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Start by clicking the Start button on your Windows XP menu.  Then select control panel like illustrated above.
Now simply click on the Hardware tab at the top, then select Device Manager.  There you go, its that easy!  Now that you have learned how to get to device manager in Windows XP you can read below about some of the things you can do there!
That was a tutorial on how to check the status of your devices using device manager and you learned how to get to device manager in Windows XP, lets talk about removing a device. Please, only try this if you are an advanced computer user.  You may need administrator rights to remove any devices. Removing a device causes Windows to lose all recognition of it, and the device will stop working properly.
In the Device Manager, highlight the device, and then click the Remove button at the bottom of the window, or the Remove icon at the top of the window (a computer with a red X).
Please check out my other great tutorials, especially the first one.  This can really get your computer running faster! Lists the error codes that may be reported by device manager and the possible resolutions in windows.. A complete list of device manager error codes in windows along with descriptions of each error code and troubleshooting advice..

A complete list device manager error codes windows descriptions error code troubleshooting advice.. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
To install a PCI card type wireless network adapter you must first turn off and remove the power from your desktop PC.Be sure to take anti-static precautions - we strongly recommend the use of an anti-static wrist strap. You can also right click on the wireless icon in the notification area and select a€?Open Network and Sharing Centera€™.On the left hand side of the Network and Sharing Center window you will see a tasks list a€“ click on a€?Connect to a networka€™.
A list of available networks will now be displayed and you will be able to select your desired network by clicking on it and entering your password if required. Some adapters, as discussed earlier, may require you to use their own wireless network utility software.Again, if you have the choice between the manufacturers and Windows own inbuilt wireless network utility you should probably opt for the Windows offering.
Step-by-step Guide : How to connect two computers directly using Bluetooth and Windows XP (SP2). There is a company that does consumer reviews and testing on popular name brand electronics. The General tab in the resulting Device Properties window will note whether the device is working properly.

Windows should automatically recognize a new device when it restarts, but this does not always happen. This window also allows you to enable or disable the selected device from all hardware profiles. Another device using the same IRQ can create a conflict, which may be why the device is not working. If Windows does not recognize the device, you will need to use the Add New Hardware icon in the Control Panel for Windows to properly recognize the hardware.
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Before removing the device, be sure you have all the necessary drivers required for the device; this will help if you need to reinstall it.
Use the instructions above for checking all IRQs in use on your computer, and find an IRQ that is not in use.

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