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When it comes to the love compatibility between Pisces and Virgo there is one thing you must recognize about the Pisces woman. However, there is a lot of value to this, because let’s face it; we are facing a hierarchy or needs as we make our way through this world.
It goes higher and higher until eventually, it leads to transcendence, meaning we’re looking for a higher degree of meaning.
The Pisces woman focuses on the basic needs, and thinks that a solid bedrock here is a good foundation for the rest.
This is precisely the issue at the heart of so many relationships involving the Pisces woman and Virgo man.
The Pisces woman is very practical, but definitely appreciates opposite or alternative ways of thinking.
Pisces woman, on the other hand, can be attractive to the Virgo man because she’s a go-getter.
This is all well and good if you can afford it, and this can lead to conflict with the Pisces woman because the Pisces woman, if anything, is a very practical person. As you can probably already tell, once the relationship matures a little bit more or gets more serious, there can be possibilities of conflict. The Virgo man, however, might run into conflict with the Pisces woman in his life because he can’t seem to be able to convert that idea or dream into reality. One of the hallmarks of Pisces woman and Virgo man love compatibility is the Pisces woman’s frustration at her Virgo man for not being able to do what she can do.
The happy combination in Pisces woman and Virgo man love compatibility can only take place if the Pisces woman doesn’t expect her Virgo man to turn into a Pisces.
So, there has to be a little bit of maturity on the part of the Pisces woman to make sure that love with the Virgo man can truly pan out.
On the other hand, a happy combination can take place when the Pisces woman sits down with the Virgo man and asks him to write down his dreams, and work with him to focus.
Pisces woman and Virgo man love compatibility truly blossoms when both sides respect each other enough not to want to fundamentally change each other. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. You resonate with him (view your chart), as you have your Moon in Virgo and Venus in Taurus. On July 16, transiting Venus enters your Seventh House (depending on the accuracy of your birth time) and transiting Mars exactly trines your natal Venus. I am Aries dating Virgo man, my problems just exact as the aries above writing on the 16th of February 2010. Im a Virgo male and I like when no one plays head games with me, so why would I play mind games with them. I fell in love with an Aries in high school and although she hurt me in the end, I still think of her and the great times we had and that was when we were just out of High School.
Seems every page of comments on this website was heavy traffic 2008-2011, then comments are few and far between. Thought I’d throw in my two cents here since I am an Aries with sooo much Virgo energy in my life. Virgo and Aries seems like such an unlikely combination, and yet I’ve been with my Virgo partner for 17 years. The thing I have noticed about the Virgo men in my life is that they can often be critical and insensitive to others’ feelings. Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity. Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter?

The compatibility of a Virgo male and Taurus female rises out of their similarities which is the basis of their strong relationship. The unconditional love between a Taurus female and Virgo male leads them to the wonderful bonding called marriage.
If you are trying to impress a Taurus girl, you need to keep your patience levels high as she is a little slow at making decisions. She is also a perfectionist like you but your detailing and precision can at times make her crazy. They look at the world of ideas and the world of emotions, and the practical world as equivalent. Normally, when you say somebody is dreamy, you would like dream about that person because that person is so appealing and so attractive. A focused Virgo man can be a wealthy man, can be a powerful man, and can be a very well-respected and well-loved man. Whether you’re talking about material success, financial success, relationship success, emotional success, it can all play out if everybody knows their roles. All of his personal planets are in Earth or Water signs, suggesting he’s both introverted and fairly cautious.
However, with Mercury, Sun and Mars in Aries, you’re pretty assertive about expressing your desires.
Your Moon is the only planet in your Seventh House of Partnership, so this transit may correlate with a feeling that your relationship needs are not getting met.
Mars will also be energizing his North Node at this time, potentially activating a feeling of having a fated connection. He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001. I’m libra, capricorn moon, scorpio mercury, venus and pluto, aquarius mars, aries ascendant.
At the beginning we take things slowly and tend to analyze the future of the relation just to try to not get hurt but after a while we change in 180 degrees. Since grade school, I’ve had a habit of developing crushes that last for years on Virgos with a current total of five. Water signs can be very much introverted and doesn’t want to talk about certain things like relationship status or feelings. I think the fact that I have Virgo Rising and he has Aries Rising allows us to understand each other. If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.
He adores and admires the support she offers him in every mood of his life and she appreciates his ability to get deeply engrossed in his work and also in his relationship. Both the partners have a practical approach towards life and both understand the importance of being a perfectionist. It is not something that will click with the first sexual encounter but will surely get better and more satisfying with the passage of time. Of course, this could lead to very negative things, especially if it is left undeveloped or immature. She actually sets a plan, puts together goals, makes a to-do list, and hits that to-do list every single day and directs in focus and attention to her to-do list so she can meet her goals.
If it’s not attainable in her typical goal or objective setting mindset, it’s probably not all that important. Just as the things that you can hear, see, feel, touch, and smell are important, in their minds, the things that you can perceive, discern, or analyze in your mind are just as important. It’s not uncommon for an Virgo man to quit his job and just devote his time pursuing this dream.

The key here is, authenticity and appreciation are important for this relationship to succeed.
His Taurus Moon takes things slow, and its conjunction to Chiron may relate to a core emotional wound around sensuality or security issues. I know because i had a relation with an aries girl and at the beginning she would go crazy about having sex but I wanted to know her better before I would gave her all my love.
You need to find a secure Virgo Male, one who can guard his heart but still say, what the hell, lets see what happens.
And the one thing that comforts me is the fact that I know…I wasnt dumped because of DOUBTS, CHEATING or DISAPPEARING on her. Their compatibility and tuning makes them a very understanding match who doesn’t need to do anything extra or special to make their bond work. This is quite hard for the Virgo man to do on a sustainable basis, and this is why he can be quite impressed with the Pisces female.
She starts up with an idea, most of the time it’s a practical idea, lays it out, and after some time, it’s done.
Ive met Virgo guys that wouldve loved the attention you gave this guy, so it must be more of a personal issue with this poor fool. After we agreed we were not seeing other people, I found out he was sleeping with three other women. There was a good chance some other guy would treat me with more respect because several of my ex-boyfriends had done a better job. I tried to date or be friends with women who are supposed to be compatible with me (ie earth and water signs) or shy, introverted types, but I would get frustrated at how unwilling they are to be completely honest to me, so I tend to fade out of their lives.
They are so fond of each other’s company that they don’t need anything extra to appreciate and enjoy life. Whether it’s starting a business, having a child, getting married, establishing a solid career, or getting promoted, the Pisces woman is able to do it.
And he has a stellium in Virgo, including Mercury, Venus and an exact Saturn-Sun conjunction. The only problems I had with her were her tendencies to casinos-gambling which i hate and that she couldn?t keep up with me in the sack. As virgo myself one thing i appreciate and value is honesty and if he cannot be honest about you being the one for him, let him go. Regular days become more interesting as holding one another’s hand means the most special thing to them.
His inability to take the lead in the start of the relation can cause some trouble in their sex life but when the Taurus woman understands and accepts his nature, she gets ready to take the charge. She is an independent woman who knows how to achieve her goals with her persistent hard-work.
It is maddening to continue to have strong, constant feelings for Virgos, which never seem to work out.
She wants her man to lead and with time he learns to lead their sex life like a perfectionist. He retreated for a couple of days after that, which I’m used to because he tends to do that when things get too close between us, but then he bought me a vintage dress for my birthday.
She may find it a little difficult to adjust with him in the start of their marriage but with time, the couple will be able to live a soothing life.

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