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The responsibility of the website architect goes beyond that of the user interface designers or the information architecture professionals.
A detailed analysis of their strengths can help you identify what the competitors are doing right. Once you have a clear and comprehensive idea about this, you need to focus on the flaws in the user flows. When you have a bird’s eye view of the ideas and concepts and their relations, it becomes easier to ascertain the place of each element at the right place. Michael Evans is currently promoting MotoCMS website templates, which help business organizations build a robust online presence.
Though they need to collaborate with everyone involved, the website architect is the actual concept designer.

The business may have direct or indirect competitors, and you need to have adequate data about each one of them. Identify possible scenarios in which the personas you have created take action on the site.
If something obstructs the flow, it’s important that you work out a solution at this stage.
Visual cues help in the establishment of ideas and their hierarchies, connections, and suggestive details. Along with this, the architect needs to have a logical and analytical mind to come up with instant solutions.
The data collection may take a day or two, but make it thorough to ensure you understand the client’s goals and expectations.

You also need to have a clear idea about what spells success for the client; otherwise, what you and the client deem to be a successful project may not be the same thing.
It needs to guide the user to understand their skin type, the night cream that suits it, and the purchase decision. A probable user flow chart can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the site design.

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