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Whether you are a child or a grown up, feedback is one of the most powerful influencers of your development.
Positive: Molly, the article you wrote on “Family Issues” was extremely well-articulated and informative. Positive: I’m sure that many families will enjoy reading the article and benefit from the many useful insights! Other feedback methods include the BOOST model (Balanced, Observed, Objective, Specific, Timely), the ABC model (Action, Because, Could we?) and the STAR model (Situation, Action, Result). The feedback method I prefer comes from Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne, the Co-Founders of Manager Tools.
The most important step according to Mark and Mike is to ask permission before you give feedback. The final part is to get the recipient to change the behavior if it is negative and continue the behavior if it is positive. Receive a 25-page manuscript critique or copy edit in exchange for a writing tips guest post that will appear the third week of June. All writers can benefit from finding another set of eyes to read and comment on their work. Even if you’re just trying to help out a friend or co-worker, these tips will hopefully come in handy.
Cheryl, I wish they were big bucks ?? The items on this list become second-nature once they are applied over and over and over again. Jon, that’s so fantastic that your kids are required to have someone read their rough drafts.
Susan, becoming a better writer is always a struggle, but to me that’s always part of the fun.
Stephan, I used to hold writing conferences with my English Comp students at the university, but it always came after reading their drafts. I always find that reading out loud helps not only with finding errors but with my grammar as well. Another trick that I don’t mention here is to read a piece backward paragraph by paragraph. Personally like to get critisism about texts I have written and am happy to get constructive critisism.
I find it peculiar when writers and readers think pure praise with no arguments whatsoever is productive – i think it is actually quite counterproductive. I love the reading out loud tip, we were doing that yesterday while going through a presentation my co-worker and I created. This is what a Toolbox Talk sounds like to many employees: “Today we are going to talk about fall protection.
One of the most important things you can do to be engaging, is to not try to place the burden on your own shoulders week in and week out. Getting employees involved is important, but you also have to be careful to manage the meeting. Toolbox Talks are about enhancing employee safety, not just being present long enough to sign an attendance sheet.
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Would love to be more effective and manage my time better….maybe this would help me!! There are courses that teach the 7 habits of highley effective people, however they are always full so it must be a very good course and book!
If given correctly, feedback encourages effective behavior – it rewards positive behavior and it changes ineffective behavior. Even though feedback is used to address both positive and ineffective behavior, I believe most people perceive feedback as something negative and uncomfortable. Their feedback model (which they just call “The Feedback Model”) has 4 steps that are quite easy to remember and use.
The reason for this is that the person who is receiving feedback needs to be in a receptive state of mind. For example,” I was informed that you submitted the proposal past the deadline” or “I saw you published your leanings on the company portal”. This can seem daunting for many, but like all else, repeated exposure makes the process less painful.
Indicate errors with standard proofreading marks on printed paper, or but don’t be a gramminator in discussion!
Writers benefit from criticism, but it’s also useful to know that really strikes a reader as well done. Diplomacy and parental advice are probably two concepts that most of us would never associate with each other. Early on, I learned to appreciate all forms of criticism, probably because writing is always a three-way street between reader, writer, and text. Breaking the usual forward-flowing movement of reading can help catch more errors than reading from beginning to end. People are very nervous about their work being critiqued to start with but it’s a nec. Every time I go to a workshop here in town, there’s usually this certain person who is always the negative one. I always look at editing and feedback as a learning experience for me and the person I am helping.
I used to have my composition do those, and I had to write them in many of the classes I took. It just makes it so much easier to re-phrase feedback when needed, though I do prefer to use Word’s comments feature more now than ever.
I suppose giving feedback comes naturally to me as i am doing most of the things you describe, without even thinking about it. The book is straight forward, well-structured, although some sections seemed textbook-like, which may be due to being written in 1990. Sharpen the saw – applying the previous habits and constantly improving oneself in all areas, spiritual, mental, physical and social. I pick it up and tell him, “When you do that they get dirty, I’ll give them back to you, but if you throw them on the ground again, I’m taking them away”.
According to “The Motivation Doctor”, Alan Fairweather, feedback is one of the Top 3 factors that motivate people at work. People refrain from giving feedback because they are concerned about hurting other people’s feelings.
It suggests that you should “sandwich” negative feedback between two positive statements in order for it not to be rejected. It can effectively be used to address both positive and negative behavior and it’s very straight forward so it doesn’t leave room for questioning.

If the person has a stomachache, is worried about a family situation, or really stressed about an upcoming deadline, he or she will not be able to actively listen to your feedback.
This puts the focus on the wrong person, the feedback is not about you – it’s about the recipient. It’s okay to just give one example of an impact, but if you can list three or four it helps to clarify your point.
You can start the discussion on future behavior by asking a question if it is something that needs to be changed, or by just thanking and telling the person to keep it up if it is something that should be continued.
Write down the behavior you’ve observed and the impact it has before you ask if you can give feedback. Regardless, it is often much easier for someone other than the author to find mistakes and judge the effectiveness of a piece of writing. Depending on the type of document I’m looking at, I often have to talk about structure too. That way the writer retains a certain level of ownership over which suggestion to best implement. At the time, having to do so made me frustrated, but after writing so many feedback letters, the process of giving good feedback became ingrained as second nature. However, i have always struggled with explaining to someone what i want from them when i give them to -beta read something… They always seem to be vague and afraid to say anything as if not to hurt my feelings or something. Learn how to teach effective yoga exercise for uterine fibroids with help from a personal training expert in this free video clip. Please visit an earlier post on The Necessity of Critique Groups for an in-depth explanation of how a successful writer’s workshop should be organized. I don’t mean how the story develops, but more along the lines of best practices for business writing. To read with a writer’s eye to me means to read with an eye of how to improve elements of craft.
Sometimes though you can also read the way you think it should have been written and ignore your mistakes.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Despite the evident hunger for feedback, research suggests that 68% of employees never receive any. Since feedback is a key element of continuous learning and achievement you owe it to yourself to ask others for feedback.
If its a press release, or invitation to an official, all the important messages are in the first paragraph.
It should be given to address both positive and negative behavior and ideally it should be given at the point in time when you observe the behavior. It silently signals that what the person is doing is okay, that it is acceptable to you, or that it meets your standards.
It can even have a more negative consequence – if your employee knows that his or her performance does not meet your standards, but you do nothing about it, the person might think of you as an ineffective manager. If you have children I’m sure you are familiar with the daily challenges of parenting and the questionings of one’s actions.

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