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Nicole He is a grad student at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Programme. I made a robot that reads your body's response as you look at Tinder profiles, and then swipes based on science.
Nicole says the robot is built with an Arduino, servos, a text-to-speech module, LEDS, some metal sheets that act as “a galvanic skin response sensor”, wires, a box and a speaker. Alicia Marie Tan of Mashable writes that “robot also provides subtle commentary on how methodical and shallow being on Tinder really is.” I’m inclined to agree. I'm the guy at Tech Cabal who writes about social media, telecoms, internet tech and ecommerce stuff.
It may have been freezing outside, but one Boston woman proved that not all the guys on Tinder are cold-hearted.

FYI if you are on Tinder and in a relationship you better delete the app and hope to god your partner doesn’t have 5 bucks! The dogs have standard Tinder profiles, with their ages given in human years so they match up with potential owners' preferences.
While many users were pleasantly surprised to find that they were matching with puppies, some were confused. Studies show that having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress levels and ultimately boost your productivity. For one of her final projects, she built a robot that can swipe right or left on a Tinder profile picture based on your body’s responses. It simply reads the sensations on your palm and makes a decision to swipe left or right; seeing that your physical reactions and sensations are controlled by your emotions.

For example, when you’re anxious your palms become sweaty and your veins begin to pop when you’re furious. The app made more than 1,500 matches within 24 hours of its launch on Friday and users have been tweeting largely positive reviews of the project.

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