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Have you ever had the need to bulk restore your Citrix-Xen VMs for a disaster recovery (DR) solution, or just to test that your backups are working?
Verify that all VMs are operable by activating them one by one and looking for the guest tools heartbeat.
While the above would work, you are advised to use the GIT method so that you may benefit from future updates. To obtain an SR’s UUID, simply click on its name in the Xen Center and go to the “General” tab.
The Xen-phoenix project comes bundled with a “settings” file template. This template should be edited to reflect your setup and passed as the first argument to the script. The location of the source exports – If you have followed the guide to this point, you only have to replace the %UUID% with the SR’s as it was obtained from above. The location of SendEmail  – If you have opted to enable Email, you need to input where you have extracted the perl executable here. Where in the case above, we are inside the directory that holds the script & the settings file and the “Chevron” the script will look for is “DevTools”. We’ve written about the SendEmail perl program in the past, so there is no need to reiterate here.
Xen-Phoenix takes a page from its ancestor (Xen-Pocalypse) and gives you the ability to granularly exclude a VM from the system-wide deletion using a control TAG. Note: The name of the custom field has been “hard coded” into the script, so you MUST not deviate from the spelling above, unless you change the relevant code as well.

Now, all you have to do is populate this field with a remark (any remark will do), which will cause Xen-phoenix to skip it when deleting. While I’ve put a lot of effort into making the script as easy to use and as foolproof as possible, “the world is a bigger lab”. As noted in the settings file segment, there is a directive to enable debugging.  Enabling debugging will cause the script to output verbose logging to the console and castrate it from sending emails and actually performing the imports, unless the relevant flags are also set. Aviad Raviv, is an agile IT implementer that has reached the level of "Bankai" and is now working on incorporating the "hollow" side. DID YOU KNOW?In the history of the world, only five writing systems have developed completely independent from outside influence: Sumerian, Egyptian, Harappan, Mayan, and Chinese.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. With that said, if you want the “Automated VM protection and recovery” feature, you would have to start paying for the “Advance” license. The importing in “Xen Center” using right clicks works ok, but you want this process to happen automatically and on a schedule.
This is enabled by default  because it is assumed that the DR server is a dedicated server for this purpose. You should not need to turn this on, but if you do, more information is noted in the troubleshooting segment.
Before we go into the configuration, it is highly recommended that you configure the already installed SSMTP package on your Xen server. The possible flags are noted in the settings file template, and they enable you to granularly define what you want to debug. As the script needs to run on one of your Xen servers, you should extract it there so that execution permissions are preserved.

If you need a VM that’s running on this server to not be deleted, configure it to be excluded. XE is the Xen command line interface (CLI), automatic equivalent for issuing the “right clicks” in the “Xen Center”. KG aus Dresden03518475468PHOENIX-YACHT-CHARTER aus DRESDEN03514212429Schulze Cottbus KG ZN der Phoenix Pharmahandel AG & Co.
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