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A social group for gay men and women to meet up for cultural pursuits - high culture or low! We started from humble beginnings with a few gay friends who simply wanted to meditate in a space that was free from religious acceptance and prescribed teachings.
Today we have built an annual meditation program where 'no two meditations are the same', that's literally 52 different meditations all presented weekly and guided live to a Group of over 40-50 participants. The programs have been built so that individual participants can digest at their own pace which meditation techniques works best for them.

Have you ever dreamed about participating in a high performance driving event like a driving school at a track or 'drive an exotic'? Theatre, Concerts, Gigs, Musicals, Opera, Dance, Film, Art, Photography, Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Historic houses, London history, and anything else of a cultural bent.
Although we started from serving the LGBTIQ community, we are not exclusive and we cater to all open minded individuals who are interested in learning the practice of meditation.
The group is set up so that any member can organize an event - just 'suggest' one, fill in all the details, and I'll confirm it!

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