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The only thing worse than a clingy guy hanging all over you is a clingy friend who follows your every move, somehow has all of the same opinions as you and won’t let you breathe without her for more than five minutes. Don't Feel Bad Saying NoYou should never feel like you have to hang with your friend if she asks and you have nothing else really going on. Try something like this: if she asks if you want to go to a party next weekend and you don't, say, "Nah, I'm not into it, but it sounds fun. If you're always immediately available whenever she gets in touch, she's going to naturally assume you like talking all day.
You know what I mean - you say you hate the new Beyonce song and she chimes in with an, "OMG, me too!" when you know she was jamming out to it a few hours earlier.
Maybe you should start considering whether you really want to continue being friends with this person or not. If you don't feel like hanging out with her one day, a simple "I can't, I'm busy!" is totally fine to say. You should still go!" Help introduce her to other people so she can get some more friends of her own.

I'm not saying you should ignore her, but let her know you're busy with your own stuff by not responding for an hour or so once in a while. When you guys are talking about something, try to get her to state her opinion first and then say yours. I mean, if your friend is annoying you more than she's not annoying you, that's not a great sign. Is it really that hard to tell her that you don’t enjoy her presence if you’re not that close to her? If she's the kind of clingy friend who is going to press you until you tell her what you're doing, don't bother lying - that just makes things more complicated. If she changes her thoughts to be more like yours, you can gently and sort of jokingly say something like, "You can think something different than me!" Or you can just straight up call her out on it and be like, "Girl, I KNOW you like this person. Instead, just say, "you know, I'm tired and kind of just feel like bumming it on my own." If she gets insulted, that's something she needs to learn to deal with. Don't say you don't!" Sometimes being blunt (without being nasty) is the only way to get your point across.

When we’re sharing secrets and private things, she always pops out of nowhere, and tries to eavesdrop. Plus, she also thinks that my other friends are also her friends (they don’t even know each other!).
But being honest and talking it out is better than talking about her behind her back - that's a sure way to ruin a friendship, while this way may save it. Even more than that, it's not going to help you make the point that you two have your own lives. We even told her to give us space and we did drop some “hints,” but she always avoids them!

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