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January 13, 2012 By: Tamara Kelly18 Comments Subscribe to the Free Weekly Newsletter E-readers and tablets have become the hot gifts to give and to get over the last couple of years. I have to admit to coveting both, and borrowing them often… well, when I can get them away from the kids.
Thanks for this Kindle Cover it looks like will use it for our Kindle, plus one for each of my Grandchildren. I see no reason you couldn’t make this in one long rectangle and fold it over so no sewing needed except side seams.
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Just like you can check out physical books from your local library, at over 11,000 public libraries you can also check out ebooks for use on your Kindle.
You don’t need much to check out ebooks from your local library, but you will need to check off the following things before we proceed.
Second, you need to check that your local library (or any library that you have an active account at) supports Kindle lending. Finally, if you’re using a physical Kindle,  you’ll need access to a Wi-Fi node or a computer you can load the books from over the USB tether. While each library web page will look a little different and each library will have varying selections of books, the basic work flow is the same. Once you’ve established that your local library offers books through OverDrive, it’s time to visit the library’s media  web site to browse the selections and pick out a book. Make sure to select “Kindle” as your format (many libraries also have ePUB books available, if you have an alternative ebook reader that support ePUB documents). Once we clicked the link to checkout, this is where our your-experience-may-be-different explanation ends.
When you’re logged into Amazon, you’ll see a listing for the book with the typical Amazon ratings as well as a note about the due date. You’ll also see the typical Amazon purchase box, except instead of the price and purchase button it’ll say “Get library book”. If you click on the “Actions” button on the far right side of the entry for the library book you’ll see a variety of options. Even if you return a book, any notes or highlighting in the book is saved by Amazon and will be restored if you check the book out again or purchase it.
Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to.
It would be great if we could have some helpful hints along these lines for the Nook users as well. I’ve used Overdrive through my local library and I appreciate the public access to so many Kindle titles. I used to wonder why libraries could only lend X number or e-editions, but read up on the reasons why. I can’t fault publishers for not wanting a library to purchase one edition but be able to lend out 100. We are a Nook household and have been checking out books from the local library for over a year now.
The reason why some libraries including large ones like NYPL have only 1 or 2 copies of books are because the libraries have to buy the ebooks the same way they have to buy the books they put on shelves.

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I love being able to read without holding the book in my hands (more craft time!), and of course the apps are a blast. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it on the Nook Color in person, but from the specs online it looks like it’s about the same width, and just an inch longer, so just keep knitting to add length until it fits! The kitchener is pictured on the blue and white double striped cover, while the green and yellow stripey version features a 3 need bind off with the seam on the outside of the work. Don’t forget to fan moogly on facebook for the latest updates, sneak peeks, fun crafty links, and more! I think in this case I would just work it flat and seam it up one of the sides before binding off. I was given a Kindle for my Birthday, and have been needing a cover, as I somehow already aquired a small crack in the screen (thankfully it doesn’t affect my reading!) and a scratch on the back. It’s simple, free, and best of all there’s no risk of late fees because the digital books simply expire the day they are due. You can use a physical Kindle device, the Kindle reading app (for devices like the iPhone and Android), or the Kindle Cloud Reader. Unlike books purchased through Amazon, public library books are not delivered via your Kindle 3G connection. If you’re ready with your Kindle and a library card, it’s time to proceed!
We’re going to walk you through checking out a book from our local library but, again, we want to stress that unless you live in the region covered by our library’s media collaborative, the web site you use will look slightly different.
Remember in the previous section when you searched for your library and it gave you a link? You’ll likely also see an option to search only available books; we left it unchecked because we wanted to see if the book was even part of the system. You can read it, deliver it to a different Kindle device or app, purchase it, download it if you need to transfer it via USB, wipe the internal bookmark, or return it if you no longer need it. In addition to getting books from your local library, there’s a variety of ways to get books and content on your Kindle.
If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). But for their own reasons [extra security?] some publishers are adding an additional step to have the library loan first download to your computer to then be transferred to your Kindle via cable. I went to the link to tips and tricks for Kindle and Mine Sweeper & GoMoKu which works on my wife’s Kindle II with a physical keyboard, but how do you get there with Kindle with only the soft keyboard with No ALT Key? Just as with any other resource libraries have, they have to OWN the item in order to lend it. Kindle has had ebooks for under 6 months, plus they do not have anything from Penguin publishing. Library budgets are being cut all the time so they have to figure out how to balance paper with e-books and with other publishing houses like Harper-Collins who want to limit how many times a ebook can be borrowed before it requires the library to buy another copy.

I can’t tell you how many times we have picked up the oils instead of the over the counter medicine we use to grab. This is a great way to get more educated and check things out and you have nothing to lose. Not to mention taking them outside, to bed with me, for travel…A  Hence the Kindle Cover Cozy – a simple knit pattern, that can be finished in two ways, and in no time at all! I am going to make one of these to use until I can get one of those more spiffy covers with the built-in booklight. It seems like it’s a type of needle from previous comments… Can I still make this pattern without? Currently any device or application that you could send a Kindle book purchase to will also support library lending.
Pay a visit to OverDrive, select “Library Search” and check to see if your library is participating.
Even if that link isn’t the normal link you follow to visit your library, you’ll end up there eventually anyway so you might as well click it.
A few weeks ago we heard an interview with Erin Morgensten, the author of The Night Circus, on NPR. Most of the time you won’t need USB unless you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi node or you’re checking out a book where the publisher restricts Wi-Fi transfer (silly, we know, but it happens).
There is zero reason that my library should have a digital copy of a book I want and there be a 50 person queue waiting to get it.
I do not know if there is a limit on numbers of copies of an ebook title, higher cost for more copies of the same title, or just the use of the available funds to get more titles rather than more copies of fewer titles. Libraries use their budgets to get the most for their money and the most to service their customers. If I knew I could wait a week and get it free from the library, I’d have no incentive to purchase (speaking as one who actually waits on a lot of what I read so I can get it at the library or used book stores). Use something non-scratchy and non-shedding (I used a soft cotton), do some stash busting, and you’ll have a snazzy looking e-reader or tablet by the end of the weekend! Feel free to mix up colors or use up that last random skein – this pattern is easy to customize! Please do not reproduce or reprint this pattern, but please do include links to this blog post if sharing this pattern with others. Don’t be confused if the OverDrive search engine shows your local library but the link leads to a site you don’t normally visit—many libraries belong to media collaboratives that service more than one library. The book sounded interesting and was a perfect candidate for our search as it’s current, popular, and representative of the kind of books people would be trying to check out. Again, the workflow through your library may not be identical, but it should be pretty close.
They make money so there will be more books to read and so on… As for the cost of e-books, I do think they should at least be discounted to the price before printing. I understood that I wouldn’t be able to read Nook-books on a Kindle and vice versa, but I should be able to read other formats without the help of secondary software.
I understand they cannot proliferate e-copies but rarely is a volume from my wish list immediately available.

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