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About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Free business agenda slide design with pointed text circles is a free PowerPoint design for presentations that you can use to represent different ideas, topics or even business goals in a single slide. The PowerPoint template comes with different slide designs and layouts that you can use in your presentations, for example you can copy the balloons or callouts to represent  business goal in a strategy PowerPoint presentation or communicate a message thanks to the business silhouette. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. Not only has Prezi gained ground in recent years but it is becoming increasingly easy to use Prezi in the wake of some fine templates that have become available from various Prezi template providers online.Top 10 Best Free Prezi TemplatesBelow is a collection of 10 Best Free Prezi Templates with amazing layouts that will blow you away.
He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. Nonetheless, it is fair to say that even the people who don’t like this UI are not against the interface but the way it has been pushed before desktop users who have no intention of switching to tablets just as yet. Once opened, you can reuse these templates by editing them in the online or offline Prezi editor. 1. Thank you for share this article.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
Recently, the Modern UI has also resulted in inspiration for a lot of responsive website themes and other development endeavors. Magnet Template for PreziElegant, professionally designed and easy on the eyes, the Free Magnet Template for Prezi comes with 3D layouts that can be used for making diagrams, business presentations and more. If you are a developer or someone who wants to hire a professional for developing a layout similar to the Windows 8 Modern interface, then it might be worth your while to see our compilation of the best resources for creating Windows 8 style Metro layouts.1.
The design of this template depicts a magnet attracting circles, which seem like metallic objects.

DroptilesDroptiles is an impressive Windows 8 style Metro UI like Dashboard which has been developed in HTML, Javascript and CSS.
This template can be moulded according to a range of presentation topics, be it sales, marketing, business, finance or topics like politics, science, engineering, etc.Go to Magnet Template for Prezi 2. It is highly customizable and perhaps it can also be ported to other platforms by some enthusiastic developers in the near future.
Around The World Prezi TemplateWe all require incorporating maps or the globe in presentations, where we require exploring geographical dynamics of a region, need to elaborate upon environmental issues or need to explore the wonders of Mother Nature. The main theme of this Dashboard is that it provides a framework to build tiled Dashboards where the end user can launch mini apps in full screen mode.
This free Prezi template provides a globe, with the option to zoom into different locations of the world to create presentations that help you target specific geographical regions.Go to Around The World Prezi Template3.
Piece of The Puzzle Prezi TemplateIf you are looking for cool Prezi templates, it doesn’t get any better than this template.
Piece of the Puzzle is a Prezi template which depicts each topic in the form of a puzzle piece, once it is revealed, the next puzzle piece shows up as a piece from a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece colored in different colors. You can build you presentation like a puzzle and reveal it in the form of puzzle pieces using this amazing Prezi template.Go to Piece of the Puzzle Prezi Template 4. Healthy Life Prezi TemplateHealth, fitness and nutrition are topics which often require specialized presentation templates that can help depict the various dynamics associated with them. It is a free HTML, CSS and Javascript for creating web apps in a tiled interface, with Metro design elements. This is one such template that can help you create Prezi presentations on such topics.Go to Healthy Life Prezi Template5.
Build Your Ideas Prezi TemplateWhile this might seem like a construction themed template, however, it is far more than that.
You can use this template to map and build your ideas in the form of a cohesive presentation using the down to earth, yet eye-catching layout that this template offers.Go to Build Your Ideas Prezi Template7.

Cloud Computing Glam Prezi TemplateAs the name suggests, this is a cloud computing themed template by Prezzip. You can use it for making presentations related to technology, cloud storage cloud computing, computer networking and the like.Go to Cloud Computing Glam Prezi Template8. Presenting Prezi TemplateAmong all the Prezi presentation templates in this list, this one is perhaps the most unique.
It allows the presenter to add content to various locations on the map, with GPS markers, text, images and videos to present your presentation using a virtual stage with an interactive (customizable) world map located in the backdrop.Go to Presenting Prezi Template9. Metro UI TemplateThis is a simple Metro style framework for developing websites with a tiled interface.
Running Business Prezi TemplateThis business theme Prezi template is ironically suitable for both formal business presentations, as well as presentations where you might want to add a touch of humor. In fact, the developer has created a whole website with this template, which is also the website from where you can download this template.
Of course, you can also customize this template to use it for more diverse topics.Go to Running Business Prezi Template10. The developer has made a Lite version available for free, whereas the Full version is only available for donators.Go to Download Metro UI Template6. Flow Diagram Prezi TemplateFlowcharts, we have covered the process of making flowcharts, explained the meaning of flowchart symbols and reviewed the best flowchart makers. However, if you want to make a flowchart in Prezi then check out this flowchart template given at the Jim Harvey website.Go to Flow Diagram Prezi TemplateThe above collection of template are handy for business, technology, environment, educational and a plethora of other topics, hence they are free Prezi templates for teachers, business professionals, students, freelancers and people engaged in various professions. website design 99
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