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TweetScoop.itWhat started as Google Docs has over the passage of time evolved into a more robust office suite and is even giving Microsoft a run for its money. In what is to follow, we will provide you with an overview of Google Slides and compare its features with the PowerPoint web app for Office Online, now known as PowerPoint Online.
First off, Google Slides is unfortunately still the broken web app which used to mess up PowerPoint presentations which were uploaded to it.
The options for making presentations online are pretty much similar, where preferring PowerPoint Online or Google Slides might be a mere matter of preference and habit. A while back there wouldn’t have been much discussion about this topic but since Microsoft launched PowerPoint Online Templates, we can safely say Google is lagging far behind in the provision of quality themes. If Google intends to counter the newly merged threat of Office Online, it needs to start offering some good themes for end users. This too seems like a tie, as both OneDrive and Google Drive offer good sharing options, including the utility to privately share files with other users. The answer to this question is simple, Google’s presentation mode for Google Slides is much better than what Microsoft has to offer.
Even in terms of features, Office apps by Microsoft lack features beyond Windows based devices and it’s Office 365 app for iOS has been criticized for not allowing to create new presentations from scratch, which greatly reduces the utility of having PowerPoint on a mobile device. While Microsoft has caught up to Google by providing of both free and paid Office apps for end users, it is far from beating Google at this game. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Here you can specify a password to lock the PowerPoint presentation for editing mode or just to open the PowerPoint .PPT.
You can use the approach described here for example to prevent removal of copyright notices in PowerPoint presentations or  to prevent the content being overtly plagiarized in the short term.
TweetScoop.itMost presentations are like a journey where the presenter displays different aspects of his point of view from the start to the very end. This video background comes in different file formats and can even be customized before it is downloaded in a desired format.
The template can also be customized by downloading the PPTX (PowerPoint) version of the file.
Whether you require presenting a presentation on technology, business or anything as unique as computer networks, you can use the video background to showcase your ideas with ease. The new PicMonkey editor has some good features that makes it great for any web user who need to edit pictures on the fly using a browser.
You can use this image editing software to apply some nice effects like in Instagram and the interface is extremely elegant, simple to use and effective. It is free. When you want to insert a photo into PowerPoint, you should think about how you can edit that photo to improve it. This is important because Microsoft Office Picture Manager has a strange idiosyncrasy — you can’t simply open a file from within the program.  How weird is that?
To find the Picture Manager, go to Start, Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools.

The reason is the option to create, view and edit documents in famous Office formats, as well as cloud based integration. Nonetheless, PowerPoint Online provides features that are similar to the native PowerPoint desktop app, which many users might find quite convenient.
While Microsoft has launched a mobile app for Office 365 users and PowerPoint Online can technically also be accessed from a mobile browser, Google has much better mobile apps, including an Android app for Google Slides, Google Drive apps for multiple platforms and not to mention the application suite that Google bought a while back called QuickOffice. The reason is that despite the superior features of Office Online apps like PowerPoint Online, users are more likely to have a Google account than a Microsoft account. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. Using existing clipart images, you can create new and visually more effective graphics for your Presentations. In recent versions of PowerPoint you can configure the general options at the time you save a file as a given name and specify a file encryption setting to open the document or to modify the document.
Information Highway Video Background for PowerPoint presentations is a customizable animation which shows different digital devices traveling across a highway. It is available at Presenter Media in the form of a WMV, FLV, MOV video, as well as a PowerPoint PPTX template.
This PowerPoint Template can then be edited out using basic Ribbon menu options like the PowerPoint Video Tools or via right-click menu. You can also create multiple duplicate slides using the same embedded video and change the text or add additional content to each slide to create a comprehensive presentation with slides containing this video background. As the template is available in different formats, it can be added to any presentation tool which supports embedding WMV, MOV or FLV files. You can use this to edit your slides for presentations but also as a free image editing software for photos and images in general. Since PowerPoint 2010 added a Remove Background feature (shown below), you often don’t need to leave PowerPoint.
It has an Auto Correct button on the toolbar that almost always makes my photos look better–in one click!
Instead, you click Shortcuts and let it find locations where you have images and use the Picture Shortcuts pane to navigate to images.
Another way to open an image in the Picture Manager is to right-click it in Windows Explorer and choose Open With.
You upload a photo, use the tools (Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen, Resize), then save the photo to your computer. The fact is that Microsoft took a while to realize the potential threat that Google posed towards its Microsoft Office suite. When it comes to PowerPoint Online Vs Google Slides for handling PowerPoint files, Microsoft takes the cake.
Despite the fact that the features offered in PowerPoint Online provide only basic Ribbon Menu options. Moreover, arguably many people don’t yet even know about PowerPoint Online but are quite familiar with Google Drive’s web apps.

The people who get the presentation file will be able to open the PDF in Adobe PDF or other PDF tools like to print handouts like NitroPDF but not to edit them.
To customize this video background you can use the different tweaking options located at the download page. Moreover, you can add your own text, logo, clipart and images to further enhance this template to amalgamate the video background with your content. Of course, you can use them for your personal photos or any other use, not just for PowerPoint. It took a long time for Microsoft to release cloud integration for Office apps via Office 365 and later through their free web apps, now known as Office Online. Below is a comparison of a PowerPoint file uploaded to PowerPoint Online and Google Slides and the difference is evident.
So in terms of editing options and the utility to create new presentations, there seems to be a tie. Another area where Google scores big time is the availability of the Google Slides Chrome Extension, which is hard to match, even for Microsoft, considering it’s nowhere near winning the browser wars yet. Alternatively you may choose to save the PowerPoint as PPS slideshow however this is not a secure way to lock or protect your files since users may be able to rename the pps to ppt and edit it as usual.
In just a few clicks, you can modify existing clip art graphics in PowerPoint so that the image appear more relevant to the theme of your Presentation. For instance, you can easily remove complex backgrounds from clipart, merge two or more clip art images into one, change colors schemes, add perspective, image effects and so much more.
If you want to remove a background (as in the case of tiger above), select the different objects that form the background and press delete.
Alternatively, you can change the color of the background by selecting a different color from the Format menu.
In the process, we removed that golden egg, scaled the size and also flipped the rabbit direction. You can just change the color of the shirt while keeping everything else same or rotate the graphics or even place multiple copies of the same clip art image on one slide but with a different scale.
And once you are done editing the clip art, select all parts of the split image (just drag the mouse around the image) and press Ctrl+G to group everything again. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. Encrypt Messages Secure your messages with AES encryption AdSense Sandbox Preview Google Ads for any website.

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