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A classically trained pianist, vocalist and orchestral percussionist, Gavankar grew up in Joliet, Illinois, though she currently lives in Los Angeles. Gavankar, whose father is Indian and mother half Dutch-half Indian, says she wouldn't describe her parents as 'typically Indian'.
Janina's father, engineer and entrepreneur Pete Gavankar, came to the United States to pursue his master's degree in engineering. An article in Filmfare magazine, dating back to 1984, describes Pete Gavankar as a micro-chip genius. Besides The L Word, she has made appearances in the television series Girlfriends and Strong Medicine. Currently, she also enjoys doing some theater with an LA-based sketch comedy group called OPM.
In the virtual world too, this stunning lass has managed to make a mark for herself, playing the saucy and sexy librarian, Ms Dewey, on Microsoft's interactive search engine that was launched last year. Did her ethnic background make it more difficult for her to break in to the entertainment scene in LA? She recalls when she first saw a billboard of the television series Heroes, before it premiered and how she was really excited to spot a brown guy on the extreme left. Related Articles Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling Could Create Religious Liberty Issues For Christian Schools, Charities, Obama's Lawyer Admits Analysis: Who Is Intolerant, Hateful, Closed-Minded in Gay Marriage Debate? In the one hour our interview by telephone lasted, she had managed to make her bed, brush her teeth, cook up some breakfast and play with her dog (an English setter) -- all while chatting nineteen to the dozen.

Within a short span of time, she has dabbled in music, theatre, television, new media and films of various genres that include horror and comedy.
She has been part of a pop group called Endera -- 'It wasn't just another cheesy little pop group,' she says, 'these girls could really sing!
But in high school I discovered musical theatre, and found the character work in these productions very exciting," says Gavankar, who went on to major in theatre performance at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she was studying. He grew up with R D Burman in India and was responsible for producing Burman's only American album, Pantera.
Her recent movie appearance includes the Indie film Bull Run, a story of five divorced fathers and the impact of their crumbling relationships on their children. Though the movie was never released, she played a heroine in a film titled Naam Mera Maria, which starred Samrat Mukherjee (actor Kajol's cousin) as the male lead. Type in a search query, and you can expect Ms Dewey to retort (out of nearly 600 recorded responses) in her typical tongue-in-cheek, sassy style. 3 Events Suggest an Answer Swing Vote Justice Kennedy 'Not Persuaded' by LGBT Arguments at Supreme Court Hearing, Ryan Anderson Says Analysis: On Gay Marriage, Will Five Judges Reject Deliberative Democracy? And on most days, she loves to just come home and watch a movie on her couch while doing Sudoku at the same time. And with her recent role as Papi on The L Word, a television series on the Showtime television channel in America, she has joined the bandwagon of a growing number of Indian faces in Hollywood. The series follows a group of Los Angeles-based friends, some of whom are lesbians, as they navigate their careers, families, friendships and romantic entanglements.

Her mother Mohra Gavankar who grew up in Mumbai and moved to America after marriage, is currently a columnist with The Herald News and also a community volunteer. When I was growing up, I always felt I was special because I was Indian and different," says Janina, who admits she feels 'atrociously American' whenever she visits India. I had to start all over again because I didn't know if the world was going to accept me or not. Before I began shooting for it in India, I watched Hindi channels and tried to practice alternating between the shy and flirty look," she laughs. So it's been exciting to be part of a project that's different," says Janina, who confesses to having a geek streak in her and says she's not really 'cool' as a person. Gavankar's character, Papi, is a flirty, gregarious Latino girl who competes with another of the show's characters for female attention. She has also done a music video called Tell Me What, with former Viva girl Pratichee Mohapatra, in India.
So when I decided I wanted to be an actor, they said, whatever you do, we'll support you 100 percent but you have to give 110 percent.
As we know, that terrible ruling 42 years ago divided the nation irreparably and has resulted in the deaths of 58 million babies," said Dobson."Whatever happened to Abraham Lincoln's pronouncement in the Gettysburg Address that ours is a government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people'?

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