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When you upload your book to Kindle Direct Publishing you will need to complete a description of the book on the KDP form provided. You can use your favourite browser and login to Kindle Direct Publishing or you can use this module Kindle KDP Publisher which is based upon Internet Explorer showing two browsers alongside each other. Kindle Writer is constantly being improved with new features and enhancements to make your Kindle book publishing experience as trouble free as possible. It will only take Google and Amazon to invite each other to dance and we will have advertising in ebooks.I can almost hear people wincing at this prospect, however, when one thinks for a little longer, this concept actually makes very good sense for self-published authors.
Look, let’s face it, selling self-published ebooks is hard work and for the vast proportion of authors, it’s not a great money-making means.

It hardly makes sense that one little click on an ad on a blog is worth nearly as much as selling an ebook of 80,000 words. Realistically, though, isn’t an ebook really just a HTML web page, packaged up for consumption in an app other than, but very similar to a web browser? In essence yes, because it is exactly the same file as a web page or blog post – all HTML, code and CSS telling the screen what to show.I for one say bring it on. Then start making more income from Google Adsense ads at the bottom of every page rather than from actually selling ebooks.
The only problem in this scenario, of course, is our dear friend Amazon and their cut on ebook sales.

And then, all of those who still believe that the Internet should only be for free stuff will be happy too.

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