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Many women start feeling anxious toward the end of their pregnancies, and having a baby who refuses to drop can compound this feeling.
Step 2Do light exercises to help open up your pelvic region and loosen your muscles to allow the baby to drop into position. If this is not your first pregnancy, remember that your baby may not drop until labor begins.
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The first suggestions that doctors make are going for walks and having intercourse with your partner.

These include rocking your pelvis while on your hands and knees, making a circular motion with your hips and doing lunges and squats. There are certain pressure points on your ankles that may trigger uterine contractions, allowing the baby to drop.
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This process is also known as lightening, since the woman often feels lighter as the baby drops down into the pelvis. This will serve to relax both you and the baby, and help aid in the lightening process by taking some of the pressure off your pelvis. That’s great, but you need to learn how to reassure others that it was you who really did the drawing and that the poem was learnt and not written on the inside of your eyes. And if our country shows love for them only in a small pension, then we do it with all our heart. Though we consider them to be from another planet, sometimes we love them more than our parents.

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