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Upon hearing the buzz surrounding the new documentary feature film, Good Hair, I knew this topic would ignite a national discussion, not only within the African American community, but about how our American culture defines beauty. As a Caucasian woman, speaking with Nia Long about this topic was a learning experience for me, which is why the prospect of doing this interview appealed to me. With a unique brand of humor that only Chris Rock can deliver, Good Hair, produced by HBO Films, explores how hairstyles effect self-esteem, relationships, careers and money within the black community with funny and enlightening commentary given by Ice-T, Nia Long, Raven-Symone, Maya Angelou, Al Sharpton and many other prominent African American figures. There is a bold assertiveness to Nia Long’s personality that is not always captured in her film roles, but is apparent in general everyday conversation with the actress. What I cherish most about the privilege of doing these interviews is the exchange of knowledge that grows from two different perspectives and life experiences. Nia Long: Most women you see in Hollywood have something going on in that head, white or black.
Nia Long: Fifteen hundred dollars for fifteen inches, but you know there are people who will charge you five thousand dollars for a weave. Nia Long: If your great grandfather was black and he married a Jewish woman and you’re in the airport, do you check black or do you check Jewish or American? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. From Miranda Kerr's secret rooftop haven to Kim Kardashian's white roses: Celebrity gardens REVEALED! Whoa, I was going to say his sister (in the 2nd pics) was pretty, without realizing it was still him.
He thought gender differences were simple to explain but talking to his five year old helped him realize that’s far from the truth.
What you see all around you is the changing definition of gender and those differences are slowly shrinking. This is why it’s important to talk to our children because today gender is malleable.
My goal was to help my daughter have a flexible view point on gender because of the changing world we live in. So if you are given the opportunity or if you take the time to create it I encourage you to talk with your children about gender differences.
My initial thought was to the unfair treatment of the boys, relegating them to mindless labor; forcing them out in the drizzle while the girls were learning a skill, safe and warm. Then I realized how it disadvantaged the girls also, put them in a box, or a pedestal if you will. Fast foreword to my next visit some six months down the road: Boys and girls on the registers, boys and girls out bagging.
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Long natural hairstyles will come with very many different styles like straight, curls, bangs, pony and many more especially when it comes to styling hair for special occasions like prom, weddings, and other special occasions. There has always been a myth that African hair does not grow very long past the shoulders which is not true because I do know of many Africans with long natural hair.
This is a great hairstyle for oval, round, square and hearty face shapes.  Great for about any occasion so just make sure to get your dress right and matching.
One advantage with curls is they do not have any age limits, the babies, pre-teenagers, teenagers, youth and the elderly can all pull it off and look awesome. Wearing flowers on your hair for any occasion especially outdoor occasions can be so stylish and unique. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.
Uber vier Jahre lang kam Paul komplett ohne Krallenpflege aus, ja sogar komplett ohne Pfotenpflege.
Da Paul nicht gerade wesensfest ist und besonders mit Beruhrung an seinen Pfoten hardert, habe ich mich gegen das Kurzen mit der Krallenschere (eigentlich ist es mehr eine Zange) entschieden. Was mir an der Arbeit mit der Nagelfeile besonders gut gefallt ist, dass ich langsam und kleinschrittig arbeiten kann. Wer einen Hund besitzt der sich nicht so gerne beruhren lasst, sollte nicht unmittelbar darauf losfeilen. Was auch, gerade bei gro?en Hunden, super funktioniert ist eine handelsubliche Hornhautfeile wie man sie aus dem Drogeriemarkt kennt. Wir hatten gerade das gleiche Problem, Gandalf 9 Jahre alt, musste zum ersten mal Krallen gekurzt bekommen.
The 37-year-old White Collar star rocked the fan favourite with dark jeans and a black blazer to the New York screening of the film Horrible Bosses. Justin was this week involved in a scuffle as he made his way into Macy's Herald Square in New York for his new perfume launch. Apparently actress Nia Long felt the same way when she was approached by long time friend Chris Rock to participate in his film. During our conversation, I asked her to explain how her hair and self image have evolved from childhood through her adult life as an actress existing within the strict beauty parameters of Hollywood.
In watching clips from Good Hair it was Nia Long’s interview in particular that grabbed my attention.
Her strength hits you like a ton of bricks and then smoothes out gracefully like a giant ocean wave that tempers shortly after crashing against the shoreline.
We’re originally from Brooklyn and we spent a lot of time in Iowa, and my mother was all about the Afro. Then let’s say tomorrow a dark skinned black woman with natural kinky hair was made the next great sex symbol and she was on magazine covers.
I think weaves, ralaxers or [not using] relaxers are all choices we have, and it’s really about what makes you feel comfortable.
Since I’m talking to you specifically, if you don’t have any chemicals or weaves in your hair what does your natural hair look like?

I did a film in the south of France where I played a Nigerian woman, and I had a very short Afro. I was surprised that so many women in the film, Good Hair, were saying, “Yes, I wear a weave.
For me right now wearing a weave is kind of a convenience because I have a young son, and I’m constantly running. If his skin is black or brown teach him that he’s a person of color because that is how he will be treated in this country.
So I guess I would have to say that his race is African American and his religion is Jewish. After watching clips of cartoon characters who were princesses, many of the girls involved in the research aged three to six, reported that they would need to change their hair color, clothes and skin color. I was driving my five year old daughter to school as I sang out of tune to any song that popped up on the radio.
She is at this stage of thirsting for knowledge and at that moment she wanted to know how boys and girls were different. Growing up in the 80’s as a boy I was taught very specific behaviors and traits that made up a boy. They were just implied through the shows I watched on TV and the male figures I had growing up.
There are men and women who are born a gender that they psychologically don’t fit with and so they have sex changes. Try to take some time and look at what you do in front of them that could be creating their gender beliefs about the different sexes. Now I’m a big believer that no child is too young as long as they can communicate verbally you can have a discussion with them, however, you must take into account their understanding. Have a goal. Before you start talking with your child you should already know what you hope to accomplish. As I approached the check-out, the girls were behind the registers, the boys relegated to bagging and carrying groceries out to people’s cars. Let’s take a look at some of the natural long hairstyles and see whether you like them just as much as we do. The lady in the above image looks stunning with her beautiful long, black hair that has been combed to straight and pushed over the shoulders on both sides of the face. Women over 40 tend to start losing some hair which is natural as it comes with age but you can make your hair look well textured and thick by adding curls to them which will make you looking younger and stylish. Doch nachdem wir neulich erstmals wegen Schneballung die Haare zwischen den Zehen schneiden mussten, waren nun auch die Krallen an der Reihe. Doch nun scheint irgendetwas anders zu sein, denn an den Vorderpfoten beruhren sie mittlerweile den Boden.
Prinzipiell ist Krallenschneiden beim Hund keine komplizierte Geschichte wenn man darauf achtet das Leben nicht zu verletzen und das Horn im richtigen Winkel abknippst. Mit einer grobkornigen Nagelfeile aus dem Drogeriemarkt lassen sich Hundekrallen wunderbar zurecht stutzen. Klar, wahrscheinlich dauert diese Variante ein paar Minuten langer – doch dafur habe ich das Verletzungsrisiko und den Angsfaktor fur meinen Hund minimiert.
Die hat ebenfalls eine grobe und eine feine Kornung und kann fur gro?ere und hartere Krallen gut verwendet werden. In meiner Hundeschublade fand ich eine spezielle Hundenagelfeile, die leicht gebogen ist und so noch besser auf der Kralle bleibt. Tiffani played the role of Kelly in Saved By The Bell from 1989 to 1993, just one year before Bieber was even born. Good Hair examines the lengths that African American women will go to and have gone to in the name of achieving, well… good hair. Nia Long is a woman who possesses a great deal of self worth and a strong foundation in the belief of inner beauty. Her commentary in the film struck me as intelligent, enlightening and hilariously funny, and I knew I had to sit down with her to get her take on black hair and all that it encompasses. It’s a known fact that there are fewer women of color who are celebrated for their beauty.
Would black women everywhere be taking down their weaves and throwing out their chemical relaxers?
The social issue as it relates to black beauty has more to do with the images that we’ve seen over a period of time. They may not be familiar with pressing hair or perming hair, or even putting in a weave for that matter. I think there is an underlying attitude in American culture that lighter skin and straighter hair is celebrated as being more beautiful. I have a meeting this day and then I’ve got to go to the gym, and then I have to go to a baseball game with my son.
You don’t have to deal with, A) Anyone messing up your hair and B) Them running their fingers through your hair.
Many black actors will say that they don’t have enough power, influence or enough good roles. My daughter laughed as I purposely butchered a Taylor Swift song with my voice and awkward facial gestures. It was the examples of teachers, coaches, parents and grandparents that cemented my belief system. This will help you when faced with questions that are off topic because if your child is like mine they can easily lose focus on the purpose of the talk. That both genders are allowed to do similar things like growing long hair or working in construction. When talking to your child you need to make sure you listen to what they believe the gender differences are first.
When our kids are young they are naturally trusting of their parents but as they grow older their bull shit meter develops and it becomes harder to lie to our kids. You may be surprised about what they say and if there is any misconceptions it’s important for us as parents to correct their perspective so that they understand boys can have long hair to.
I've recently quit my job to support my wife with her clothing line business and pursue my life long passion to write.
The girls were wearing an array of clothing from blouses to sweatshirts; the boys cinched up in shirt and tie (to load groceries no less).
Exactly what constitutes long hair can change from culture to culture, or even within cultures. One thing you should be reminded of is African American hair is of strong texture so to achieve such a  neat straight look means you have to put an extra effort in styling.

Naturally curly hair like for the lady above will make you look so adorable and you will also make people jealous of your beautiful hair. The lady in the image above looks stunning with her natural easy curls and long black hair. Um eventuelle Fehlstellungen durch zu lang gewachsene Krallen zu vermeiden, habe ich beschlossen sie zu kurzen. Das uberschussige Horn rieselt nur so hernieder und Paul hat die ganze Prozedur besser ertragen als erwartet. Schlie?lich ist so eine kleine Nagelfeile wesentlich besser fur Paul zu ertragen als ein brummendes und vibrierendes Ungetum. Jetzt hab ich auf alle Falle eine praktische Anwendungsmoglichkeit in petto, wenn es mal dazu kommt. Hea€™s completely fine and has no injuries.a€™The singer was reportedly shaken up by the incident, which saw the bodyguard issued a summons for disorderly conduct. Even she admits to the damaging effects of the media in its quest to guide all women towards a homogenized standard of beauty which includes the relentless pursuit of long, silky, flowing straight hair. Nia and I wound up in a philosophical discussion about women’s beauty inside and out and societal pressures placed on women of different races and cultural backgrounds.
It was kind of a no-brainer for me to support a subject and a project that I think is super relevant.
I was taught to be proud of my blackness, proud of my hair, proud of who I am in my organic, raw state. They were doing hair weaves before black women were doing hair weaves, because we couldn’t afford it.
But from my perspective, for instance, I see that Tyler Perry has his own studio, Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and Chris Rock just got this documentary made.
Having an end goal will also guide you on what information to share so you don’t throw too much information that may make the conversation longer and confusing then it has to be, which is important when your child has a short attention span.
For example, a woman with chin-length hair in some cultures may be said to have short hair, while a woman with the same length of hair in some in some other cultures would be said to have long hair. This hairstyle will suit most of the face shapes except long because it will appear lengthier. The hair is thick, shiny and voluminous.  This hairstyle will take you to about any occasion like prom, weddings, dates, reunions, moonlight dinner and many more as it comes with romance, fun and flirty. Enter the African American woman’s obsession with relaxers, weaves and wigs and the time and money invested into the pursuit of good hair. Whatever media says is beautiful, after a while we tend to believe it and there are very few women that look like us that are called beautiful. Yes, it would be harder for me to get a job with my hair in an Afro because I will immediately be put into some sort of category. It’s much easier to receive a message through humor then it is through someone forcing the message down your throat. As somebody who is on the outside looking in, what is it that I’m missing that the black community in Hollywood is trying to express as far as that goes? It doesn’t mean he has to deny his Jewish heritage, but if his skin is black he is going to be treated as a black person. For instance, my daughter probably learned that boys don’t have long hair because I wear my hair short. When this happens they could end up tuning you out and shutting down their desire to have an honest conversation with you.
Through my spiritual beliefs, therapy and self reflection I've come to learn more about myself and what it takes to live life fully. I know long hair can be a pain sometimes but the reward that come along with it when well cared for is amazing. Maybe not just women, but features, whether it’s your hair, your eyes, your nose, your ass, whatever it is.
There is no more secret society, and after this movie there certainly won’t be (laughs)!
If you are doing the work that you need to do on the inside then you could be bald-headed and be gorgeous. Of the canon 12 Disney Princesses in the brand, including Anna from Frozen, eight are white. My wife and I are her first teachers of gender and so how we are different is generalized to the world until she encounters differences in her gender beliefs.
By being honest with your kids you’ll create a trusting environment that will allow your kids to be open.
Die ganze Aktion habe ich auf dem Balkon durchgefuhrt, mit einem Zeitaufwand von etwa zehn Minuten. Mit dem Feilen der Kralle erst beginnen, wenn sich der Hund mit dem Ablauf der Prozedur vetraut gemacht hat. And you don’t see a lot of women walking around with Afros who are playing opposite Brad Pitt! Boys chores were regulated to outside and lifting heavy objects while girls were supposed to tend to the house. When this happens she could become flexible in her gender belief or she can become hardened, which could lead to teasing those who don’t fit into the gender roles she had learned.
These examples teach our children that there is nothing they can’t be if they have the will and drive to get it. I'm no longer living the role that was given to me by society and instead I've decided to chart a new course.
You don’t see hardly any [black] women playing opposite Brad Pitt (laughs), but I doubt that she would have an Afro. The movie is about the journey of the hair weave and the choices that we make, and the fact that the hair industry makes billions of dollars and there are very few black owned companies. A path that I hope will inspire others to pursue their passions and not let themselves be put in a role that they haven't chosen for themselves. Nicht weil mir 36 Euro zu viel erscheinen, sondern weil ich es einfach hasse uberflussigen Kladderadatsch anzuhaufen, fur eine Tatigkeit die auch mit einfachern Mitteln zu losen ist. So yes, there is going to be a social awaking as far as what we see and judge as being beautiful. But the movie is not at all trying to say, black people are trying to look white by putting hair weaves in.

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