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Deliver a successful English presentation with 12 important tips from an experienced presentations coach.
Thanks for these useful tips for giving a presentation, they have helped me a lot recently. January 17, 2013 by Post Staff Leave a Comment John Boesen, co-founder of Salina Cares and guest speaker, Dr. Comments considered to be trolling or for the sole purpose of angering others will be removed. Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that establishes rights and obligations between the spouses, between the spouses and their children, and between the spouses and their in-laws.[1] The definition of marriage varies according to different cultures, but it is principally an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually intimate and sexual, are acknowledged. People marry for many reasons, including: legal, social, libidinal, emotional, financial, spiritual, and religious. Marriage can be recognized by a state, an organization, a religious authority, a tribal group, a local community or peers.
Historically, in most cultures, married women had very few rights of their own, being considered, along with the family's children, the property of the husband; as such, they could not own or inherit property, or represent themselves legally (see for example coverture). Marriage is the union of two different surnames, in friendship and in love, in order to continue the posterity of the former sages, and to furnish those who shall preside at the sacrifices to heaven and earth, at those in the ancestral temple, and at those at the altars to the spirits of the land and grain. Edmund Leach criticized Gough's definition for being too restrictive in terms of recognized legitimate offspring and suggested that marriage be viewed in terms of the different types of rights it serves to establish.
Duran Bell also criticized the legitimacy-based definition on the basis that some societies do not require marriage for legitimacy, arguing that in societies where illegitimacy means only that the mother is unmarried and has no other legal implications, a legitimacy-based definition of marriage is circular. The word "marriage" derives from Middle English mariage, which first appears in 1250–1300 CE This in turn is derived from Old French marier (to marry) and ultimately Latin maritare meaning to provide with a husband or wife and maritari meaning to get married. While the institution of marriage pre-dates recorded history, many cultures have legends concerning the origins of marriage.
Forms of group marriage which involve more than one member of each sex, and therefore are not either polygyny or polyandry, have existed in history. In Ancient Greece, no specific civil ceremony was required for the creation of a marriage – only mutual agreement and the fact that the couple must regard each other as husband and wife accordingly. Where Aristotle had set the prime of life at 37 years for men and 18 for women, the Visigothic Code of law in the 7th century placed the prime of life at twenty years for both men and women, after which both presumably married. One of the functions of churches from the Middle Ages was to register marriages, which was not obligatory.
The average age of marriage for most Northwestern Europeans from the late 14th century into the 19th century was around 25 years of age;[61][62][63] as the Church dictated that both parties had to be at least 21 years of age to marry without the consent of their parents, the bride and groom were roughly the same age, with most brides in their early twenties and most grooms two or three years older,[63] and a substantial number of women married for the first time in their thirties and forties, particularly in urban areas,[64] with the average age at first marriage rising and falling as circumstances dictated.
As part of the Protestant Reformation, the role of recording marriages and setting the rules for marriage passed to the state, reflecting Martin Luther's view that marriage was a "worldly thing".[68] By the 17th century, many of the Protestant European countries had a state involvement in marriage. As part of the Counter-Reformation, in 1563 the Council of Trent decreed that a Roman Catholic marriage would be recognized only if the marriage ceremony was officiated by a priest with two witnesses. In the early modern period, John Calvin and his Protestant colleagues reformulated Christian marriage by enacting the Marriage Ordinance of Geneva, which imposed "The dual requirements of state registration and church consecration to constitute marriage"[70] for recognition. In England and Wales, Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act 1753 required a formal ceremony of marriage, thereby curtailing the practice of Fleet Marriage, an irregular or a clandestine marriage.[71] These were clandestine or irregular marriages performed at Fleet Prison, and at hundreds of other places.
In England and Wales, since 1837, civil marriages have been recognized as a legal alternative to church marriages under the Marriage Act 1836. The mythological origin of Chinese marriage is a story about Nuwa and Fu Xi who invented proper marriage procedures after becoming married. The New Marriage Law of 1950 radically changed Chinese marriage traditions, enforcing monogamy, equality of men and women, and choice in marriage; arranged marriages were the most common type of marriage in China until then. The first laws in modern times recognizing same-sex marriage were enacted during the first decade of the 21st century.
Your ability to give killer presentations will improve the general image of your startup and will increase the chances of achieving your goals through better communication and audience engagement.
Telling a joke can be an ice breaker, but there is one very thin, almost invisible, line which you don’t have to cross when telling a joke. Know how much time you will spend on each of your key points and how much given time you will have for your presentation. The mood of the audience matters a lot and is something that you cannot predict before the actual moment of your presentation comes.

This video about how to give a presentation is actually answers to three big questions asked by a high school student who was doing a research paper on how to do a good presentation in class. Also… these tips and answers about giving a good presentation apply to everyone that has to give a speech or presentation, not just students. If you need help putting together your presentation, or need some coaching or consultation, please let me know or you can directly book a time with me here. Presentations are a great opportunity to show off who you are and what you can do, so I hope by posting my presentation tips videos here, you’ll give more presentations and better ones!
Enter your email and get presentation tips and how-to videos FREE!Introduce yourself and your programYour information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. I’ll never use the jargon language about the wine in my speach because noone will be understand what i want to say.
Albert Burgstahler will be give an informative presentation on the effects of fluoridation of our drinking water on Thursday, January 31st at The Salina Public Library. Burgstahler, professor emeritus of chemistry at The University of Kansas, will present a scientific and well-researched view into the realities of water fluoridation and it’s consequences. In Europe, the United States, and a few other places, from the late 19th century throughout the 20th century, marriage has undergone gradual legal changes, aimed at improving the rights of women. Leach expanded the definition and proposed that "Marriage is a relationship established between a woman and one or more other persons, which provides that a child born to the woman under circumstances not prohibited by the rules of the relationship, is accorded full birth-status rights common to normal members of his society or social stratum"[10] Leach argued that no one definition of marriage applied to all cultures. The way in which a marriage is conducted and its rules and ramifications has changed over time, as has the institution itself, depending on the culture or demographic of the time.[17] Various cultures have had their own theories on the origin of marriage.
The traditional ("conventional") form called conventio in manum required a ceremony with witnesses and was also dissolved with a ceremony.[50] In this type of marriage, a woman lost her family rights of inheritance of her old family and gained them with her new one. The tribunal of the kingdom rejected the husband's claim, validating the wedding, but the husband appealed to the tribunal in Zaragoza, and this institution annulled the marriage.[60] According to the Charter of Navarre, the basic union consisted of a civil marriage with no priest required and at least two witnesses, and the contract could be broken using the same formula. There was no state involvement in marriage and personal status, with these issues being adjudicated in ecclesiastical courts.
As of 2000, the average marriage age range was 25–44 years for men and 22–39 years for women.
From the 1690s until the Marriage Act of 1753 as many as 300,000 clandestine marriages were performed at Fleet Prison alone.[72] The Act required a marriage ceremony to be officiated by an Anglican priest in the Anglican Church with two witnesses and registration.
In ancient Chinese society, people of the same surname are supposed to consult with their family trees prior marriage to reduce the potential risk of unintentional incest. As an entrepreneur, you must present your business in many different occasions – in front of customers, in front of investors, in front of potential employees or partners, in front of the whole entrepreneurial world. So, it is essential for entrepreneurs to discover the best presentation style for themselves and master it. There is no need to say that the different audiences require not just different approach, but also different type of information. You need your audience to understand what you are saying and to project the clear vision and a complete picture in their minds.
This could be tricky, especially if you are presenting in front of an international audience. Create visual time line in your head and follow this line in order to create well-structured presentation.
The way you stand, the way your voice tone sounds, the way your face expresses your words is very important. The state of mind the people before you have put the listeners is one of your biggest challenges. She has economic background with degree in Financial Accounting and specific interest in business development, entrepreneurship and innovation.
Presentation skills are essential in modern work culture and school, so the tips and ideas I’ve given in this video should help you become a better presenter… No matter who you are!
You will learn what to focus on when you are preparing your presentation, as well as how to come across professionally to your audience.
The estimated cost of this program has been approximately $450,000 of taxpayer’s money. Civil marriage is the legal concept of marriage as a governmental institution irrespective of religious affiliation, in accordance with marriage laws of the jurisdiction.

These changes included giving wives a legal identity of their own, abolishing the right of husbands to physically discipline their wives, giving wives property rights, liberalizing divorce laws, and requiring a wife's consent when sexual relations occur. It has been suggested that these ages made sense for the Greeks because men were generally done with military service or financially established by their late 20s, and marrying a young girl ensured ample time for her to bear children, as life expectancies were significantly lower during this period. As old and full-grown as the men, they match their mates in age and strength, and their children reproduce the might of their parents.
The Church in turn lashed out at those who got married twice or thrice in a row while their formers spouses were still alive. During the Middle Ages marriages were arranged, sometimes as early as birth, and these early pledges to marry were often used to ensure treaties between different royal families, nobles, and heirs of fiefdoms.
In England, under the Anglican Church, marriage by consent and cohabitation was valid until the passage of Lord Hardwicke's Act in 1753. The Act did not apply to Jewish marriages or those of Quakers, whose marriages continued to be governed by their own customs. This law permitted a declaration of the marriage before an official clerk of the civil administration, when both spouses affirm their will to marry, to constitute a legally recognized valid and effective marriage, and allowed an optional private clerical marriage ceremony. Marriaging to one's maternal relatives was generally not thought of as incest, families sometimes intermarried from one generation to another. In business the biggest asset is time, so you must be ready to present in a way which will be dedicated to your listeners without making them feel that they are wasting time with irrelevant information. Your key points will form the skeleton of your presentation and you will continue building the rest of it without worrying that you are missing something important. Know what are you saying and how this information is related with the message you want to send. Humor often backfires and you must be careful if you decide to engage the audience with a joke. Boring presentations with a lot of text, which basically covers what you are saying, is a mood killer. You must develop stage presence which some people have as a natural gift, but others must practice.
Once they concentrate their attention to something very valuable which requires a lot of attention, you have done a great job, you have made an impact.
While presenting, especially when you are among different entrepreneurs, you must know how to switch the attention from the previous presentation and how to keep the attention to your presentation after you are done.
In terms of legal recognition, most sovereign states and other jurisdictions limit marriage to opposite-sex couples or two persons of opposite gender in the gender binary, and a diminishing number of these permit polygyny, child marriages, and forced marriages. The act of marriage usually creates normative or legal obligations between the individuals involved. He might therefore be willing to pay a bride price or provide for a woman in exchange for exclusive sexual access.[5] Legitimacy is the consequence of this transaction rather than its motivation.
You can make them smile with presence and interesting comments, but be careful with the jokes.
On the other hand, unrelated slides, which mismatch your words and are there just to be there, are working against you.
However, I’m more than happy to answer questions and give some advice, as in this case here. In modern times, a growing number of countries and other jurisdictions have lifted bans on and have established legal recognition for same-sex marriage, interracial marriage, and interfaith marriage.
In Comanche society, married women work harder, lose sexual freedom, and do not seem to obtain any benefit from marriage.[5] But nubile women are a source of jealousy and strife in the tribe, so they are given little choice other than to get married. Putting together a great visual content requires a lot of work and you should do it right to be able to impress the audience. In some cultures, marriage is recommended or compulsory before pursuing any sexual activity.
When a couple died, the husband and the wife were buried separately in the respective clans’ graveyard.

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