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Join our weekly newsletter and be the first to know about upcoming contests, freebies & exclusive discounts! Vocal phenomenon Vince Maiolini whose rich baritone and beautiful timbre inspire comparisons to Mel Torme.
This fast-paced, colorful side scroller is an excellent combination of graphical beauty and fun and addicting gameplay.
People wearing fedoras, suits and sexy dresses to design retro party invitations, posters, flyers and dance class adverts. You venture through the heavily animated, 2D worlds and meet many level bosses on your way to stop Devan. As you go along, you pick up additional weapons like the Toaster, a flame thrower that gives your opponents that brown, toasty smell. Another weapon you'll find is the missile launcher, which uses heat seeking technology to center in on your targets.

Jazz and Spaz each have tremendous speed and agility, and you can use their special skills to navigate these treacherous worlds. To get through a stack of blocks, you can use a butt stomp to smash through them in a single move. Jazz has some unique special abilities -- helicopter ears that let him drift through the air and a super jump that can catapult him to new heights. In addition to those nifty weapons, powerups like carrots and gems provide you with health and extra bonuses. The absolute best powerup is a sugar rush which sends your rabbit into a frenzy, making you invincible to any enemy and eliminating them with a single touch. You'll also use hover boards and trampolines to help you on your journey, because these worlds don't come with any road maps. However, you can save your game at any time so you won't get frustrated constantly dying and starting a level completely over.

There are several multiplayer options available, letting up to 4 players compete or cooperate simultaneously either split-screen on one computer, over a LAN, or even over the 'net.
Several different multiplayer game types add variety such as capture the flag, race, and battle.
Each type of game has multiple maps to play on, but there isn't a map editor to create your own magical worlds. This shortens the life of the game, but it still remains a tremendous value that will provide a ton of entertainment.

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