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Whenever you install a new software program, browse the Internet, copy or download songs, videos, images in your computer system, you actually fill your hard disk space with lots of data. With the help of all these tips about removing temporary files, you may get some good amount of free hard disk space but there are some more places on your hard disk which contain a huge amount of outdated files which can be safely removed to get approx. Its good for compatibility and reliability point of view but the folder size gets increased with time and you have no option to clean this folder. If you are using Windows 7, you'll need to download and install a new update which will add this useful option "Windows Update Cleanup" in Disk Cleanup tool. NOTE: The "Windows Update Cleanup" option in Disk Cleanup tool only appears if the wizard detects unnecessary Windows updates stored on your system.
Just a few weeks ago I was searching the Internet for some info to know if it was safe to delete files in the "winsxs" in the windows folder. It would seem that Microsoft read my mind and finally made an update to remove unnecessary files and folders. I've installed my windows since July of 2009 and never reinstalled, and recently I was looking at the "winsxs" folder and to my surprise it was a whopping 12.4 GB with 75,673 files, 20,064 folders, rather HUGE EH!
I'd really like VG or anyone else to look into this and see if there is a way to safely delete any more stuff from the "winsxs" folder!
In addition to the above those who use system restore can do the following before doing the above mentioned steps. U can see above that there is a tab next to disk cleanup of 'More Options' click on it and u will be presented with options to cleanup programs u don't use( I have not tested this feature, use it at ur own risk) and the option to delete older system restore points( this I have tested and frees quite GBs) click the cleanup option next to this system restore tabs and see the difference, hope VG adds this to the article and also checks the program cleanup option. When you run Windows update and install new updates they are of course implemented over old ones.

All printer drivers are there as well, so why have all drivers occupying your (presumably SSD) space if you only need printer drivers for Samsung, or HP, or whatever browser you have.
Anyway, every time you update Windows or IE your WINSXS will grow larger for all new updates because the point of that folder is to hold all components and all installers there. You may also delete MS office backup files which occupy around 600 MB (2010 version) of space (if I recall corectly).
This is just a presentation of how much space you can gain by shrinking winsxs folder and some others.
If you are using Windows operating system, it regularly downloads and installs security updates and hotfixes to keep your computer safe which also store lots of data on your hard disk. You can clean the outdated Windows updates and other temporary files from WinSxS folder with the help of the good old "Disk Cleanup Wizard" tool. Open Computer or This PC window and right-click on C: drive and select "Properties" option. It'll take a few seconds in calculating how much free space will you get after removing temporary files. Again it'll take a few seconds in free space calculation and you'll get the advanced Disk Cleanup window. After reboot, open Disk Cleanup wizard using the same steps given above for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems and you'll be able to remove outdated Windows updates to save space on your hard disk. If it doesn't find any outdated update in your system, you'll not see "Windows Update Cleanup" option. Always compare those file version with System32 and Drivers folder version to see which one is your latest, so that you can safely delete old version.

Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Here you can select the desired options and make sure to select "Windows Update Cleanup" option which will help you in getting a huge amount of free space on your hard disk. Although it removed that amount of info I still remain with an 8.59 GB 67,645 files, 17,935 folders. All components and programs of entire Windows OS are actually stored there and not in System 32 etc. It comes with several options to select and one of these options is "Windows Update Cleanup" which deletes older versions of updates that are no longer needed and taking up space on your hard disk. So since the begging of Windows 7 launch, built-in Windows firewall have been updated around 9 times or so. Whenever a new update or driver is installed in your system, the previous updates and files are automatically moved to WinSxS folder for future uses. This means that WINSXS folder this moment holds all 9 installers of Window firewall, although you only have the latest version installed.
If some files get corrupted in future or if you decide to restore previous version of an update or driver, the backup files present in WinSxS folder are used for restoring.

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