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Try any one of the following methods and get the look you want to without harming your tresses.
If you are fed with managing your long hair and desire a low maintenance hairstyle, Bob hairstyle is an ideal option. The stylish curly bob hairstyles are the ideal choice for women who have curly and thick hair. Adding the proper kind of bangs to your curly bob hairstyle is the secret to get your haircut to look perfect. For a fashionable look, you can increase cascading soft layers and get an excellent and stylish looking shag kind or choppy hairstyle. These wisps are sure to cause a few hearts to flutter; wear them for a casual carefree look.
We had predicted that curly hair was going to be a big thing in 2012, a hairstyle trend that has successfully carried forward from the previous year.
Natasha Bedingfield’s short blonde hair is curled in a fashion that reminds you of Marcel waves and Audrey Hepburn.
The singer is uber-feminine in her persona and style and we love how the loose curls in her long, blonde hair look so light and bouncy but manage to seem so rich and luxurious at the same time. Her highlighted brown hair was center parted and styled in abundant curls at the ends, which were also dyed partly pink and partly blue. Are you one of those people who needs to set 4 alarms on your phone preparing for your inevitable hitting of snooze or you have to put your phone on the other side of the room to literally force yourself out of bed?
We hope this overnight and no heat styling techniques will save you time in the morning and allow you to hit snooze one more time.
Rogelio answers a question on how to straighten curly hair to get the hairstyle of David Alaba, a mixed-race soccer player who has kinky hair which he straightens in the same manner as fellow soccer superstar Neymar Da Silva. I don’t want so long hair like Neymar has, but if you search ”David Alaba hair” on Google, then you can see how I want my hair to look like. Having said the above, I believe David Alaba used a keratin hair straightening treatment (i.e.
Grow your hair evenly as if growing a conventional Afro hairstyle; get some good 3 inches of length.
Once you get to the aforementioned length, go to the hair dresser and ask for a Brazilian Blowout or for a keratin hair straightening treatment.
After your straighten the specific locks with the hair straightener, use strong hold gel to define the hair and you’re ready to go! The take-home message so as to imitate David Alaba’s hairstyle is to first get your kinky hair permanently straightened through a Brazilian Blowout. The only problem with the above method is that constant use of a hair straightener will damage your hair excessively.
For the keratin hair-straightening treatment, I recommend you to do the first one in a hair salon. You will certainly get your hair to look like that of David Alaba (or Neymar, for that matter) if you follow the above method and instructions. Hi Rogelio, I am Swedish but both my parents are African so that means my hair is curly, short and hard to comb. Rogelio, I’ve been trying to research how to undo this process and cannot find anything. Hey Rogelio, I love your comments, I would like to make my hair look like a mixed race, African Caucasian.
I appreciate you for writing this article, I have a question about the steps that you’ve provided to achieve the hair style of David Alaba. Hey Rogelio, I was wondering if the Brazilian blowout would be recommended for a black African ? Absolutely, a Brazilian Blowout can be used by any male regardless of hair type or ethnicity. Hey Rogelio, I have type V coily hair and i was just wondering how to loosen my curls without a texturizer or any other chemical treatment. If you prefer to go for a short crop, a small ‘fro to highlight your natural texture is a very good solution. Let the complete crop grow out a little longer than you are used to and ask your barber to define the shape of your head, preserving the length. Shaping spikes at the ends of your coils helps to make your mane less voluminous yet shapelier.
Black men curly hair looks run the gamut from long, curly Afros and high-top fades to curly twists and textured fauxhawks. Thick, fun and full of highlighted curls, are the best ways to describe this cute curly Afro.
When it comes to short black men’s curly hair that makes a bold statement, few looks are better than a haircut like this one. Another idea on a short curly hairstyle with an asymmetrical twist, this Mohawk is fun and creative. This style reverses the direction of hair, sweeping the longer curls forward, onto the forehead, while framing the sides and nape with a V-shaped faded undercut. A high top fade looks much more modern when it’s not sculpted but trimmed so that the top is naturally uneven. The use of colored spots is not the most popular way to accentuate a fade, but here it looks absolutely fabulous.

While many Fauxhawks are worn longer, this style is neat, professional and with its own individual touch. Black guys with curly hair should pay attention to the edges if they want a neat style where they can still show off their kinks. A classic African American hairstyle that dates back to the 1960s, the Afro is just as popular now as it was then.
Black guys with curly hair can choose to blend a retro hairstyle with a modern shaved design to get a unique look.
This fauxhawk is perfect in length, thickness and shape that are highlighted by the faded temples. Black men with curly hair sometimes prefer to have their curls cut very short to look neat, but today there are many slightly longer cuts with perfect edges which look very chic, accurate and with personality.
Lovers of retro 1990s style are guaranteed to go crazy over this classy cut that harkens back to the days of early hip hop.
Natural hairstyles for men can be practically anything that you like because there are so many styles that celebrate natural texture.
The blonde tips are clearly the focal point of the style, but the curly texture and the creative cut should be noted as well.
It’s a high class to blend a shaved design into your style so that it doesn’t overwhelm the whole look or make it too gaudy.
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Then try this method to get wavy hair or curly hair (as per your choice) in just an hour’s time. Once you have rolled your hair upwards, blow dry your curls while still in the plastic rollers. Keep the heat to a medium as we do not want the heat to kill your tresses.
The layers which can add much dimension are turning to a hot fashion trends you can add to your curly bob hairstyle. You simply take two-inch sections of hair, wrap it around your finger and then pin the curl with a bobby pin. Brazilian Blowout) prior to using a hair straightener for his daily retouching of his kinks.I can tell that David Alaba probably chose to do a Brazilian Blowout prior to using a hair straightener as David Alaba is always seen (except for pictures of him younger) with his kinks straightened.
Both names mean the same, but some hair professionals call it one name and other hair professionals call it the other name. Once the Brazilian Blowout is performed, use a hair straightener to further define any specific locks (i.e. However, the good news is that, since your curly hair will be kept short, it will be very easy to outgrow any damaged hair that occurs from the constant use of the hair straightener. It is very easy to screw up or fry your hair when doing a Brazilian Blowout for the first time without the supervision of a professional.
Furthermore, to be able to do a DIY keratin hair-straightening treatment, you must have a hair straightener, so do also purchase the aforementioned hair straightener on Amazon or buy this other one on Amazon.
Incidentally, it was Cristiano Ronaldo who, with his curly hair, popularized the straightening of curly hair in soccer players, which was then followed by equally-famous Neymar Da Silva, and then the rest of international soccer players followed suit.
Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way.
And I have another question, right now the hair on the top of my my head is long enough that it curls (bottom and sides are shorter) and when I have it brushed forward is it normal my hair makes waves?
I’ve been trying to find something similar for some time now yet yours appears to be the only one which covers all the basis and is professional, it’s been a major help!
I’ve been searching for straightened looks for curly haired guys for literally months.
The Brazilian blowout is actually a pretty good way to straighten your hair that doesn’t damage it as much.
Natural coils will stop causing you inconveniences and looking awkward as soon as you learn how to present them in the best light. It won’t require any particular styling, remaining professional and neat-looking between your visits to a barber.
Dense tight coils in this case will stick out up and to the sides but with the defined shape it’s a big plus and a cool look. If these are not your plans but you definitely enjoy your lengthy curls, have them partially braided.
Take a look at some of the best curly hairstyles for black men that are funky, edgy and downright cool.
If you are lucky enough to naturally have this hair color, you don’t have to worry about the dyeing process.
A high-top fade is given a major boost with a wide bleached streak that accentuates the asymmetry of the cut.
This black men curly hair look attracts first of all with its reddish brown color, but the cut is pretty nice as well.
The lightly faded sides and curly texture on top are something that gives this Fauxhawk its own identity. There are no added frills or modern touches to this particular Afro, but perhaps keeping it in its natural state is what makes it so endearing. Although if you look closer you will notice that the curls actually look like some fun kinky spikes that are twisted only at the ends.
The style is equally flattering for both young guys and mature men who embrace and appreciate the natural texture of their hair.

It looks like a Caesar cut in the front, a Mohawk in the back and a classic fade on the sides. Polished and cut to perfection, the high-top fade features a precise line-up that seamlessly connects to the beard. A high fade and the long length of curls up top create a fun contrast in lengths and textures, as well as providing a cute inverted trapezoid silhouette of the style. I am the author of this blog, designed to provide you with fresh ideas on how to make your image exquisitely dazzling, genuine and breathtaking. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There are some very simple ways you can get those Goldilocks curls or those killer waves in your hair overnight itself. Divide your hair into sections and roll them upwards into plastic rollers and clip them together. Once the upper section of the hair has dried, open your hair out of the rollers and run your fingers through your hair. Curly bob can be cut and created in lots of ways and appear quite edgy if it is done properly.
Clever women who struggle to find the time to do their hair in the morning have found a solution: styling while sleeping.
By simply spraying your hair with some water, roll your hair up into a sock bun, and sleep on it and in the morning you’ll have flawless curls the next morning. Depending on the length and fullness of your hair you might want to use 4 braids so that the curls are even.
Straightening one’s kinky hair with a hair straightener alone will very soon lead to hair that is beyond damaged and needs to be cut.
I recommend you to get your hair cut prior to that so that you get the sides and back buzzed and only the top of the head is straightened.
You can only do the hair on the middle of the head so as to form a rest, like Neymar does, or you can do the hair on the front of the top of the head as David Alaba does. My advice is to buy a high-quality hair straightener and use the lowest temperature possible when straightening the hair.
Thus, I recommend you to go to a good hair salon, get yourself the keratin hair-straightening treatment (i.e. I never do anything special for my hair, random barber shops, no special products anything. I would want the same style as above but a little bit more low key by having more of a matte finish as opposed to gloss. I wasn’t sure if a Brazilian would actually help straighten my super curly mixed-race hair.
This way you set a direction for them, obtain a neater look and get a better control of your disobedient hair. The sides are very precisely lined-up, while the contrast of auburn and black is the focal point of the look. If you also add a color or bleached parts, you’ll get a statement look to wow the crowd in any not too conservative environment.
Use a side part to distinguish the two sections if you want a sharper look or let them blend seamlessly. If not, check the coolest mohawks for black men and know that your ideal hairstyle is somewhere close. If you like the side swept bangs, you can also choose the symmetric or tapered bangs, which appear excellent especially with slightly wavy hair. These overnight hairstyles take a few minutes of prep work before you go to bed, then you get a good night’s rest, wake up and you’re ready to go. Once you’ve finished add a second bobby pin to each curl so that they are secure through the night.
Then you take 2-inch section of your hair at the front and loop it towards your face and tuck it into the headband. Furthermore, ensure to use a heat-protecting product prior to straightening the hair with the straightener. Brazilian Blowout) and then, if you’re feeling adventurous, buy yourself the Brazilian Blowout kit and do it yourself at home.
I decided to let it grow out and it came to about 4.5 inches, it was almost perfect, Shaggy, curly, just frizzy, basically perfect summer hair.
Can you recommend a matte finish product that is capable of doing the job just as good as a strong hold gel? Note that a full gallery of cool braided patterns is waiting for you on the page braids for men. If you want the corkscrew curls, repeat the process again till your hair is dry and voluminous with the curls.

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