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I’ve made thousands of dollars from product sales (averaging a little over a hundred dollars a month this year), and I haven’t had to do any hardcore cold-calling for client work in a long time – all thanks to my website. In this post I share the strategy behind my freelance graphic design website; why I designed it the way I did, what purpose it has, and how you can build your own freelance business website. I’ve redesigned my personal freelance graphic design website a countless number of times over the years. I used to think you needed an about page, portfolio, and contact form just because that’s what everyone else was doing.
On my personal website the first thing you’re presented with is a photo of me, my logo in my primary brand color, a very brief intro, with two main calls-to-action. I use this same strategy on every single page on my site; I present the most important information first in context to the page the viewer is on. When you start to consider the build of your freelance website, don’t start with the design, but with the pages and their content. An effective freelance website may consist of a blog to pull in traffic, a friendly about page with your photo, a simple method of contact, and an easy-to-view portfolio.
Also, not everyone is a developer, so if you’re unfamiliar with coding and designing websites, don’t attempt to do it yourself!
Rather than share top design trends, I think it’d be more beneficial to share what to avoid.
The best way to improve your site is to have someone else evaluate your content and design.
Once you have your new (or already established) freelance website online, use your strategy, whatever it may be, and start generating the results you desire.
If it’s to draw in traffic, then start blogging to your target audience on a regular basis. If you paid attention to what I had to share in this post and you have the necessary calls-to-action throughout your website, you should have a better chance at reaching your goals.
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About Brent GallowayBrent Galloway is a freelance graphic designer, founder of Your Freelance Career, and author of Start Your Freelance Career.
Hi Nina, if your content offering tips for people in overcoming poverty doesn’t align much with your ideal audience for your personal blog, then it might benefit for the two to be separate. Your Freelance Career is a blog for creative individuals who want to build a successful freelance business while working from home. We are freelance website designer and programmer with an established profile of thriving achievements, we are pleased to present our application for your deliberation as the best web design and development firm.
We also feature a great team of highly qualified web design experts who will move out of their way to ensure that you get exactly what you requested for. We would also like to inform you that we have the capacity to work on any kind of project including the most intricate ones.

I'm a Caribbean based freelance website designer, graphic designer and SEO expert with many years of experience in the industry.
The Mobile Web refers to the World Wide Web as accessed from mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and other portable gadgets connected to a public network. If you are good in web designing, you can work at any web designing agency to earn good amount of money. Setting up a freelancing website design business is not very difficult, but requires a lot of attention. Setting the right prices for your services is very important in the web design business as your success or failure depends on it. It was only with my recent redesign where I had finally developed my own strategy that started to actually generate results. Don’t consider adding pages or content for the sake of having it, rather, consider what you want your visitors to learn the second they land on your homepage. The visitor is instantly introduced to me, what I do, and where they should go next; they can learn more about me or reach out right away. Heck, I have a whole list of tweaks that’d I’d like to make but just haven’t had the time to get to yet. Not so much design and develop it from scratch, but rather, build the content and strategy of it from scratch. List out each page with a brief description of its purpose, then consider ways you can intertwine them together with the use of calls-to-action (not just with your main navigation).
There’s no shame in hiring others to do tasks which are outside your skill set, or to use an online service to help build your website.
Website design comes with a wide range of pitfalls, and if you can avoid them, you’ll create confidence in your brand and, by extension, the products and services you offer. If your website falls victim to any of these design flaws, you’re doing yourself a disservice and you need to make some immediate adjustments.
It always helps get a second pair of eyes after working on the same project for a long period of time. Share your thoughts on the field you specialize in, share your lessons learned, or write about your process on a recent client project. You'll also get my bi-weekly newsletter on freelancing where I share transparent content, freelance tips, and stories from my journey freelancing. I am just starting out in my freelance business and I have taken a lot of advice and suggestions from your various posts and I am incredibly thankful for the resources.
It’s a similar situation I was in with this blog and my personal freelance graphic design blog.
Having many years of work experience, and a strongly built educational background, we believe we can make an essential contribution to your web developing needs. Our web developers are used to multi-tasking and prioritizing important projects in order to meet crucial deadlines.

Over the years, I've developed solutions for small and medium sized companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to meet their print and web goals.
The common start-up costs for the website design business may include the cost of system, business cards, working desk and stationery supplies. You should never set a price which is too high as compared to the market rate until or unless you develop a good customer base.
So, make accounts on social networking websites like Facebook and keep in touch with the web designers by creating accounts on various web designing blogs.
Ever since then I’ve been tweaking my website – seeing what’s working and what’s not, then adjusting.
Having your own place online to display your work, share your ideas, and to allow anyone to get in touch with you instantly is so beneficial. To name a few online services: Squarespace, Behance, and Carbonmade are all great for showcasing your work. I wanted to really target the freelance design community, so I built this blog – separate from my personal site, which is targeting potential clients. There are almost 3 billion cellular phones available to people worldwide, out-numbering PCs and landline telephones combined.
However, the start-up costs in this business are quite low as compared to lets say a brick and mortar business. Using my own strategy of generating traffic then converting that traffic into something more, my website in turn works for me. Then following my recent work is another call-to-action, announcing my design availability. If a page isn’t being viewed, if there’s content not being seen, or if I’m not getting the results that I’m looking for, then I adjust. But, since once is about my personal victory of overcoming poverty and helping others, and one is about my copy-writing business they need to remain separate. I had this on my old site but you’ve inspired me to make it look better and use more CTAs.
My other passion is photography which I do principally in support of my website design and graphic design projects.
Your brand can be you, but the way you present yourself can and should be very professional. I thought to ask because my web designer recommended I just have a site in my name, and under services and portfolio I link the two.
The professional side will attract the clients, but your personality will be what connects with them and ultimately what will lead to them reaching out to you.

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