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Game Maker an easy-to-use game creation tool.Game Maker is one of the most popular game making software.
Sadly the immaturity of some Game Maker users has lead to a YoYo Games staff member being compared to Hitler and the creator of the winning logo design receiving hate e-mails.
Initially I wanted to redesign the hammer, but later realized there will probably be too many similar entries to really stand out.
Most of the comments were just plain immature and really couldn’t be taken seriously.
Based on the maturity levels I have seen elsewhere regarding the logo sadly I feel it necessary to make it clear that Zak submitted just one of over 500 designs that were entered into the logo contest and obviously did not make the decision that his would be the winning design. Great interview, this is the sort of content I enjoy from GMB (and from some of the old magazines).
Things like making petitions and games against it is a good way to express your feelings, just like commenting to the blog post in a sensible way that you didn’t (or did) like the outcome of the competition. I’m still no fan of the logo, mostly because of that gigantic smiley and the pretty overused cog design. The artist has my congratulations, but I can fully understand the reactions, and the outcome of the poll gamemakerblog posted. This has happened before although when it did I didn’t notice else mention it at all.
I didn’t like the logo because to me it seemed just a bit unprofessional, It is an interesting design though.
The Design isn’t toooo bad, but I disagree that this is what Yoyogames want for their new look of GM. Also whoever said they would stop using GM because of a logo is obviously exaggerating, but many people do strongly dislike this logo for some reason haha. You guys need to rethink this, because while it wont drop sales, its gonna put a huge damper on them. Looking at the pages for brainstorming, it’s clear there was no real potential in this logo anyways, as well as how much time and effort into designing it. Maybe it DID get hacked, that’s why it won, and thats why nobody’s been on for so long!
The logo is the first (second if you count the YYG logo) indication of what GM is like that new users will get, and if they see an obsessed smiley face staring at them, they will be less likely to download and try. Although it would be an awesome icon to be shipped with GM as premade content (you know, the way they provide backgrounds and sprites to get you started). Perhaps one of the most awesome development combos in the world, one that is pretty much conquering my heart, is the Game Maker + Macintosh combo. Read my other blog post for details on this, but basically, you don’t get lag on Mac OS.
I will eventually post another blogpost regarding what is really needed to thrive and post your games on the Store. Put simply, it means that GM4Mac can’t be a part of the antialiasing love that makes many of the apps look so much better. There has been some amazing progress in this matter (cheers to the GM4Mac devs!), but there’s still a lot of kinks here and there in the program. In Windows, I used this image editor for some quick spriting in the games I’ve worked with, while in Mac, I have to load The GIMP, which sucks on the platform (you have to load X window manager just to launch GIMP!), just for some trivial spriting.
Those games were created using Game Maker for Mac, and uploaded to the Mac App Store, which is similar to the iPhone App Store.
I have never used any vector apps before; after reading the initial announcement just three days before the deadline, I decided to download the Illustrator demo and enter the contest.

Sandy then added he was looking for something completely new; so I ditched my hammer designs and went on to some brainstorming. I’m generally a pretty confident person (some may refer to this as cocky) still I remained positive all the time.
On the other hand, I loved the originality and great lengths of effort some of the commenters took to express their frustration with not being the winner – there’s even a game aiming to destroy the new logo! It’s really ridiculous when you think about it, all of those people complaining over what? Honestly, you have graphical talent and all (more than I), but please be willing to at least admit that your logo may not be the best (or the most admired by community).
It almost makes game maker look like its for kids (ironically I’m teaching my lil brother how to use it) but it is a step up from the hammer. It’s just not logical when a poll showed that less than 10% of the people liked that logo. It puts Game Maker in a completely different light, one of childishness rather then a game designing tool. Otherwise I’d Ditch it for construct, gamesfactory, hell i’d even ditch it for a program called Scratch (entirely code based) or my TI84+ calculators code editor! Id rather have the happy green turtle construction worker man with the hammer, at least that implies work. You choose a design for its stupidly simplistic symbolism, while not considering any sort of design appeal? It may not make too many people who are already using GM stop using it, but Yoyo Games really needs new customers. That portrayed game making – you play games with a ball, and you make things with a hammer – perfect!
It’s basically a situation of submitting a good game to the store, and letting the customers come. This reason alone really annoys me since antialiasing is truly the mark of good graphic design, and already we have this against us.
Luckily there are tons of free training available on the internet, it took less than 2 hours of tutorial-watching to make me believe that I knew enough to create the logo.
I congratulate you on the win and I don’t believe YoYoGames should take away the money, I do feel they should pick a new logo however. But since the hammer has been in Game Maker for a long long time, and dumping it kinda hurts. He should quit being so full of himself and actually think about how other people will react for once. We all know that some of the real muscle in the Game Maker system is through external libraries, so this is one big kink here. El programa viene en la version Lite, y con el crack se transforma a la version Pro, que contiene muchas mas opciones.Y que son las librerias?Nosotros cuando creamos un objeto, vemos a la derecha de la pantalla una serie de pestanas con imagenes, las cuales nosotros arrastramos y editamos a nuestro gusto. To accommodate for the tutorial panel, Game Maker is now default started in full screen mode. The cog is ok I guess, but the color selection on the thing as a whole is just bizarrely poor.
This is in the hands of the developers, and things will slowly get better, this is assured and a matter of time only.
It does however remember its settings so changing it once to windowed mode will from that moment on start it in that mode.Alpha-blended backgrounds and spritesThe new version Game Maker uses backgrounds and sprites with alpha (transparency) channels. Of course I still feel great about having won and having defined part the future of Game Maker.

This entire interview is practically begging for people to make fun of it, not to mention YoYo Games and Gamemaker itself! The sprite and image editor have been completely rewritten, including many new drawing options and effects.
You honestly believed that this would force us into an understanding majority as to why the logo was chosen and why it should be appreciated?
Or in the very least belittle us into a respectful majority by insulting our intelligence and maturity? Also we bundle a large number of high-quality sprites with Game Maker that you can use for free in your games.Enhanced collision checkingYou now have more collision checking options. The quality is much better than the last one, and who knows… this logo might attact extra attention just because of the bright flamboyant colors! For example, you can indicate that collisions should be with an enclosed disk and you have better control over the bounding box. Besides in a couple years there will probably be another logo contest and then you’ll get a new logo.
The sub-image of the sprite can have a combined mask and you can set the dependence on the alpha transparency value.Splash screensA new function splash_show_web(url,delay) has been added that can be used to show web pages as splash screens.
This update alone, (not to mention the logo), is a complete disgrace to Gamemaker, the software’s users and YoYo Games. Also a number of new actions have been added to show the different types of splash pages and to change splash settings.
With this you can easily extend the functionality of Game Maker.Time linesThe timelines have been extended.
Importing and exporting resourcesThe possibility to merge games has been replaced by a much more extensive system to import and export resources. When there is a name conflict when importing the use can specify to keep the original, replace anyway, take the one that is most recently changed, or keep both (not recommended). For example there is pop-up function name completion, argument help, matching brackets, improved color coding, line numbers, on-the-fly error checking, code snippets, and a sophisticated find and replace functionality.Speed improvementsThe speed of games that use code has been considerably improved.
Also when running a stand-alone game.Other changesThere are a number of other changes and additions.
An extension package with additional room transitions is provided.Data Structures* A number of additional functions have been provided to deal with data structures. For example, data structures can now be copied, there are functions to write data structures to a string and read them back.
For each file it can now be indicated under what filename it must be stored and where it must be stored.
There is a choice now whether or not to include the files in the editable version of the game. Also there are functions to export the files at a different moment than the start of the game.Alpha Channel Support* Adding sprites and backgrounds with alpha channels.
There are now functions (such as sprite_add_alpha sprite_replace_alpha) to add or replace a sprite from a file that has alpha channels (such as .png files) to get neater transparency effects.
There is an improved online purchase process that immediately upgrades the program after the payment is made.

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