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This is based on the case study from the book "Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management" By Carlos Coronel, Steven Morris, Peter Rob called "RC Charter Company". Paul Betts has diagnosed this as having some auto-generated files which are currently UTF16, which Git does not support. Even though I’m currently occupied with my school, work and etc, I tried downloading the source code from codeplex and building it with a lot and lot of love. You can enable the nuget restore permanently by adding this system variable in your environment. The picture below shows the differences between the file that I have and the file on server. I always use GridView to show the transactoins or product list in hand without using third party product such as Telerik control. Second, here is the javascript that "showData(this)" is called from onchange metod of drop down list which is in the Item Template of GridView.

Microsoft put the nuget configuration file only instead of  all those third-party assemblies that are required to build the source code. There are a lot of doubts and questions but I will share the way that I fixed in order to build the solution without any error. The coordinator from project has fixed the issue and you should be able to re-pull the repository and can build the project already.
In that sample, I am developing code to show how to access every row and cell from JavaScript, and populate some data operation on these row and cell as below image. Better yet, click here to bookmark us now so more than 32,000 free downloads are just one click away! Just like Photo Lab or Drug Store Kiosks, your first step is to select your images for printing.
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