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Frazer Lough sets out his fool-proof guide to dressing to impress on that all important first date.
About Latest Posts Frazer LoughA 19 year old Linguistics student, hailing from the great city of Newcastle.
Two British teens were allegedly threatened to be kicked out of a McDonald's after they staged a romantic "gay" dinner date. Cameron Ford and Adam Welland, who are not actually gay, posted photos of the fancy occasion on Twitter. Though Ford identified Welland in a since-deleted Tweet as his "beautiful boyfriend," the pair now says they were joking. An Iowa lesbian couple might have hoped to find a wedding cake that was both delicate and sweet, but they say their experience with a Des Moines-based baker left behind a sour taste. As KCCI-TV is reporting, the owner of Victoria's Cake Cottage refused to bake a cake for Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers, who are planning a June wedding, because she is Christian. But he took a break from his musical comeback attempt last night to take his girlfriend, fashion interestee (our name for the endless chicks who call themselves stylists but have no actual clients to show for it) Marlena Campbell, out to Mr.
All C, D, E and Z listers go to the hot spots like Mr Chow to be seen because the paps hang out there, the celebs who have become irrelevant go there to get a pic and a buzz going.
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London friends Cameron Ford, Adam Welland and William Peachey decided to bring a bit of class to their McDonald’s dinner date by laying out a tablecloth, some fake candles, a couple of wine glasses, their own cutlery and even a centerpiece made of straws.
The boys also made the special effort of getting nicely dressed with some trousers, shirts and ties for their meal. UPDATE via the Daily Telegraph: Mr Peachey had originally posted a photograph of the two claiming that they were all being banned from the Kingston restaurant. But Mr Welland later clarified that this was because at the time they thought they were about to be kicked out but the staff member later backed down. Like she latin , brazilian, or some shit with a little touch of black and some other race in it. This could be a post about gardening and you'd come with some ridiculous Beyonce remark, lol! In early December 2013 Daley released a YouTube video announcing that he has been in a relationship with a man since earlier that year. I’m not talking about going all out with a shirt and tie, you aren’t getting married just yet.
Paired with a nice pair of  trousers, formal trouser for a more formal restaurant can be a good choice. As for the shoes, a pair of brown brogues are a key piece that go effortlessly with most outfits, as well as adding a smart edge.

With a casual date you never know where the day might take you, so you need to be ready for all options. As for the shoes, a pair of suede Derbys or even some loafers can be a great bed fellow for the rest of your outfit. Obviously there are other important things on a date, so don’t mess up on those and everything should be fine!
I personally worry about what to wear on a first date and there are various factors to consider. Just make sure it is the right fit, there is nothing worse than a blazer that doesn’t quite sit on your shoulders properly.
A denim jacket is a great addition to this outfit or, if the season allows, a nice piece of knitwear. While in casual circumstances converse with a good amount of wear and tear can look great, try and keep them a bit tidy if you’re going to wear them on a date.

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