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Over the past couple of months we’ve looked at some of the different techniques you need when writing an online sales page.
If you’re a business owner, service professional, coach, author (or anyone with something to sell) this sales page outline will give you a solid start.
It will also stop you from staring at a blank screen which has been known to introduce fits of rage and baldness due to tearing hair out. Below you can see a screenshot of the page, click the image or the link below to view the full sales page.
I hope this sales page outline helps, and if you use it to craft your own sales page, do let me know! Filed Under: Copywriting, Sales pages About Amy HarrisonI am a copywriter, content-trainer, speaker and filmmaker teaching businesses how to avoid drab business content and write copy customers love to read. Thank you for this bit of magnificence Amy, incredibly useful and very generous of you to share.
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She is then available to milk and if she has any song in the account it's truly like she has anyway taken her tests. The opening to your sales page needs to get your ideal customer’s attention within the first couple of lines. After your introduction, you might want to highlight in bold a hint that your solution or product has some kind of unique element that differentiates you from the competition. The above subheading is just an example, but the purpose is to introduce what it is you have for your customer. In this section, tell your reader what you have, but try to sum it up specifically in 1-2 lines.
It’s also a chance for you to explain why your product is different and more successful than other methods your customer may have tried.
This section is then dedicated to explaining the danger and to provide facts and figures as proof to your claim.
Within this section, you might also choose to include reasons why trying other products has failed to solve their problem in the past. You might also want to use this section to cover any sales objections you think your customer might have. If you’re struggled to solve [problem] in the past, you might have a few questions about why this is possible now.
For each section or element of your product, think about describing what they will learn, what this will help them achieve and the relevant benefits and emotions that go along with that.
In the first module, you’ll learn all about the different social media platforms and how they are suited to different business models. If you have any bonuses that you’re giving away with your offer, make sure they amplify the value in your offer, rather than detract or distract from it. If you would like help writing your sales page, I offer 1:1 sales page coaching services as well as sales-page copywriting services.

Today, this tutorial ends with an example outline of a sales page that you can use as inspiration when you write your own. When I’m writing for clients the layout and structure is as unique as their needs and business model. In this sample outline, we’re not going to require our customer to read pages and pages of content just to find out what your product IS. This shows you understand the problem which builds credibility when you then explain that you can solve it. One way we can develop our sales page is to make our customer uncertain about what they already know about solving their problem.
Now we need to add even more credibility by explaining what’s exactly in the box, how they can put it to use and what the benefits are. This is where you’re going to mention the price, the different packages you have and whether there is a deadline, a payment plan or any special early bird offer. However, I also have more time to spend on crafting the copy because it’s what I do day in day out. If you’ve been explaining how easy your product is to use, look for a testimonial that says something similar and drop it into the copy.
By cutting out unnecessary distractions you’ll find it less overwhelming to plan a successful social media campaign.

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