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Perfect curls without heat arena€™t just a dream!In fact, there are many ways to achieve various types of no heat locks that last and last and laaaast!And whether youa€™re interested in giving your straight tresses an occasional makeover or looking for ways to give your wavy or curly hair some definition Ia€™m sure youa€™ll find these upcoming 7 tricks for no heat curls very useful:1. If you want a perfectly straight look, use the iron from your root until your ends without going in any direction but straight. You want to make sure that each layer of hair is straight so that the outcome of all your hair together will look properly put together. Using the technique mentioned above, begin to straighten each layer of hair, each time letting a little bit more hair down.

Once your done each part, go over your hair one more time all together to ensure that there are no strands left curly.
You may want to add a shining product or even hairspray depending on what kind of look you’re looking for. Invest in a Potent Curl CreamIf you already have curly or wavy hair, a great curl cream is pretty much all you need to get perfect curls with no heat whatsoever!This product should smooth down and define your curls, making them look neat, polished and frizz-free and the best thing about it is that it doesna€™t need to be reapplied every day.Simply brush and dampen your hair to re-active the product and youa€™ll have gorgeous curls or waves every day! There are a few easy tips and tricks that you can use to get the perfect sleek and straight hair from your curly and unruly hair.

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