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If you are planning to create your presence felt on the internet, getting a domain name is perhaps the starting point.
Owning your own domain name is like living in your own apartment and not in a rented one. If you have you brand name or your company name included in your domain name it helps to reinforce your brand value.
When you have your website running under your own domain name you have the portability to carry your website to any webhost you like. The search engines recognize the importance of domain name and give preference to websites that have their own unique domain names rather than those that are either subdomains or a part of an another domain name, like when you get your website launched with a free webhost. It is highly recommended that you too realize the importance of domain name and get your own domain name registered if you are serious about making a mark on the cyberspace. If you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation.

DonateIf you find this website useful, please consider helping with its production with a donation.
Most VisitedThis Website contains a Rich Resource of more than700 Web Directories(Updated)& Lists ofBest Web Hostsfor all types of web hosting solutions. It opens the doorway to so many options on the internet which can only follow once you have a domain name registered under your name.
Whenever a new visitor reaches your website, chances are she is going to look at your domain name and make a first impression opinion about the site.
You also have the flexibility to create multiple e-mails for your various departments and organizational functions. Some search engines give more importance to your home page over other pages and when you have your own home page running under your own domain name it is liable to get a higher ranking.
Read for More Advantages that will compel you to have your own Registered Domain Name to Create your own Identity in Cyberspace.

Similarly your domain name reveals so much about you and your website, on the first look, that it is nothing short of your own personal visitor’s card. With a free webhost the home page of that website gets the limelight whereas your page can get found for only the content of your page.
You own home page with a free domain website is in fact the home page of a sub domain whereas your webhost’s home page is the actual homepage for that domain name. In contrast to it when you have your own domain name you can still retain your website with its original domain name and can transfer your domain name from one domain registrar to the other or from one webhost to the other.
Your own domain name thus helps you to get that free search engine traffic that is vital for your internet success.

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