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Another email lands in my inbox from a DJ introducing themselves as the next big thing in Electronic Dance Music with a five hundred word email listing all the reasons why I need to listen to their demo. was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. I would love to say that I’m the sort of guy that has time to read every email I get, download your demo and seriously consider whether I’m the right guy to make you millions. Instead here’s some advice that will actually help you take the right initial steps when looking for a good DJ manager or booking agent. It’s an undeniable fact that anyone worth sending an email like this to should be too busy to read them. Unless they’ve heard of you and recognise some distinct standout factor in the two seconds they’re going to glance at the email before it’s passed over, you don’t stand a chance. I’m not here to discourage you from going about emailing industry managers in the hope of signing a manager.
It only takes a few seconds to cut and paste the same message to a bunch of easily accessible email addresses you can pull down from a website contact page. I’m here to point you in the right direction so that you can focus on the one thing that matters more than how to find a good DJ manager – how to attract a good manager.The world isn’t short of good DJ managers.

To get a good DJ manager to seriously consider you as a prospective new breakthrough artist, you have to first learn how to be attractive in the market place.Put yourself in their shoes for a second. Do you have an idea for your alias that is unlike any other DJ on the market or do you know exactly where you see yourself fitting into the scene? Have you produced a string of unsigned tracks that you believe to be better or on par with what’s cutting the grade in your genre of choice?Or is it simply that you want to make it and you’ve been told to do so you’re going to need a manager? Above and beyond needing a manager, every serious artist needs a team of professional collaborators working together towards one goal, but at what point is that necessary? Often start-up artists are confused as to when the right time to get a manager may be.Aligning yourself with a brain trust is essential.
Lending advice and professional guidance is absolute key to growth in any professional capacity. It’s impossible to do this by yourself unless you’re God’s gift to music production and there's arguably only been a few in our time. Rather than focussing all of your energy into signing a manager, there’s always so much more you can do before you’re ready to take on the market place.Are you doing everything you can to be a better DJ?Have you started proving your worth by starting and developing your own fanbase?Some of the best artists have become great entrepreneurs.

Some of the best song writers have become amazing DJ’s, some of the best DJ’s have become amazing DJ managers – The most valuable asset that you can ever obtain as an aspiring DJ is learning how to take things into your own hands. Take the time to find out everything you can about the industry and what’s required and start applying it yourself. He’s looking for the guys who know what they want and are serious about doing everything in their power to get it.The more you know about the industry that you’re trying to break into, the more understanding you will have about when it’s your time to start knocking on doors. That email you send should be no more than five sentences and inside it, there has to be something that would grab anyone’s attention. It’s not about creating the right email with your selection of words, it’s about having the right content from your own story to include and that takes experience so get moving!

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