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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Slide Design1) Text Is Death The deplorable practice of putting huge blocks of text on a slide and then reading every single word to the audience probably accounts for half of the problems people have with PowerPoint. Adding music to your PowerPoint works is very easy, and gives a good feeling about what a great work should have. Those are the best formats, they can give you a very good quality without needing a lot of space.
Remember that music isn’t always the most important thing: We can help you to make the best presentations!
Also, as the art teacher many times students came seeking advice about how to make their board look better or stand out among the crowd. Using the elements and principles of design, any student can make their presentation board a rockstar one. My passion is to show how you can inspire and encourage your own child’s creativity and to connect with your child through hands-on learning and problem-solving with STEAM activities. Whether you are doing an investigation or another type of project, make your display fun and engaging.

Organize your information like a newspaper so that your audience can easily follow the thread of your experiment by reading left to right, top to bottom.
Check out the  Discovery Education site and the Science Buddies site for more great presentation tips. For 5th graders, or other students who are doing an investigation project, below is one suggestion for the layout of your project board.
You will need to develop and use this skill throughout your years in university; when you attend job interviews and especially when you start working in the big wide world.
On the other hand, the outline is beneficial for both the presenter and the audience because of the following reasons.
Most people in the audience will be able to read the text faster than you can say it out loud. Imagine that you’re going to make a presentation about a musical style or a music group, or maybe just a birthday surprise for someone special.
The important difference between formats is that MP3 files can’t be added as normally to your presentations, though WAV files can be.
My boys loved science fair so much last year, that this year with us homeschooling, they have asked if we can still do it.

In addition to all of your written work on the board, try to bring something for your visitors to touch or play with!
If you would like more space, or have other special requests, it's not a problem, but please make a note of it when you fill out your registration form.
Do not glue anything down on your board until you have everything laid out on the board. Double check you have all the information you need and how it will fit on your board.
Or if you're worried about your visitors damaging your things, then stand by your project during the fair and do a live demonstration! To do this, you will have to use WAV files, and take care that those files aren’t too big. Make the title large (possibly 150 pt but it depends on your title), you want that to be the first thing that people notice on your board.

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