorx are completely scalable and can grow with a companya€™s needs.
The new online porthole also offers users Web to Fax functionality, making it possible to send faxes from the same platform faxes are received on. You can have all your faxes sent via secure fax or only activate this function when needed.
To further increase the security around fax documents, all fax servers run a 128 bit encryption a€?The same big banks usesa€? to keep information secure. Once the fax document enters the system no one except the registered user can view the fax documents.A Step in a Green Direction Free Fax to Email is an eco-friendly solution and will help you to reduce the cost on paper, toner and electricity. FaxWorx supports the efforts of CarbonWorx to help people and companies to go green so the demand for paper will drop and trees can be saved. Then use this code to unlock your fax and access the document.Free Fax to Email – Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I sign up for Fax to Email? Follow this link, Register for Fax to Email.Once I have registered, how long before my Fax to Email account will be active? Once you have activated your account everything will be live in about 2 hours.Can I forward faxes I have received to one or more contacts? Yes – You can forward the fax as an attachment to any number of contacts.Is any software needed to use the Fax to Email application?
No, as with standard emails, your incoming faxes are stored on your ISPa€™s server until you have downloaded your email.Is there a limit to the amount of faxes I can receive? An unlimited number of faxes can be received on any of your 086 Fax to Email numbers at no extra cost.The faxes I receive are typically 10 pages long. 10 full pages = 600kb (60Kb per page)Can I receive 2 or more faxes from different sources simultaneously? Yes – the system has been setup to deal with multiple entries for one 086 number.Can my Free Fax to Email number receive faxes from anywhere? To receive international faxes please see “Subscription Fax to Email“If I register, am I bound by any type of contract?
Just set your email account to allow the TIFF document.What happens if my email address changes – do I lose my fax number? No you don’t lose it, just send us an email and we will link it to the new email for free.Each time I dial my registered 086 number I get a message that says the number does not exist?
If you try and dial it from a cellular phone then some of the cellular networks will report such a message or give an engaged tone.How many times must I use my 086 fax to email number to ensure it stays active?You must receive a fax at least once every month to ensure your account stays active.How much will it cost to use?
The person (the sender) who sends a fax to your number (the receiver) will be charged for a Telkom Premium rated call.What do I need to view Tiff files on my PC?
The Free Fax to Email service utilises your email client to deliver faxes.My email address has changed – how do I update my 086 end destination? I have a working .TIFF viewer install on my PC This usually happens when the sent Fax is corrupted or was not relived on our faxing server.

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