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Sorry, we couldn't find any templates that matched your search.Try fewer filters, or you can Design Your Own Invitation. Open a design or word-processing program, such as GIMP, Open Office or an Adobe Creative Suite. If you have a child who is allergic to peanuts, then use packing peanuts instead of real peanuts. To make Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, you will need the following materials : a double sheet of newspaper or white wrapping paper the same size, scissors, and crayons, paint, or markers. There are many times when a string of paper dolls is needed—in making posters, illustrating a Bible verse, teaching a missionary story, etc.
Free Printable Paper Craft for Moses Parting the Sea - This is a printable craft that you print, cut out, put them together so that they stand and just do a few other thing and you have a great craft from the Old Testament. Decorating for Thanksgiving can be quite simple -- just incorporate elements representing the abundance of the autumn harvest, display small gestures of gratitude and have some fun! The fireplace is the natural focal point in a house, so it makes sense to decorate the mantel for Thanksgiving. Pillar candles embellished with graceful wax impressions of leaves make a striking Thanksgiving display (and a nice hostess gift too). You can make your own arrangement by cutting some leaf patterns out of fabric and affixing to bare branches.
The cornucopia is a classic Thanksgiving symbol; especially when filled with pears, apples, squash, and other seasonal fruit and vegetables.
A nice alternative to traditional Thanksgiving decorations is an everlasting blooming tree. Martha has wonderful Thanksgiving decorating ideas that you can make yourself like this cornucopia basket adorned with oak leaves. Wheat symbolizes the abundance of life, so it makes a very appropriate decoration for Thanksgiving. Door Decoration Ideas - Welcome your guests this Thanksgiving with some gorgeous outdoor decorations. Table Centerpieces - Creative, simple, and beautiful centerpiece decorations that you can make yourself. Table Decorations - Make your Thanksgiving feast something special with these table decorating ideas.
DIY Dinner Table Decorations - Check out these table decorations that you can make yourself. As the baseball season opens, we thought today would be a great day to share  my son's Vintage Baseball Party with you!
What better way to end the summer and welcome all the current and new students back to school than an ice cream social? The style of flyer that appeals to one congregation won't necessarily attract the attention of another. Design programs will provide greater functionality than word processors, but if you don't have one, a word processor will suffice.

Include pertinent information, such as the time and location of the fish fry, as well as the organization that is hosting it.
If you're only posting the flyers within the church, a dozen or fewer might suffice, depending on the size of the building.
Whether you are Jewish or Christian, the bible is the basis of your religion and your beliefs in God.
With some pieces of stiff paper, milk bottle tops, toothpicks, and pipe cleaners you can make peanuts look like an elephant, a camel, a kangaroo, a giraffe, or a monkey. Collect a few things to make this craft, including a small cardboard box (the size of a matches box), some lightweight cardboard scraps, scissors, crayons or markers, glue, and two pipe cleaners.
If you wish to have a favorite Scripture verse or a psalm on the scroll, do the writing before completing the scroll.
Let child fold several sheets of white paper in half cross-wise.Fold decorative paper in half for cover. This is for older children because you have to be able to look at the paper diagrams above and fold and cut along the lines in order to construct the Noah's ark. These easy to make and festive Thanksgiving decorations express the quintessential American holiday filled with gratitude and symbols of autumn's abundance. To make your own leaf-covered candles you will need some plain pillar candles, some beeswax, a double boiler, a crayon (for color), a foam craft brush, and some leaves. Make your own budget decorations by spray painting a pumpkin white and then drawing your monogram with permanent marker. Paper flowers mimic the bright hues and delicate forms of real-life cherry blossoms and provide a delightful pop of color. You'll need some smooth beeswax sheets, pillar candles, gold glazing medium, and a wood-graining tool to get this rich gold faux-bois pattern. Both GIMP and Open Office are open-source and free, and you can download them off the Internet and install them within a matter a minutes. Since people will notice the image before the text, this choice will set the tone for the flyer. With design software, you'll need to first click on the "Text Tool" and then select a location for the text. If you expect the guests to contribute, mention that everyone should bring a dish or beverage. Jewish people study the Old Testament, while Christians study both the Old and New Testament. Start writing toward the right end of the scroll but make the second column to the left of the first—just backwards from the way we write today.
Place folded white sheets inside decorative paper, punch holes and tie together (sketch c). It is a great Sunday School activity but it could also be a great project for a Geometry class to teach the child about shapes. Stack the paper together, then fan them so that one underlaps the other about one-half inch.

You'll find classic decorations like the cornucopia, shafts of wheat, and rich displays of the fall harvest. An ideal Thanksgiving decoration, the cornucopia symbolizes the bounty of life and reminds us of the blessings we've received throughout the year. In terms of the overall approach, some basic steps and rules apply to all different types of flyers and audiences.
If you're advertising within your church, a religious image would be redundant, so select a picture of a fish fry instead. The bible is just filled to the brim with exciting and adventurous stories so making crafts that are based on these stories is a natural thing to do. Teach the child about flat paper nets and how flat diagrams when folded can be turned into 3 dimensional objects. Fold near the center so that the rainbow effect is continued at the bottom of the book (sketch a). You'll also find a few unexpected decorating ideas for Thanksgiving like autumn-inspired candles and other hand-crafted displays. The key is to create a succinct message through images and words, using the images to attract attention and the words to deliver clear and meaningful information.
If you're advertising outside of your church, a religious image could help attract the targeted audience. You can color in the matches box and circle rockers with crayons, markers or paint right now.
With a foam brush, spread a few thin layers of wax on the back of a leaf, then press the coated side of the leaf firmly onto a pillar candle. Below you will find great Old Testament and New Testament crafts to teach your child about all the stories in the Bible. Lay cover flat, wrong side up and clip flaps at each end of cover with paper clips (see sketch). Do this by tracing the triangle formed with the gabled roof (from fig 2) on another piece of cardboard. Bend one of the pipe cleaners to form a loop and then put the 2nd pipe cleaner into the loop and then bring down to look like upside down letter 'U' (for legs).
Start lacing at center bottom and lace all around cover, lacing flaps in place to form pockets.
These terrariums make excellent gifts and are useful teaching aids in the various Sunday school departments. Select a peanut the shape of which most closely resembles the body and head of an elephant. Also, you can add miniature plastic objects for teaching value, such as small boxes for Palestinian houses, animals, etc.

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