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We’re now in the heat (pun intended) of everyone’s favorite part of the summer: the Minnesota State Fair. Someone thought of a way to put a twist on this Southern classic and make it “Fair-friendly” without a stick. The official description: “Just like a fusion of feathery light cotton candy, flaky shaved ice and creamy layered snow, SnoRibbons melt in your mouth. Easy ways to incorporate environmentally friendly habits into your everyday life and much more. If you hear screams coming from the direction of the Mighty Midway, that means people are having fun so give it a chance!
This is the only chance many Minnesotans have to get up close to the animals that play such an important role on some farms. Find a sticker on the back of the Pick-It Ticket—the Fantastic 5s—and you get to spin the giant beach ball wheel, which guarantees you one of four awesome prizes.
But that’s not it—enter your non-winning scratch tickets purchased at the Fair for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card or our grand prize—a two-person pedal kayak and $5,000 cash! The Minnesota Lottery blog exists to highlight and showcase the great people, events, and uniqueness of the state of Minnesota.
Whether you’re practicing a new groove or just playing rudiments on a practice pad, playing along with your favorite band is a great way to make drum practice more fun. Whenever I start to get bored or frustrated with practice, it’s usually because I’ve been practicing for too long without a break. Let’s face it, some exercises are downright boring, and unfortunately, these are usually the most important ones.
Note: If you don’t have a blackboard or whiteboard, simply substitute another household item.
Once your child has taken some time to get familiar with the commands, you’re ready to play!
If your child is a visual learner, this next activity will be very beneficial as it uses images to help him or her absorb ideas and concepts.

Now comes the fun part… Place the photos in front of the student where they are visible and read one description at a time out loud. Once your child has these adverbs down pat, show him or her pictures of various categories like video games, foods, perfume, bicycles, etc. We know you wait all year for some of your favorites (those Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies…), but as always, there are many new foods to try.
It’s easy to get to the Fair and head for the things that you know and love, but get out there, take a chance, and try something new!
The potential payoff for our environment is huge so stop by the Progress Center to check this out.
Come find us at the corner of Judson and Nelson, where we’ll be giving you plenty of ways to take a chance and win big money and prizes!
Even if you’re super passionate about music, however, practice can be repetitive and monotonous. For example, practicing paradiddles isn’t just about playing the right stickings—you also want to make sure you’re playing in the center of the drum, that your hands are playing at the same volume and stick height, and that you can play paradiddles at different tempos and volumes.
Remember that you’re practicing these things to get better, and that the more you focus and work on them, the faster you’ll improve! Find a drum teacher near you, and make sure to ask your teacher for more suggestions to make drum practice more fun and effective.
From mastering a long list of complex vocabulary words to perfecting the pronunciation of various words, it can be difficult for kids to stay engaged and motivated.
Not only will this classic game keep your child engaged, but it will also help him or her practice common German commands.
As the adult, you’ll take on the role of Simon and issue commands to your child (for example: Simon sagt Stehen Sie auf). Next, have the student point to the appropriate photo in which the description best describes. If your child is struggling to stay engaged, try working with an experienced German teacher who has the tools to make learning fun and easy.

Take a Class with FriendsPhoto Credit: Physical ParkThere are so many cardio classes at gyms and community centers, therea€™s bound to be one that will work into your schedule, and those of a few of your best girl friends.What better way to get your cardio and have some quality time with your friends? From deep-fried everything on a stick to the cutest animals, there are so many fun things to eat, see, do, and experience.
According to the event description on the Fair’s website, Eco Experience is a partnership among the State Fair, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and more than 150 organizations and businesses across the state. Playing along to music will also make you a better listener while you play, which is really important if you want to play in a band! If you take a break and come back, you  won’t get as bored or frustrated as you would if you force yourself to keep practicing. Instead of thinking that practicing a single-stroke roll is boring, think about all the cool, super fast stuff you can play with better wrist technique. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Drum Set Performance from the Berklee College of Music. By implementing fun games and exercises into their curriculum, however, you can make learning less overwhelming and more enjoyable.
Then, ask him or her to say the completed statement out loud to ensure proper pronunciation. He minored in German during his undergraduate studies and holds a Masters degree in music from Dusquesne University. An English muffin with two American cheese-stuffed sausage patties sounds like a good reason to get to the Fair early—it’s only served until 11 a.m. Find it at Blue Moon Dine-In Theater located on the corner of Chambers Street and Carnes Avenue. Plus, having fun while you practice will help you stay focused and motivated, and this will help you improve.

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