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Adding scrolling content to your website or blog makes much sense – it allows you display latest news, promotions, product updates, announcements, upcoming events, calendar items and much more in a limited space. Today, we are featuring vScroller, a free XML-driven vertical news scroller for websites and blogs. Once you have added the necessary script you just need to add a block element (div) and call the intializer function with the required customization using parameters. Here is the structure of the XML feed for our vScroller, note the category attribute this will determine the color of the circle on the left of each news entry.
I verified also the noaths and filenames containing the external files needed (the xml file, the vscroller.js and the jquery plugin), and it seems completely error free.
Sorry if I couldn’t reply your previous comment, I received lots of requests for that date fix, which is fixed now. Which browser you are using, its working everywhere, I just checked on IE, Chrome and FireFox. Do you know when your site's content changes or pages go down?  EasySiteMonitor keeps track of it all, sending you alerts whenever anything happens.
Free website CSS template featuring attractive 3D slider carousel that pops out from the surface. SmartTab is a powerful and highly customizable jQuery plugin for creating tabbed interface with cool animation effects. Si Usted ya es un miembro de nuestra comunidad, por favor ingrese para dejar un comentario. Powered by jQuery, vScroller displays categorized and color-code content is a vertical scroll.

You only need to read you news for database and write the XML file the vScroller will do the rest. I’ll update the plugin with an extra parameter to give user control over the length of text. Feeds come from standardized XML file and styled with simple CSS3 for a clean and attractive interface.
What sections of the script code can I safely comment-out in order to avoid useless computations (the date and the circles etc). Even if the file is stored on the Local server you cant drag and drop the file in the browser (at least with chrome).
I like your scroller and have 3 working implementations in my site, but cannot get the dynamic version to work. For your current question you need to make sure that your php file is returning proper xml. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for this creative website CSS template – it is kindly released from CSS-Free-Templates for free download!
If you need more assistance you can send me your sample code, that would be easy for me figure out the problem. We hope that you turn to our weekly series of freebies as a good source of inspiration.The goal of these goodies is to make your project created on their basis to be noticeable and stand out. As usual, we are going to help you with some inspiration and a solid background for your ideas. Welcome the goodie of this week - Free Website Template with jQuery Slider for Fitness Club.This ready-made solution is perfectly tailored for the online fitness club, but can be also customized for any kind of sport projects.

Welcome the first freebie of this year!The creative mission of our professional designers is to provide you with the high-grade free stuff for the variety of your web presences.
With clean and clear layout, usability and simplicity of execution, this theme will bring your business ideas in the most effective way to your visitors. Being distinctive among a number of others is a task not as complicated as you have imagined before, especially when you start everything with a profound background. The jQuery slider is one more strong point of this stylish design that will help you present the featured images from the gallery. If you are looking for the perfect solution for your business project, try this free website template with jQuery slider in the header, stylish layout and professional execution. This is the guiding maxim of our designers who use their professionalism and creativity as great tools for creating the effective designs for you to use them.Our designers apply various approaches to design, go step by step with the latest trends in this sphere and try their best to deliver you the top-notch templates like today’s Free Website Template for Business Project.
Its design focuses on the main points of the business and highlights them with the catchy typographic elements.
The whole content part is subdivided into the minor ones in the thought-out manner, thus offering you to present your information in a readable way.
The cold color scheme without any gaudy elements create pleasant tone of the well-done web presence. Speak to your clients in the explicit way with this design.Free Website Template for Business Project.

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