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Downloading a song from iTunes, Amazon MP3 or your favorite torrent is the usual method to acquire new songs online, but sometimes, there are times when a song becomes hard to find.
You like to listen to music on YouTube or SoundCloud and want to save it for offline playing.
In the apps preferences you can select an option to add automatically downloaded tracks to iTunes. The program detects audio track in YouTube video clip and downloads it, skipping the video part. Application automatically detects artist name and tracks title of the video and saves it in the downloaded file.
If you are ready to help us with a translation of this software or any other our apps simple contact us.
This software is extremely easy to use and very convenient as I don't like some artists whole albums. Probably the best Youtube to MP3 software i have used, great user friendly interface and super fast downloads.
First of all I would like to say that is by far the best and most user friendly downloader I ever used.
It looks nice, has nice settings and is amazingly fast at downloading multiple videos at once. I really am not one to ever write things like this, but I feel like I really should just say that YouTube to MP3 is the best, most intuitive, most cohesive and most cleverly designed application I have ever downloaded. Musikvideos, Konzertmitschnitte, Live-Auftritte aus dem TV: Bei YouTube finden sich viele einzigartige Musikdokumente, die sich per Mausklick abspielen lassen.
Wenn Sie einen Song aus einem YouTube-Video auf Ihrer Festplatte speichern oder auf Ihrem MP3-Player horen mochten, dann hilft Ihnen dabei das PC-Programm "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter".
Beim Import der Tonspur wird der Titel des Songs automatisch mit ausgelesen und in die ID3-Tags (das sind die MP3-Informationen) der zukunftigen MP3-Musikdatei eingefugt. Die Anwender konnen vor der anstehenden Konvertierung auch noch den gewunschten Ausgabeordner und den Namen der Zieldatei benennen. Am Ende reicht ein Klick auf "Herunterladen" aus, um alle markierten Videos zu beziehen, die Audiospur zu extrahieren und die entsprechenden MP3-Dateien zu schreiben, die dann auf Ihren Computer gespeichert sind.
Get the soundtracks of your favourite YouTube online videos YouTube is a very famous site where you can find all type of online videos: movies, video clips, tutorials, personal videos, movie trailers and much more.
Nowadays, there are programs capable of downloading videos from this site, but what if you only need the soundtrack?

Free Youtube MP3 Converter is an efficient application that sets itself apart for its capacity to download and save online videos from YouTube into your hard drive as MP3 format. If you install any toolbar the present browsers configuration (home page, new tab, default search engine,) will change according to the options selected earlier (valid for the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).
We also offer the possibility of installing some attractive offers with which to get plenty of fabulous shopping discounts or offers of different products.
Vittalia Installergives you the possibility to uninstall all offers of your computer quickly and easily. Of course, this is only my opinion, but maybe you should try the free video to audio conversion service when you absolutely can’t find that favorite song online. Your only option is through YouTube, where someone managed to not only acquire the song, but create a video with it and upload the video to YouTube. In order to install Free YouTube Downloader, just click the download button, save the file to your drive and then double.Apr 16, 2011.
It means that you can easily add a video clip without switching from your favorite browser. It means, that you can drag the URL of video you like and drop it on the application window or on the dock icon. So nice to find a well designed programme that works as it's supposed to, without any hassles and timewasting like so many others I've found.
Incredibly fast, easy to use, and formats the music with all the correct labels (at great quality, too!) Thanks for developing this product, as well as being free! I help run a technology company so my standards are admittedly very high, but this software has and continues to exceed my expectations at every turn. Gone are the days of woefully staring at a Youtube playlist not wanting to download each song individually. Musikfreunde wurden sich gern so manchen raren Song auf YouTube als reine Audio-Datei auf ihren MP3-Player speichern - benotigen dazu aber eine MP3-Musikdatei. Erfullt Ihr Computer eine dieser Voraussetzungen, konnen Sie sich den "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter" hier herunterladen.
Ein Mausklick reicht aus, um die Tags zu offnen, sodass sie sich an Ort und Stelle gleich vervollstandigen lassen. In den "Voreinstellungen" ist es au?erdem kein Problem, die Qualitat der auszugebenden MP3-Datei zu bestimmen. The only things to do in order to start the action are to indicate the video´s URL and choose a folder of destiny, then Free Youtube MP3 Converter will take care of the rest of the process for you.

The good thing about a blog is that it’s always up and running, working for you to generate leads, sales and repeat customers. Nice logo, nice menus, user-friendly, worked first time out of the box just like mac stuff is supposed to!
At first I was skeptical with downloading a standalone program to download Youtube videos (I had no other choice to backup my playlist with music, as other methods were too slow), but it's better than I excepted. I don't know if I'm writing this to say thank you or to express my gratitude to you guys that such a carefully thought out program exists (and for free nonetheless), but take it as you will and keep up the great work.
Es konnen auch komplette Playlisten, Videoantworten, Benutzerkanale und Benutzerfavoriten gespeichert werden. Even if we try to check the program files for viruses, we cannot guarantee 100% that they are clean. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.
Sometimes I think "Wow I wish there was a app that could do this" and odds are your apps can already do it and do it well! I recommend it to all of my friends and have helped download it onto probably 50 people's computers and I have yet to hear anyone say a negative thing about it yet.
Our download manager distributes the original unmodified software, obtained directly from's website, and does not modify it in any way. It's a godsend and a rarity in the typically unforgiving, scam-ridden land of the internet.
YouTube Free Downloader is a simple and to use YouTube to MP3 converter and video downloader. You can even set the quality to whatever you want and have the tracks automatically numbered in the order of the playlist you got them from. AudioThief is a free video to MP3 Converter, or you can call it the YouTube to.Free online video converter to convert your video files to a Playstaion Poratble ( PSP) format.
In the meantime we will display some great and free commercial opportunities that you are not compelled to download. Upload a file or provide a link to a URL.Online media converter to convert your video from over 50 source formats to AVI in high quality.

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