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Once your tree has dried and you’ve attached the base then your going to want to take a piece of sandpaper and sand down all the rough edges and pick off any glue that  may have made it’s way into the seams. You can add a decorative topper like I did by using a star ornament and some hot glue or you can leave it as is. Have you started any Christmas crafting yet, or do you leave it to the stores to do that for you;0) Let me know! Destiny is the founder of Just Destiny Mag, an online publication that focuses on home living and lifestyle.
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With Christmas break nearing, teachers need holiday party craft ideas and moms need kid day time entertainment… here are 18 winter crafts for kids that adults will like too!
Thank you so much for featuring my Hand and Feet Print Reindeer and my Candy Cane Manger ornament.
If you have any wood from left over projects then this is gonna be super easy and cheap:0) If not,  it’s still gonna be super easy and cheap!
She is a native of the beautiful state of Arizona where she raises her beautiful children right along side with Mr.Right.

My readers would love to see this list–Would you come and put this post in my Vintage Pollyanna Tell Me Tuesday link party? I had it left over from another project and it worked perfectly!  I love using these cheap foam brushes for just about everything and they worked great on this project! She believes her destiny is deeply rooted in her faith and making, creating and sharing beautiful things.

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