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JuneYou’re giving off all the right pheromones – and attracting all the right attention!
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Pierced with arrows; the Gemini tattoo symbolizes the fact that the wearer has fallen for someone who is ruled by this sun sign. The sun sign Gemini is symbolized as the Roman numeral two and has been carved on the forearm along with its name in graceful style. Awesome Gemini tattoo that shows a horse coming out of it has the ability to capture instant attention. Have a look at this girl’s Gemini tattoo that she designed herself by making slight change to the traditional symbol. Simple and sober tattoo carved on the neck looks very pleasant and reminds the guy of his weaknesses and strengths as a Gemini.
Created with dark ink, this Gemini tattoo has been given a curvy look on the ends that looks very elegant. The Gemini symbol has been given a creative touch by putting it between the angel wings that symbolizes the flighty nature of the people ruled by this sun sign.
Representative of the warmth, agility and interesting nature of the Gemini sun sign; this tattoo looks charming. Nice Gemini tattoo created inside a knotted circle that is symbolic of the distinctive vivacious personality of the guy. Filled with red and outlined with black, this Gemini symbol looks attractive in a sweet way. The stars and the Gemini symbol look very graceful and stand for the glittering, attractive qualities the wearer possesses by virtue of being ruled by this sun sign.
The foot tattoo looks very alluring and embodies the charm and twinkling aura the people ruled by Gemini sun sign possess.
Carved on the finger, the Gemini tattoo looks pretty in its decent and traditional form, represented by Roman numeral two.

Big and bold Gemini tattoo carved with a snake that ensnare it on all sides indicating the wearer’s struggle to get rid of his dual nature. Carved on the hand along with stars, moon and vines; this tattoo looks very captivating and beautiful from every angle. Surrounded by flames and skulls, this Gemini tattoo presents a scary portrait to the eyes that is also mystic in display.
The tattered look of this Gemini tattoo makes it look different and catchy that is also symbolic of the mercurial nature of the wearer. The wearer got this charming tattoo in the loving memory of a friend who was ruled by the Gemini sun sign. This person got the Gemini symbol engraved along with the snake as he was born under this sun sign and in the year of snake. Take a look at this tattoo that has got the sun sign symbols of the zodiac Libra, Virgo, Gemini and Aries in a straight line. This wildlife lover got a blue lizard along with the Gemini symbol on his body to express his passion and sun sign. The boy flaunts his sun sign through a plain and cute looking Gemini tattoo carved on the back of the neck. The woman got this portrait tattoo to express her love for her daughters who were born under the Gemini sun sign.
Check out the neck of the guy that has got a simple but stunning Gemini symbol; a mark of his sun sign.
The stars and the crescent moon around the Gemini sun sign make it look dreamy, in other words, fantastic. This wearer flaunts his sun sign Gemini along with the tribal arm band that together create a nice ornamental tattoo piece. The duality of the Gemini sun sign is portrayed in a captivating manner through this back tattoo.
Birth date carved along with the Gemini symbol looks decent and reminds the girl of her characteristics.

The tribal art has its own distinct charm that makes any tattoo look different and the same has been done to the Gemini symbol.
The tattered corners framing the Gemini symbol that is further garnished with a bold G lettering makes for an exquisite tattoo piece.
Surrounded by stars, the Gemini sun sign looks quite elegant and stands for the wearer’s captivating personality that easily attracts others.
The Gemini symbol and the peacock feather look very pretty together and symbolize the wearer’s love for nature. Cherry blossom flowers entwined in the Gemini symbol looks charming and symbolizes the flirty and flighty nature of the girl.
The colorful stars and circles surrounding the Gemini sun sign look very alluring and symbolize the jovial and fun-loving nature of the wearer.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Tattoos of Gemini also display creative and artistic images such as two women or girls placed side by side. They love to express the fact they have been born under the said sun sign and tattoos provide them a cool option to do the same. Apart from this, names and date of births are also incorporated along with the symbol to make it more meaningful.
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Those who get their body parts adorned with this tattoo include people who love a Gemini or are the parents of a Gemini boy or girl. Below we have showcased a collection of 35 Images that show different designs and displays of this sun sign tattoo.

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