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The end of one stage of our lives; academics, marks the beginning of another, our livelihood.
The operative word here is “compete” because that is what the job market is, a competition. Yet when Rafael Nadal beat him in the 2009 Australian Open Finals, he cried unabashedly in front of a million people.
There is a long- standing argument among recruiters if a Cover Letter is an essential document when applying for a job. Lastly, always end your cover letter with a closing that is confident without sounding presumptuous. Your task is to make those six seconds last or find ways to extend their interest on your resume. As mentioned recruiters are intuitive; if something sounds out- of- place they will cross check your information.
These are letters from references that highlight your capabilities, strengths and other notable qualifications.
Summarizes your achievements, accomplishments or contributions specific to your association with the reference. A straight- forward and direct statement from the reference why you should be hired by the company or organization.
Former employers are required to issue a Certificate of Employment provided you have complied with all the clearance requirements and cleared of all outstanding accountabilities. If you have an existing portfolio of work or samples of previous work, this would be a big advantage in your search for employment.
There have been cases when writers submit samples that were not cleared through a plagiarism check.
Once you are satisfied with how your documents are presented, make sure you have them available in digital format. It should go without stating that your skill set must be related to your college degree or previous employment. For example, you plan to apply for a position in customer support but your degree is in Psychology. You should also look into what constitutes as “basic work skills” in today’s business environment. Today, some companies actually require some knowledge of programming from a spreadsheet or knowledge on project management software. Read up on the industry and be updated on trends, developments, statistics, forecasts and key players. After you have done the research, pinpointed the companies you want to apply to and the types of jobs you are suited for, it is time to shift gears and apply! The usual set up is for the sub- page to have a built- in application form that is ready for you to fill- out.
Please take note that these job sites function as an “exchange center”; they create conditions for companies to find potential candidates and vice- versa.
When asked to write a paragraph about “who you are”, keep the tone and content conversational. While not all job sites will allow you to upload your pre- employment documents, most have the facilities to accommodate your portfolio, sample works and letters of recommendation. Most people who patronize social media are not aware you can use these networks to find jobs.
We’ve already discussed LinkedIn which caters primarily to establishing professional connections. Whether you are a 9- to- 5 employee, an entrepreneur or fresh out of college, it is always a good idea to start a business page. Join focus groups or communities that are involved in the industries you are interested in. Not too many people are aware but some recruiters will use social media to make a final selection on a candidate. Although digital technology, the Internet and social media have made it easier to reach out to potential employers, there is still room to incorporate old- school traditional methods for job hunting.
Cold calling.If you have referrals or tips from people who are connected with specific companies, cold calling may turn “luke warm”. Walk- in.Another strategy that would be more efficient and productive if you have connections or referrals.
If the questions seem vague, take the time to think about your answers or ask the interview to repeat the question. Here are 50 of the most frequently asked job interview questions, along with the best answers to give. Delegating work and pushing back when your plate is too full is a smart way to avoid burnout. I am more senior in my role here at my company, and a lot of colleagues like to reach out to me for help. In your situation, I’d use language that refers to having other priorities that you need to focus on.
But in general, it’s reasonable to speak up when something would detract from bigger priorities.
Employee referrals have the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate—only 7% apply via referral, but they account for 40% of all hires. Applicants hired via referral start their new jobs sooner than applicants found through career sites (29 days for referrals versus 55 via career sites). Job hunting can feel like a numbers game (and to a certain degree it is), but this approach can drastically improve your odds of landing an interview.
Since you don't know anyone at the company, you have the luxury of being able to choose the person you want to build a relationship with. Let's say, for the sake of our example here, that you want to work at Facebook as a regional product marketing manager in the New York office.
Include some modest, tactful flattery that positions the person as an expert whose advice and experience you respect. As for the subject line of your email, Fast Company contributor Shane Snow ran an (unscientific) experiment by emailing 1,000 C-level executives from Fortune and Inc.
At any rate, if the first person you reach out to doesn’t respond, don’t give up!
This is the difference between an informational networking chat and the type of subtle reconnaissance that can ultimately lead to a job referral.
Now you're going to spend the next week or two researching the hell out of their problem and putting together a solution (which also happens to highlight your skill-set). Worried this will feel like a presumptuous overreach or just strike your prospective employer as wide of the mark? I thought a lot about our conversation last week, and I put together a proposal that I think could help solve your problem. Following up on a job—whether after the application or the interview—is a difficult but necessary step in the process of snagging a job. What's the best way to show you're interested and excited for the chance, without seeming overzealous or getting blacklisted for pestering?
Here's how and when to follow up gracefully during every painful part of the job hunting process. Once you’ve been in the door, shaken a few hands, and collected a few business cards, the follow-up becomes protocol. All those great questions that popped to mind as soon as you left the interview, two minutes too late? It might have been commonplace to send thank-you cards or follow-ups on your best letterhead years ago, but with the pace of our online lives, you’d be better off sending a tweet than a stamped envelope. Resist the urge to make multiple phone calls, send more than one unsolicited email, or attempt to reach out on social media without permission.
Ask The Experts: Is There A Way To Incorporate My Day Job Into A Side Hustle Without Being Shady? Finding a job that you love that pays well can feel a dream more impossible than finding the tooth fairy riding a unicorn.
My question is: How can I find side work that won’t eat up all of my time and energy? Of course, taking consulting or freelancing work for a direct competitor isn't a good idea.

Many companies are willing to pay a freelancer to assist them with writing, monitoring, and maintaining their Wikipedia listing, Facebook page, or Twitter feed. Advertise with flyers in your neighborhood or online that you can walk dogs and watch pets—it is work that can usually be done in the mornings, evenings, or on weekends.
Mowing and trimming lawns, watering, and other outdoor chores are a challenge for the elderly, and people who lead busy lives. You can show your calendar, refresh for a new picture, and get a nice view of the time, date, and sunrise or sunset times. When visiting the Pinterest website, you can quickly sort the pins displayed by likes, re-pins, or comments with Pinterest Sort. The Page2Images extension will snap a screen shot of your current page, create an image for you, and pop open a window for you to pin it immediately. For a quick zoom of the pins you see on Pinterest, without having to select them first, Pinterest Image Expander is a nice tool.
If you spot a pin and know that you want to immediately visit the source for more details, then Pinterest Palooza is for you. You can also hold down the Ctrl key as you click so that you can stay on the Pinterest page, but queue up the link to the source in a new tab (as depicted in the GIF below). The Pinterest Enhanced extension will arrange the pins on Pinterest in a grid format, all the same size. If you love a pin you see and just want more such as similar pictures or websites where the photo appears, then Pin Search gets the job done. Of course, no list of extensions for Pinterest would be complete without the handy Pin It Button. Now that you have a full toolbox of options to help your Pinterest experience, from searching to sorting to going right to the source, head back over Pinterest and get started. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. When it comes to searching for ideas and inspiration in a variety of categories, Pinterest can often be far better than Google. Pinterest is a powerful tool that should be used for more than just daydreaming about weddings, impossible fitness challenges, and mouthwatering recipes. Try using it for more useful purposes instead!
It is actually possible to use Pinterest for useful tasks, though it may not seem so at first glance. For most students, the morning after brings the dawn of a new life and a new set of challenges. Every person who aspires to have a means of livelihood or build a career makes up the job market. You will be competing with others who may have greater experience, higher level of certifications, more recommendations and accomplishments.
When you get to the coffee aisle, you will be greeted by several brands of coffee retailing different types and varieties. Recruiters feel more comfortable dealing with people who appear genuine, honest and sincere. If your transcript is not as impressive as you’d like, focus on the other areas of the process such as the interview and the testing stage. When requesting for these letters, give the reference the courtesy of a phone call or a personal visit.
While it may be original in idea there could be some inadvertent duplication or close similarity in content with another work.
Many companies prefer applications to made online and you will be required to attach these documents. These include classified ads in newspapers, online communities, personal references, walk-in applications and cold calling.
Sort of like creating a job funnel; the larger the opening the more prospective employers you can file through.
However, acquiring for the sake of improving probability is not an efficient way of managing your time. In other words, distribute your application papers only to companies that you want to work with.
You must be able to establish a relationship between your degree, skill set and the job you plan to apply for. You can state that your background in Psychology has given you the advantage of having a better understanding of how people behave and think. Whereas in the early part of the millennium, basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs were enough to account for “computer skills”.
You probably have prior knowledge of the top companies in the industry, so you can start from there. There are a number of good online references.Glassdoor is a site where you can find information on what companies pay their employees plus available benefits. Many large companies have a company page in LinkedIn and use the site as a way to network for candidates and business connections. You may have friends or associates who have worked with the target company or know someone who has. Regardless of the availability of openings or opportunities, send your application just the same. This is widely regarded as the best online job site with millions of job listings posted from company websites, community billboards, online job directories and other sources. This is an interesting job site in that it features reviews from former employees and managers.
This job site offers a unique proposition in that it uncovers unadvertised job postings from company websites. This job site purportedly operates one the world’s largest search engines which allow it to access millions of jobs around the work. But other social media networks can be used to successfully network with key people in the industry land find good jobs as well.
Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, if you try to shove your business proposition to a new contact right away, you will fail miserably.
This gives you the forum to highlight your ideas on business, industry and other topics that you normally would not post on your personal page.
Over the last few years, more emphasis has been given to a candidate’s behavioral profile than his technical and fundamental competencies. When you get to the office of your target company, ask to see the person- in- charge as identified by your contact. But some of the most talented candidates falter in the interview and lose a great opportunity. Yes, it sounds cliche but it is truism that will help you not just find a job but LAND a job. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you’re the CFO and someone is asking you about making a change to the website, this is probably appropriate. It’s widely understood that one of the best ways to get your resume noticed is by having a current employee refer you. But over the next 12 months, I was able to get referrals for jobs at Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and more.
Ideally, that person is going to have some influence on the hiring decision for the position you have in mind. These people are extremely busy and, like the application process itself, cold emailing is itself something of a numbers game—patience and persistence are key. If you still don’t hear, head back to LinkedIn and reach out to other influencers until one bites. You have your questions prepared, you’ve picked the appropriate outfit, all that jazz. Have you ever had a kid poke you while you were busy, until he got your attention—just to get it? Requesting an updated timeline shows that you’re still excited about the opportunity, and gives them something tangible to reply with. You want to make their decision to hire you as easy as possible, not require them to sign for it.
Whether they ask you to mail your resume, send it via pneumatic tube, or put it on the Pony Express, do exactly as they say.

Is there a way to incorporate my day job into a "side hustle," like freelancing, or is that a shady area to step into? More companies are looking for contract and freelance work as an alternative to full-time positions.
Some sites charge a commission to connect you with an employer, others charge a flat fee to access the listings, and some are completely free. One of the greatest things about the service industry is the flexible hours, and that is what can make bartending and serving great side jobs.
If you are crafty, there are a lot of places to sell handmade goods like jewelry, T-shirts, knitted items, and more. Some people make a side income scouting bargains at yard and estate sales to sell for a profit online. By promoting yourself and your projects online, you’re greatly increasing the chances of people actually giving you money in exchange for your goods and services. Unlike our parents or grandparents, we don't have to plan too far ahead to figure out what's for dinner tonight. From viewing awesome images to re-pinning, sharing, liking, and commenting on them, it can be a lot of fun. You can select which board to use and pin it to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, if you like. The extension lets you click on a pin thumbnail and be taken directly to the source right away, rather than opening the pin first. For quick access directly to the pin source, for recipes, articles, or instructions, this is a useful Chrome extension.
Plus, it will remove the text you see for the details and let you simply hover your mouse over the pin to retrieve it.
You will see a search button next to the pin and when clicked, you will be directed to a Google search results page.
Just tap the icon in your toolbar and you will see all of the images captured from your current page in a grid. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. Every day you probably see dozens of blog posts with images you should Pin, but you forget to do it because the site hasn't installed the right plugin. By the end of the day, every student in the ceremony shall be certified for gainful employment. They could be those who are transitioning careers, looking for better opportunities or finding more work to augment income.
Look at 17- times tennis Grand Slam title winner and consensus Greatest of All Time, Roger Federer. As you move from one job offer to another the number of prospects decreases until what is left; and passes through the funnel will be the one that employs you. Recruiters will take the time; six seconds or not, to review these applications because one of their objectives is to build up their manpower complement. This could be because the nature of the job may be sensitive and management only wants to consider pre- qualified talent. LinkedIn allows members to start company pages where they can blog to promote ideas, products and services. Because the postings are sourced directly from the company itself, you can be assured the jobs are legitimate and not scams. The search engine can access job postings from websites, community billboards and online directories then deliver them to subscribers via e- mail, social media or mobile messaging.
Each fosters its own culture and harbors distinct nuances which change the way you approach networking.
Social media gives recruiters a forum to evaluate “who” you are; how you think, what you like and what you believe. Insisting on sticking rigidly to your job and nothing but your job usually doesn’t end well. If you’re an assistant and your boss is asking you this, you probably need to find out who the right person is to consult. Is it possible for me to punt on X and Y, at least until we’re over the hump on A and B, or should I be prioritizing things differently? Is it something that you’re committed to having the person in my role do, or is there any flexibility there? I wanted to flag for you that it seems like people might need more guidance with X or better resources for tackling it, and also to check with you to see if there’s someone else I could be directing them to. Rather than submitting 50 resumes and praying (we all know the feeling), or going to hundreds of meet-ups (ugh), I used a laser-focused approach to networking.
Here's a usability test that Raghav Haran used to get a job at Airbnb through this very method. Farming out work to independent contractors makes sense for the bottom line because companies can pay for the work they need done, with decreased overhead expenses like benefits and setting up a physical office for each employee. Once your blog is up and running, connect with ad and affiliate programs to generate income.
Usually, it’s pretty easy to find someone who will pay you to tutor them in something.
But the greater variety and convenience of ready-to-eat meals hasn't made finding good food easier for everyone.
So, instead of trying to capture a screen shot yourself, saving it, and uploading it to Pinterest, just give Page2Images a try. This is a handy tool for a simple zoom of images right on the Pinterest main page or on a specific board. This is a terrific tool for a uniformed and consistent view of the pins, rather than a scattered, all-over-the-place display due to pin sizes. It's difficult to create shareable images, especially in the sea of millions of images that circulate around Pinterest daily. And the field consists of players who are stronger, more talented and come from diverse backgrounds. Roger is among the highest paid athletes in the world; he’s made US$100 Million in winnings plus he rakes in US$40 Million in endorsements every year. The other brands will cater to other consumers who are looking for those types of products. Perhaps because sometimes the job site sends the recommendations directly to the recruiters and are regarded as “pre- qualified”. Finally, if the company representative appears to be non- cooperative, inform him that you will submit your pre-employment documents nonetheless.
A safe answer would be, “Based on my research on the industry, someone with my credentials should be paid $__________ per month. There’s nothing wrong with reminding hirers of the timeline they gave, but give them a reason to engage.
When people hear about tutoring, they assume that only subjects like math or English are involved.
Depending on the firm, the length of the promotion and your region, you can be paid between $400 and $900 per month to serve as a moving billboard.
They now have the means to become productive members of society and actively contribute to the economy by earning an income. Sit back and bring your coffee, because this article is very long, and it will show you the best ways to find the right job for you.
The question you need to answer is given the number of retailers, why did you settle for the brand you actually paid for? People will pay for tutoring in every area of academic work, music lessons, computer skills, and all kinds of other subjects. All you have to do is sign up on the company's website, filling in basic demographic information.

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