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Full of easy, cheap and healthy recipes for all occasions, this website is ideal for cooking novices. By taking sleep cycles into account will tell you the best time to go to bed according to the time you need to wake up.
Students are well-known for their procrastination skills, so are always in need for ways to be more productive.
Providing expert careers advice for School Leavers and students alike, Milkround has information on career options and job applications as well as advertising student internships and graduate jobs.
RateMyPlacement is one of the best places to look for undergraduate placements and internships.
Job interviews can be a scary prospect, so it’s important to put yourself in the best positon possible. If you’re unsure what you would like to do when you graduate, you may find this website useful.
Use Web MD’s symptom checker to find out if you do indeed just have fresher’s flu, or something a little more serious.
This website provides free Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing kits for UK citizens aged 16-24.
On this site you’ll find thousands of student reviews for houses, halls, flats and studios.
Whether you’re looking for a new car or bedside table, search through the items on Gumtree to bag yourself a bargain! These Websites Can Help You RecycleIf you want to know more about recycling or if you want great tips or ideas on how you an reuse your old stuff and reduce the clutter in your home (and indeed in the world), go and visit these websites that are dedicated in helping people from all over the world reduce their carbon footprint.

Recycle NowThis website helps you identify items you can safely recycle.FreecycleHere you can find groups in or near your area to exchange stuff with. We are becoming slaves to consumerism, and willing slaves at that!Unscrupulous manufacturers keep producing more because we keep demanding for more.
From locating the best accommodation to finding the best discounts, there’s a lot to get your head around; therefore, it’s important to be aware of the best online resources that can offer information, help and advice. Great for students as the pictures alone are bound to entice you into learning new recipes.
Lifehacker has plenty of useful tips to help you lead a more efficient and productive lifestyle.
On top of this they provide excellent careers advice and information about the different industries you could find yourself working in.
Job interview questions provides lots of useful information to help you prepare with example interview questions and interview tips.
Prospects can provide you with job insights (such as where your degree could lead) and information on writing CVs and Cover Letters. You can also use the site to find services near you such as GP’s, sexual health centres and mental health services. Whether you’re looking for rooms on campus or in a private house you can search for it here. Helping you avoid suspect housing, the website will direct you to a place based on good reviews. A helpful feature of this site is that you can look for spare rooms within existing house shares – ideal if all your friends are going on a year abroad!

Also, if you have something you no longer need, placing an ad is a great way to make a bit of extra cash. If you’re looking for anything in particular its worth checking your local Freecycle group before looking elsewhere. Sometimes, it's not easy to simply throw away old stuff because though they are technically useless now since they no longer serve their original purpose, there's still a thread of nostalgia attaching owners to them.The old dresser where you used to hide your little treasures as a child, away from the prying eyes of your siblings or parents.
And even when there is no demand for something, many people are easily led to believe that there is, therefore, many of us also willingly consume manufactured needs.We can never have enough clothing, not enough electronics, not enough gadgets, not enough of anything! Student pad also provide information on other issues relating to student housing including advice on financial issues, and guides for first year students. Your old bike that helped you win countless races home from school or that you used as a getaway vehicle after ringing a grouchy neighbor's doorbell.Yes, old stuff sure are brimming with old memories. However, there are some old stuff that are really nothing more than clutter like used tires, old gallons, plastic bottles and crates.With the state of our environment today, - there's just too much pollution and diminished forests - our carbon footprint will soon take its toll. Even now we are feeling the effects of our wanton use of new materials and our neglect to mother nature.
Our weather are getting freakier every year!We can do our part in reducing pollution and minimizing our carbon footprint, ensuring a better future for the next generation, by reducing waste, reusing and recycling old stuff.I have put together pictures that can give us ideas on how we can reuse and recycle old stuff and thus reduce clutter and waste.

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