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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. As demonic as her 'get away from me' and 'talk to me or I'll kill you' aura emits, she has an angelic voice that never fails to touch peoples' hearts. Since childhood, the only thing Yejin has loved was music, if anyone would ask what she likes, she'd answer 'music' and when others would ask about her parents, she would just ignore that person and walk away. Sometimes when you see a girl that you like, you want her to talk to you more often, want her to share stuff and information with you and feel a part of her life, but attracting her to do so is not that simple.  It is the first step towards any relationship but most of men overdo things in order to gain attention that it destroys the seriousness that is required to form a stable bond. You might look around and see many other men having girlfriends, so sometimes you try to copy them but you must not try to copy everyone.  I mean you should not play guitar, play basketball and do swimming just to impress a girl, it doesn’t work and most of the men tend to make this mistake. Some say that opposites just end up hating eachother, try putting opposites in one small room and they will surely chase eachother like cats and dogs.

The downside for fourteen years of her life, she had to put up with a raging alcoholic who smelled like a sewer and constantly yelled at her and her mother for being 'women' and at her brother for 'not being a real man'. Unlike other children who preferred to be with their friends and play, Yejin would rather read books and isolate herself from others.
She is not in good terms with anyone, all she does is listen to music,read books and make songs. You, had also thought that they do not but after meeting a certain person, you thought so otherwise. When she was fourteen, they finally kicked him out of the house and they lived on their own, just the three of them.
If anyone would come near her she would just glare at them until they go away and leave her side.

We don't know what might happen in the near future, unless you have a time machine that is.
They stay up at night trying to think about every possible situation to get through all problems.

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