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We are becoming increasingly aware of the effects we are having on our planet with more designers creating items which are friendlier towards the environment. This will help you to understand:- How a cushion is made Who it is made for What materials it is made from How it is decorated This is called ‘evaluating existing products’.
Evaluation of existing products- Cushions Sketch and colour the product you have been given and then answer the following points: INTENDED USER The target user for the item is………………… MATERIAL USED The material used is……………………………. Learning Outcomes By the end of this lesson you will be able to- Identify a range of decorative techniques. Sponging Stencilling Fabric painting Fabric pens Fabric crayons Paint splatter Embellishment (you can do this to take you project further using recycled ribbons, buttons etc).
Recycling Facts Textiles make up 12% of landfill sites Britain produces around 650,000 tonnes of textile waste a year Only a quarter of this is recycled by charities, clothes banks and jumble sales It's no secret that recycling is important for the environment. You need to show at least 6 possible ideas for the design that you intend to put onto your cushion.
IDEAEXPLANATION I have chosen this idea because……………………… The size of the cushion is ……………………… The target user for this item is……………………………. Superdry Find out morePresent as a mini project Where are ‘Superdry’ clothes and accessories made?
Burberry Find out morePresent as a mini project Where are ‘Burberry’ clothes and accessories made?
Levis Find out morePresent as a mini project Where are ‘Levi’ clothes and accessories made?

Considering the theme hobbies and interests design and make a cushion using some use of recycled materials. You will develop new skills – using a sewing machine, threading a needle, cutting fabrics, etc. When you read the design specifications, do you understand what the item that is going to be made will be like?
Millions of people dutifully separate their plastics, aluminium, and paper waste so that those items can be reused and help decrease the amount of garbage in landfills.
Ask at home if there are any old sheets, clothes, curtains, cushions to be recycled so that we can complete our eco cushions. DESIGN 1 Fabric paint DESIGN 2DESIGN 3 Explanation The function of this is… The target user is… I will make this attractive by………..
You can also include colours you want to use in order to show the type of cushion design that you would like to make.
Have a wider knowledge of decorative techniques to enable you to start making design decisions. Remember the designs must be in colour and you must state which techniques are going to be used. But many people aren't aware that the denim, cotton, corduroy, wool, and linen that they outgrow and toss into the trash should also be reused. You will learn how to research and find information and how this could affect your decisions when developing your design.

Is the cushion for a specific time of year (seasonal) e.g Christmas, or will it be used all the time?
Function: My cushion needs to be comfortable, attractive, appealing, using recycled materials….
Looking at textile recycling facts as a whole, the recovery of used clothing is not only good for the environment, it is an action that has an impact on a financial and charitable level in your local community and around the world. You will investigate new materials, where they come from, how they are made, their properties; enabling you to make informed decisions on which are the most suitable for your project. Sketch the cushion that you are evaluating Key words: Child, adult, girl, boy Cotton, wool, rough, smooth, shiny, Machine stitching, heat transfer print, tie dye, bright colours, primary colours, harmonious colours, Seams, hem, applique,embroidery. The item recovered today can be the paper good utilized tomorrow, and it is one less item filling up overflowing landfills. Stenciling sponging Label idea with creative Techniques that you will Use, and explain the idea. You will have the freedom to develop your ideas and discuss, with others, how improvements could be made.

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