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These tissue paper flowers are very easy to make, they took me about 5 minutes to make and the whole time I was thinking about what they could be used for! But this Blog is done by a small group of girls full of enthusiasm and we have to show some Ads to pay Web domains, Web servers, Webmaster, contests, etc. So we ask you please consider remove your AdBlock so that we can continue our illusion of writing for you. We are a women team whom from Oh!Crafts we speak about our passion giving Inspiration and original craft ideas for weddings, celebrations, infant or adult parties, treats and gifts, home decoration, cards, personal accessories and templates for your crafts and stuff. Step 1: Use the pencil to drawing 2 lines along the length of the rectangle so that from that to 2 ends of the paper are 4cm. Step 2: Fold in half to have rectangle shape, fold in half again, fold in half to have triangle shape. Step 4: Roll one petal of the flower around the chopstick, moderately tight roll (the right side of the paper turned out) and roll 4 rounds .
Step 3: Use the index finger and thumb push the paper down on the table, make the paper wrinkle.
2. Stack them and staple them once in the center, then fold the stack in half to form a little book. The 3D Rose is such a simple flower to make and can be used and embellished in a variety of ways for different looks. Press the top of the flower onto the base, quickly making any final adjustments to the petals before the glue sets. As you can see on the boxes above, I also used tiny strings of pearls in the center of the flower in addition to tissue paper. This entry was posted in party, Tutorials and tagged .svg, children's party, crafts, DIY, silhouette, Spring on March 18, 2014 by admin. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Spring is just around the corner, and if you’re searching for DIY seasonal party decor, look no further.
I purchased a pad of scrapbook paper (24 sheets) on clearance for $5, and it was enough to make all the flowers I used for the shower. To create the cupped shape of the petals, dab a small amount of hot glue onto one side of the stem.
After all the petals are cupped, assemble them by first gluing the stems of three petals together like I did in the photos below. Not only are these DIY paper flowers a big hit as baby shower or party decor, but they can also adorn nursery walls as art or be used to beautifully embellish gift wrap. Once you’re confident making these hand cut paper flowers from the template, experiment with changing the shape of the petals, centers and leaves to create a variety of floral designs. Hayley is the creative genius behind Grey House Harbor; a lifestyle blog where imagination and real life collide.
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As usual, there were so many outstanding and impressive projects uploaded to the gallery this week. This is easy craft of paper origami that kids can make, and most of all, it’s useful as home decor or candle holder.

If you’re looking to COLORIZE your Easter, then I have the perfect Easter paper craft for you! My 4 year old preschooler had a blast helping me make a rainbow of Dahlia flowers to decorate with for Easter. ASTROBRIGHTS® PAPERS sent me a big box of the most luscious, vibrant colored paper in a rainbow of colors. I love the texture and color these bright, happy paper Dahlia flowers offer as Easter Decor!
So I loved these so much I went out bought paper and have already made three of them; however I can not figure out how to hang them! When I got married in the fall and told my florist I wanted lilies and peonies and ranunculus in my bouquet, he laughed and told me I should have gotten married in the spring or summer when those flowers are more readily available. Put the foam ball in the center of a sheet of tissue paper and twist the ends, as shown, like you would a candy wrapper.
Gather five petals by the twisted tails around 6 or 8 stamens. Secure by wrapping a 4-inch piece of wire around the gathered petals and stamens.
To make these delicate petal flowers, begin with 18 rectangles of tissue paper, measuring 5 inches by 2.5 inches. Finally, here’s how you make the peonies (or dahlias, depending on the colors of tissue paper you use).
Fold a piece of 4-inch wire around the center of the accordion-pleated tissue paper, twisting to secure. Starting on one side of the wire, fluff the flowers by pulling each layer of tissue paper up to the center. I have used these fake blooms all over my house, such as in the dining room as part of my pink-and-green ladies luncheon. I also have some hot pink tissue paper flowers in my  pink-and-green office and craft room. Glade seasonal scents, available in jar candles, wax melts and scented oil warmers warmers, come in two other fragrances. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. If you took a peek inside our Artisan Retreat at the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show last week, you’ll have seen quite a few paper roses.
Place a pipe clean on the layers and staple twice making an X. Make sure the staples are in the middle.
I work for KIND Healthy Snacks and we are going to be at the LA Times Festival of Books, April 12-13. Inside each of these white jewelry boxes topped with a rose and butterfly, was a bag of pearl beads and clear elastic cord. I topped them with tiny butterflies and embellished with ribbon and more tissue paper. For the flowers in the teapot centerpiece, I glued floral wire to the base (step 4) so I could stick it into the styrofoam with the other tissue flowers.
After hosting a floral-themed brunch for a friend’s baby shower, I received several compliments on the hand cut paper flowers that were central to the design.
Natural flowers are perfectly imperfect, so don’t fret about making the shapes precise. I like to add a little sparkle to my flowers, so you’ll notice I used glitter paper for the smallest center circle.

She resides in Virginia with her husband and two kids - all of whom graciously endure her big ideas and habitual DIY ways. Paper Dahlia Flowers are easy to make, look fantastic on any wall, and they are an easy craft to get the kids involved in making! I love the bright colors on the gray wall with my newly finished white board and batten in my Dining Room. Then roll your pieces of paper into cone shape with a point in the center of one end and use a small dot of glue to hold in place.
Then I started glueing the first layer of cones all the way around the edge of the cardboard circle. Poppy Groove™ features water lily, iris and freesia floral notes and Hello Spring™ combines the scents of quince and jasmine. I’ve never made flowers out of tissue paper before (I’ve been making them out of painted watercolor paper as of late) but these are so gorgeous! As well as our special birthday roses available in CK stores, we made hundreds more paper roses by hand to decorate our hut (that’s a LOT of tissue paper). You’ll also need to download and print our paper templates so you have all the right bits. We made our rose petals out of paper napkins, but you could try using newspaper, tin foil, wrapping paper, old magazines or anything you like.
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She started Life With Lovebugs as a way to share all of her household tips, recipes and playtime activities with other moms. I bought the bag of pearls at Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure you could find them at Michaels. Last year I created this rainbow Easter Egg banner and we are enjoying this fun banner again this year in my entry way. I used a bowl and pen to trace a circle on the cardstock and then cut it out with scissors. The next layer I glued the cones around a little inside of the outer layer, without cutting or trimming them. What a great idea for the pearl necklaces and having the girls string them…do you get those at Michaels?
When not crafting, I can be found chasing my 2 small {but very energetic!} boys or playing with my new baby girl. In her spare time, she enjoys making items to sell in her online shop The Lovebug Collection.
And then for the center, I cut off the tips of the cones and glued them into the center of the flower.

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