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TweetScoop.itIn this tech-oriented world, technology plays an important role in every field. Read the coming section to get a brief overview of 5 important steps that need to be kept in mind while making an E-Learning PowerPoint Presentation.
E-learning presentations are easy to understand and at the same time, content included in it is also readily available.
Content included in an E-learning presentation should be engaging enough so that it is capable of catching audience attention at once.
Try to make a suggestive presentation, capable of evoking a positive response of your readers. E-Learning is amongst one of the best and most enjoyable methods to learn about a particular topic with the help of PowerPoint Presentation. At the end, follow this 5 E approach so that you can easily deliver an Easy, Engaging, Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable presentation by making a successful E-Learning presentation capable of leaving a long lasting memory in mind of members of your audience.
Then, open the PPT files that contains the slides you want to copy to the master PowerPoint file. As you can see, the slide list of the left contains a thumbnail view for all the slides in the presentation. In the master presentation where you want to append the slides, use CTRL-V to paste the slides.

This software offers a solution for users who want to join many MS PowerPoint files together. Rapid growth of various multimedia option including PowerPoint, DVD, Flash, video etc.  as well as usage of internet based PowerPoint tools are making E-Learning field more eye-catching. Arrange all the slides in correct manner rather than making a random arrangement difficult for readers to understand. Converting a Presentation into a flash video format can be a good option as the members of audience would be more interested in viewing. In order to achieve this, you need to first open the master PowerPoint presentation where you want all other slide to appear. In the slides gallery on the left you can see all the slides and you can click on the desired slides and then select the range of slides you want to copy. You may also upload this presentation in a DVD, PDF or video file with the help of MoyeaPPT tool to DVD Burner.
Also think carefully and avoid adding excessive animation schemes into your E-learning presentation or it may distract audience focus.
Moreover, the presenter needs to practice well so as to deliver a flawless presentation capable of achieving desired motive. Even the best made presentation will be of no use if the presenter is not able to deliver it efficiently.

Furthermore, it will also retain all the dynamic effects like embedded videos, animation effects and audio clips. You can separate the presentation by PowerPoint sections if you want to keep it organized and later know which slides belong to which PPT file.
Then use CTRL-C to copy the slides and move to your other presentation where you want to append the slides.
To protect your original files, the results of the join will be saved as a new PowerPoint file. Also, you can repeat the steps to append many different PPT files into a single PPT presentation.
By instantly appending your files in batch, this software will save you hours of time spent copying and pasting.
Of course if you have lot of .ppt then you may be interested to use a mass append or bulk mode. This can be helpful to combine multiple slides or merge PowerPoint presentations in a single file.

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