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Gothic Eye Makeup Tip #1 – The ideal Goth look would have a thick and dark lines around the eyes. Gothic Eye Makeup Tip #2 – You can also make designs at the end of the lids by creating some swirls or any other designs around the eye. Gothic Eye Makeup Tip #4 – Some Goth lovers use glitters and sprinkle it over the make up to get a shimmery effect. The bacterias which are responsible by this infection are group A streptococcus and staphylococcus aureus.
Impetigo start its attack with red sores that quickly ruptures, the second phases is represented by oozes that last a few days before forming yellowish-brown crust that resemble with brown sugar or honey. After spotting Impetigo there are few ways which can resolve the problem, the most often used are the oral antibiotics like Penicillin or streptomycin, this ones must be used at the specialists recommendation only. Another important thing is to wash your clothes with hot water after wearing and don’t share them with others. When it comes to make up, the Goth look usually has dark and usually black eyeliner and shadow around the eyes. You can use a liquid eye liner to get better results but if you are having difficulties with liquid eyeliners, you draw the designs in pencil then tracing it with liquid eyeliner later.

Impetigo usually strike in the summer months and if the skin is already damaged by other factors the changes to get impetigo will grow. This disease is very contagious just a small contact with the sores can infect a person or to spread the affected area. In severe cases are used oral antibiotics like flucloxacillin (Floxapen) and erythromycin (Erythrocin).
Although this is true look of a Goth, teens nowadays are creative enough to explore the many possibilities of make up.
To achieve a smoky look, you can use an eyeliner and dip it on the same color as the eye shadow.
Others would create a design that has stripes on it with bright colors, like yellow, turquoise, fuchsia and even red. Before applying ointment the scabs should be removed, because underneath them live the bacteria that cause this infection.
The Goth look now has developed, you would see some swirls and glitters and a lot of colors. Still in some cases this infection can lead to serious complications, and it’s recommended to be treated with antibiotics.

Keep in mind to avoid any physical contact with others and change your clothes after one time wearing. It always shows up when I am sick (flu,cold,or otherwise) and is almost as if it is my body’s way of breaking a fever. You can also use other colors for the eyeliner aside from black, you can use purple, blue and green and even read can outline your eyes. You can apply colored mascara or use black mascara then brush a bright mascara on the tips. I always have treated mine with cephalexin and mupirocin and it has been successful in treating, but it has never been contagious to anyone around me.

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