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Google has taken another step toward total world domination and become the first search engine in space.
But can a business, which is compelled to make profits to satisfy shareholders, ever guarantee that it won’t be evil?
A business as large and powerful as Google will increasingly have opportunities to be evil.
For your website to stand out from the crowd of competitors, you need quality website content that not only captures your key messages, but also, grabs the attention of your potential clients. Writing quality website content is a challenge which I relish as a professional Singapore freelance copywriter and web content writer. I have worked with businesses of all sizes, including large companies, SMEs, startups and non-profit organisations, providing them with professional website copywriting services for over 15 years. Click on the links below to view samples of website copywriting written for different industries. The website writing project involved massive copy editing and copy rewriting of over 150 web pages of text. I adopted a clear web copywriting style to simplify the technical jargons and reorganise the content, highlighting consumer benefits first. ResourceCo Asia is the market leader in alternative fuel development for the cement industries in Malaysia and Asia. Client was focused on hiring an experienced web content writer with a knack of writing in plain English. Core Fitness - a startup health and fitness company - needed a professional freelance copywriter to create a brand new website.
Kydon Holdings Singapore is a leading provider of learning technologies and technology-enhanced learning solutions in Singapore and Asia.
I used a clear website copywriting style and reorganised the navigational flow of the web content so that it is now easier to understand. The brief was to convey clearly the services of this medium-seized accounting firm to a general audience. Sometimes, clients prefer to hire a professional freelance copywriter to write the content for selected pages only. SK Line is a Singapore-based ship owner and operator, specialising in the transportation of crude palm oil in Asia. Clear web copywriting is the best way to describe technical products and services for a general audience. When a woman loves a man she cares for him, pampers him, gives him her attention and does every thing to make him happy. I didn’t realise this at the time, but I was very fortunate to be starting this adventure in a town blessed with a thriving freelance community. Not only is Brighton full of freelancers, those freelancers are also great at getting together, sharing ideas and supporting each other. Freelancers in (and around) Brighton have Wired Sussex, meetups for all kinds of specialisms (from Python to content strategy) and, best of all, a weekly meetup for freelancers called the Farm.
By talking to other freelancers at the Farm I got a sense of what freelancing really meant. And these tactics are great when you’re paying, but as soon as you turn off the cash tap, the benefits usually stop. But if you do get a blog, and you care for it, and maintain it, and devote a little time to it every month, then it will flourish, and support you. If you invest in your blog it will repay your efforts with new customers, more business and a greater awareness of your organisation.
And fortunately, with the support of an impressive team of copywriters, we can continue the work of PCN.
Slogans are often regarded as a fundamental component of a corporate identity – an assumed marketing requirement as essential as a logo and a website. I suggest that, unless you are a major corporation or engaging in a national advertising campaign, you don’t need a slogan.
Modern businesses that do most of their marketing online are better off investing in social media, great design, informative content – just about anything other than a clever phrase that is likely to baffle, bewilder and bemuse more than it attracts, persuades or sells. This works well when your brand is a household name, or you are running a national ad campaign.
Without this contextual support your audience may not have enough background knowledge to parse the meaning of your tagline. But why fill that precious space with a weak attempt at an evocative tagline when you could communicate something tangible? If most of your marketing happens online then you don’t have the same kind of audience that you might have with TV, radio and outdoor ads (where the audience may be stationery or otherwise restricted). The world’s most famous slogans have been battered into our brains through repetition.
Big brands have memorable, meaningful slogans because they’ve invested billions in making them meaningful. If someone gives fives seconds of their life to skim your website, consider yourself lucky. There are millions of websites that can’t even get a cursory glance from a disinterested consumer. You’ve only got a few seconds to make a great impression – so why waste those precious seconds by making someone decode your half-baked, ill-advised, quasi-cryptic, pseudo-mystical slogan which, in attempting to communicate everything, manages to communicate nothing? And slogans can still be helpful branding and marketing devices – as long as they communicate the fabric of your business as well as the fashion. It’s a terrible idea to base your choice entirely on cost, but you may have a fixed budget and need to rein in costs.
To my mind, inbound web marketing offers an altogether more satisfying connection between producer and consumer, a connection that’s instigated and directed by the party in need.
And because they came looking for you (and found your up-to-date website complete with case studies, team bios, a physical address and informative blog posts) they don’t have any doubts about your credentials or your ability to fulfil their order. The inbound lead has an immediate need for your business, and they have decided to spend money now with a business like yours. Eye-tracking research suggests that people typically scan in a vaguely F-shaped pattern (as depicted in my crude illustration below). Front-loading means putting the important details, special information and keywords at the front of sentences, headings, paragraphs, links, list items and calls-to-action.
Put your key details at the front and your readers are more likely to discover the key messages – and less likely to get bored.
Clearly, it makes no sense to hide the trigger words at the end of a sentence, especially when most readers scan pages in an F-pattern.

By moving the key words and most pertinent details to the front of a sentence, link or list item you can improve the odds of your reader seeing them.
Copywriters must understand grammar, but it’s important to remember that copywriting is about more than writing correct English.
Copywriting is about writing compelling, interesting, clear, commanding, intriguing sentences that help organisations achieve goals. The English language is an incredible beast, evolving so quickly that our dictionaries struggle to keep up.
It’s hardly surprising that slogans are tricky to write (and get right) because we expect so much from just a few short words. This company has clearly invested in their branding, but I think they’ve missed an opportunity to communicate something tangible about their business.
But it does a good job of conveying a clear message: they offer driving lessons for young people. High-quality branding does not guarantee results, especially if nobody can work out what you do. Your evocative or conceptual tagline might give your CEO chills but does it mean anything to the public?
But even then you should err on the side of communication, because not everyone is an expert. However, if you know that the average lifetime value of a customer (CLV, LV or LTV) is ?1,650, you can plainly see that it’s worth spending ?500 on marketing each month in order to bring in new customers.
In a future blog post I’ll look at ways to calculate the lifetime value of your customers.
When a client comes to me, particularly if they’re a new client, I usually insist that we build the brief first. By taking a little time to write a brief you can ensure that both client and copywriter have the same vision of the project. While waiting for people to arrive I overhead a woman asking the bar staff about a meetup group. Emailing people is fine and dandy, but remember that it doesn’t entitle you to a response. In my limited experience, contacting potential clients can be effective, but it’s a fairly painful way to make a living. Instead of assuming that your 100th client will be like the other 99, define the specifics of your project so there are no unexpressed assumptions and no nasty surprises. Se si vuole intraprendere il mestiere del copywriter, ci sono alcune regole basilari da imparare assolutamente. Al centro dell’attenzione oggi voglio mettere un elemento del mestiere che molti sedicenti copywriter o blogger relegano inspiegabilmente in secondo piano: la lingua italiana! Curare contenuti per siti internet aziendali o per blog tematici mi impone di scrivere in forma corretta, in un italiano fluido, senza errori grammaticali, senza inventarmi parole, sbagliare condizionali o congiuntivi, utilizzare una parola per un’altra e cose del genere.
Se un cliente vi chiede i contenuti per il sito internet della sua azienda e voi glielo consegnate con degli strafalcioni grammaticali da urlo, come pensate che lo stesso cliente possa un giorno richiamarvi per un nuovo lavoro? Nell’infografica che ho scelto per condire questo post ci sono spiegate, in maniera molto simpatica, alcune delle regole che, se sconosciute, portano ai piu comuni errori nella scrittura.
Essays created with Essay Master software are of a very high standard, the software is best suited for students and professional writers. If you like my copywriting style and would like me to work on a writing project, drop me an email. I was hired by their web design company as the Singapore freelance copywriter to rewrite the web content for their European site. Their business: recycling of non-recyclable waste as alternative fuel to reduce the cement industry's reliance on fossil fuels. I adopted a clear copywriting that was message-driven, benefits-focused, and written with the target audience in mind. They decided on a partial revamp of the website and hired me as the Singapore freelance copywriter to rewrite the home, about us and music program pages. Iconic buildings such as the Arts and Sciences Musuem and DBS headquarters at Marina Bay Financial Centre were acoustically treated by dB Acoustics. I was hired as the SEO copywriter to produce website content that is engaging, yet clear and easy-to-understand. They needed a web content writer who could write in plain English and simplify the accounting jargon to highlight their services. The challenge for the web content writer was to ensure that there is a consistent web writing style to unite the entire website. The brief was to transform technical shipping information into benefits-focused, clear writing.
This client is a homegrown building contractor in Singapore specialising in metal roofing systems and drywall partitions.Client was pleased with the clear web content. But when she feels her man also cares for her and loves her immensely and unconditionally then all her love , care, affection and pampering just kind of multiplies and is intensified to almost another level where she becomes completely devoted to the man in her life. Each episode features a different freelancer, and aims to uncover how they make freelancing work for them. You may know that founder Tom Albrighton had planned to close the organisation after many years at the helm. The fundamental aims of PCN remain the same as when Tom and Ben Locker started the organisation. So those few memorable words manage to mean a great deal because your audience has been exposed to your brand and conditioned to feel an emotional response to your slogan. Marketers still need conceptual copy to adorn social media campaigns and to capture attention on landing pages. If you’re using a content agency, be aware that the account manager may not do the writing. So if you have an urgent project and just can’t wait, you may have to settle for a second-tier copywriter.
While the majority of content projects can be adequately completed remotely, there are occasions where face-to-face meetings and workshops are invaluable. But they persist because they catch enough of the right consumers to make their methods worthwhile. Copywriters make use of this space between canonical English and current usage – particularly in the more conceptual world of advertising. They may object to sentence fragments, split infinitives, beginning sentences with conjunctions (and, but), ending them with prepositions (about, with, by, in, on) – but these are all rules that copywriters like to break.
Spelling mistakes, typos and mangled sentences can damage your organisations’ reputation.
Slogans may need to sum up a brand, capture the essence of a product, or suggest a transformative experience.

In this post I look at two slogans in action and consider what they do well and how they fail. If you’re in the market for driving lessons then you know this might be right for you. It can be fruitful to adapt these rough notes and additions into a proper brief, especially if you begin to feel that some of the pointers or direction is conflicting. Your email is probably unsolicited anyway, so be patient and remember that the recipient doesn’t owe you anything.
Far better to make yourself discoverable so that the best clients can come looking for you.
In questo post non voglio parlarvi di Seo, articoli ottimizzati per motori di ricerca, advertising o altri argomenti che, per forza di cose, tratto abitualmente in questo sito.
Eppure, girando in Rete, mi accorgo che non tutti sono consapevoli che certi errori possono davvero compromettere, oltre che la carriera, anche la propria dignita.
Does Google have a plan for ensuring that, regardless of who is in charge, Google doesn’t do evil?
The challenge in writing a complex and technical website - how to make the content comprehensible for a general audience. My challenge as the web content writer was to make tons of complex technical information easy-to-understand through simple and clear web copywriting.
Heck, they even read that blog post you wrote last week, so they have taken the time to reinforce their motivations for choosing you. Instead of dragging a prospect reluctantly through a sale you can casually guide them to the destination that they selected. Clarity and correct spelling are important, but your copywriter should focus on creating an impact, getting attention, persuading an audience and inciting action.
By breaking these rules copywriters can create active, direct copy that makes a powerful connection with your audience. The tagline could have conveyed some details of the products and services offered – or a sense of the quality of those offerings.
Writing a brief can ensure that the client gets what they want – which means the copywriter gets paid and everyone stays happy.
If you can make your name pop up in front of them, you have a better chance of being recalled when you’re needed.
Not needing to learn too much, you can be master of creating HTML help(CHM), Web help, PDF and Word documents. I used both journalistic and web writing styles to write web content that was clearly customer-focused and benefits-biased.
With Our Freelance Life you get to hear directly from all kinds of freelancers so you can borrow their ideas and sidestep their mistakes.
It’s also a place where copywriters can find inspiration, figure out the mechanics of freelancing and learn from their peers. They have some questions, but because they’re already clear on their problem they have a clear sense of what they need. The tagline is certainly confident and authoritative, but it seems to assume the reader already knows a lot about UCC. And while my accommodating nature inclines me to acquiesce, I’ve been a copywriter for long enough to know that it pays to slow down and build the foundation. With this powerful tool you can not only create chm file from scratch, but also convert a set of existing HTML files to a chm file. The family owners of this famous popiah kingmaker hired me as the web content writer to create a website that captures their history and uniqueness.
If your business is selling anything remotely valuable, or critical, or sensitive, then it’s doubly important that your copy is well written. Instead of jumping in and writing stuff, I know it’s better to step back and think about the big picture. Our solution provides you with the possibility to use the fastest conception of help-documentation development, based on HTML technology. This software is appropriate for online freelance writers, content providers, bloggers, and everyone else who struggles with writer's block.
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