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The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.
There are other terms used for process flow mapping that you may have come across including value stream mapping,  six sigma process mapping, process flow optimisation – it’s really all one and the same thing.
In Kaizen, process flow mapping can be a powerful continuous improvement tool if used correctly, allowing your business to improve the value offered to your customers.
So in typical Smallbizkaizen fashion, we give you practical tips on how to perform a process flow mapping exercise but do remember there are many ways to do this, so do what works best for you. Start your mapping at a high level to give you an overall BIG picture of your business processes. Start by mapping the processes that add or are likely to add the most value for your customers.
Consider using a white-board (i love these)  as  there will be a lot of chopping and changing when you get to the optimising bit.

Describe the objective of the process – a tip is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer (no matter what shoe size). Follow the flow of the process and draw up all the actions and decisions in their sequence. You could try several different software available for mapping process flows such as Microsoft’s Visio,  Excel or PowerPoint also have great templates for process flow mapping. As always, we’d love to hear your comments and feedback on how you get on – Happy value stream mapping to you all ! Call it what you prefer as at Smallbizkaizen we don’t believe in BIG words and terminology but rather in the core principles and the concepts behind the decisions and actions we take. This can be a great team building exercise so why not do it as team exercise or management team session ?
From this high level picture, take each of the big steps in turn and map these out, one at a time.

Outputs on the other hand are simply what your customers get at the end of the day which could be a product or service or both. A typical one I’ve come across is a lack of a process to allow and handle all customer feedback! You may find everyone has their own way of doing it, some more effective than others and so you only want to keep the best practices in your business.
Once you have come up with a new streamlined and optimised process, put it to test immediately and monitor and measure the impact it has on your business. Additional questions to ask is are is this the right sequence, are we using the best technology available.

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