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A number of theories have been put forward to explain why some people have curly hair and others straight.
It is known that curly hair differs from straight in a number of ways aside from its shape. Another difference, at the chemical level, is in the structure of the proteins of which hair is composed.
Chemical methods can be used to create disulfide bonds in straight hair, giving a more lasting effect, but new growth will be straight, so, again, the effect is eventually lost.
The biggest challenges most people with this type of hair face are dryness and unmanageability. I'm a male and I need something to my hair curly or wavy, I have very straight, spiky hair, and nothing seems to work, not even strong gel. If your hair is determined by your genetic makeup, why would you take a pill to change that? I recently shaved my hair off and now that it's growing back in it has changed to lots of waves. To whoever thinks the drug to change your hair growth is just stupid, an go buy a straightening iron. It is true that it is a side effect of some medication - one of the drugs for epilepsy is particularly potent at making your hair curl.I have no idea about a drug being made just to change the shape of your hair follicles though!For me it was hormones that made my hair go from poker straight to having a serious curl in it - it was really straight and tended to not grow past my shoulders pre pregnancy, but after three term pregnancies I now have waist length hair, which just seems to get more curly as time passes. The long hairstyles have a range of features from the long wavy hairstyles to the long straight hairstyle. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Long Hairstyles For Men, Short Mens Hairstyles, Hairstyles For Guys and Short Wavy Hairstyles.
The chiselled features of the model look more sexy when the long blonde hair flies away from the face. This hunk has long curly hair with side parting styled in a messy way to make his looks more attractive. This long and wavy hair has short locks spread throughout the mane that lends a dashing charm to the guy.
The three brothers in their dark, long hairstyles with two of them sporting curls look pleasing together. Long and wavy dark hair hanging in a mess with center parting create a mysterious aura around the muscular man. This hairstyle has light blonde hair with wavy layers grazing the neck and long bangs covering the forehead. This handsome hunk with his side parted wavy hair having layers looks flamboyant and dashing. The thick, curly and uneven braids hanging on the shoulder have an amazing appeal and look quite different.
This even length messy hairstyle with tint of red hanging around the face with a side parting looks rocking. The dark curly ball of mass sitting on the head of this guy looks fabulous and has a catchy display. These two artists with their long, half tied and half loose hairstyle present an ultra flamboyant and cool look. This man with his piercing grey eyes and long, layered hair having a center parting looks groovy.
Smooth dark hair with slight layers covering the front and long ear locks have a smart look. Long and layered hair having wavy effect, worn with a center parting and left open on shoulders. The slight streaks of red, green and blue in the smooth, silky hair reaching up to neck make it lively.
The long and even length hair suit the personality of this guitarist and give him a nice rockstar look. Blonde hair with jagged edges and a shaggy effect tossed over the forehead for a buoyant look.
The guy in his dark brown, curly hair with a puffy effect, loosened on front looks handsome.

The actor flaunts a dashing look with his center parted glossy brown hair tucked behind the ears. Hunk On Runway is the hairstyle which i liked very much i wish to keep my hairstyle like this hunkman. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
Long hair on men is always alluring, and adding luscious curls may sound feminine to some, but it’s actually a guaranteed style to make the ladies swoon. It’s already December and time to start looking to the new year for the latest trends. Medium and longer hair are growing in popularity and that works for guys with curly hair too.
For many years, it was believed that this was determined by the shape of the hair shafts: those with a round cross-section were straight, those with an oval shape were wavy, and those with a flat profile were curly. It consists mainly of a protein called keratin — the same material that makes up the skin and nails — and molecules of this compound bundle together to form fibers.
Some genes are said to be dominant over others; this means that, when an individual inherits two different genes for the same trait, one is more likely to express itself rather than the other. It has been theorized that, as early humans spread out of Africa into cooler, cloudier regions, straight hair evolved to give greater protection from cold, at the expense of increased exposure to ultraviolet light. Scientists are looking into ways of changing the follicle shape to achieve a permanent effect. I'm a bi-racial guy with caucasian hair, and I was wondering what brands of perms caucasians used when they want to perm their hair? A friend had just a little bit of curl when he let his hair grow, and he started to take some prescribed drugs, I think they were for Epilepsy or pain, not sure but the drugs made his hair go crazy curly and as he has to take these all the time he now has to find a new way of doing his hair, because it is so curly. I wonder how people who are born blind, deaf or with missing limbs feel about the horrors of dealing with curly hair.
When it grew back after the effluvium (resting period) about three weeks into my drug therapy, it started to grow back curly. The status has changed and these days the long hairstyles for men are as popular the short hairstyles.
In these two hairstyles, the latter is more acknowledged and appreciated by the men folk as it has a suave and debonair feel. They again you’re calling me a cute guy and post me in the middle of some seriously good looking model guys. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
One hair trend that modern men are surely flocking to this year is the look of long curly styles.  So if you hair is natural curly you are in luck! From slicked back curls ending around ear length, to mini afros, and even shoulder sweeping curls, style your hair to perfection this season with curls that will last for days. We’ve talked about new hairstyles for men 2015 that have been debuted on runways around the world but what about guys with waves and curls? This is a continuation of the classic styles that have been dominating in the last few years and works for every hair type. The modern mop top features fringe cut at an angle rather than straight across the forehead in the Bieber-style that wouldn’t work for curly hair anyway. These cool tousled locks have a rounded but not round profile with more length on to and shorter sides. Basically, it’s all about more length whether that means bangs with short hair or growing hair out. Another theory was that in curly hair, one side grows more quickly than the other, causing it to curve. Biologically, this makes sense, because the oils secreted by the sebaceous glands at the follicle can more easily travel down a straight shaft. The protein molecule contains sulfur atoms that can sometimes bond with one another, forming what is called a disulfide bond. It is thought that this shape forces the parts of the keratin molecules containing sulfur atoms closer together, making it more likely that they will form disulfide bonds.

For example, the gene for long eyelashes is dominant over that for short eyelashes, so if someone inherits one of each from her parents, she will have long eyelashes. Some experimenters have claimed that curly hair gives better protection against ultraviolet, while straight is better at trapping air close to the scalp, providing an insulating layer for a part of the body that would otherwise be very prone to heat loss. This involves studying the way the curly hair gene works in detail, which is still an area of active research. Curly hair requires different care from straight in order for it to maintain its natural health. These curls are not tight, but more like a woman gets when she uses rollers, I guess?A drug to induce or decrease curly hair specifically, I do not think so, but as a side effect, it definitely happens!
I have extremely curly hair; it takes me an hour and a half to blow dry and straight iron my hair. Drugs should be used for medical purposes, using them to change the shape of your hair is unnecessary.
They give a rebellious and mysterious look to the men which makes them acquire a dashing and sexy aura.
With the right cut, there is no hint of a rounded fro at all but a balance between groomed yet loose curls. This cool curly cut is short all over with a few long tendrils falling down over the forehead. Make it work by using a curl-defining product that has is matte and shine-free for a natural looking finish. A layered haircut from a curly hair cutting pro will create a shape that falls easily into place without getting too heavy or triangle-shaped. Scientists currently think that the type is largely determined by the shape of the hair follicle, which seems to be controlled by a gene. The non-dominant gene is said to be recessive, and will only be seen if it is inherited from both parents.
This causes hydrogen bonds to form between keratin molecules, giving a curved shape dependent of the size of the rollers. It does not require washing every day and will benefit from an occasional break from chemicals and heat. But after much experience I learned that washing less and using no styling products is the best solution. My friend has moved and not told me his contact details so I can't ring and ask what the drug was he uses.
The credit for making the hairstyle wide-spread and acceptable must go to the rock bands which started the cult of wearing long hair. This slicked back hair can be styled from any of these haircuts when you want a more formal and coiffed look. The gene for curly hair is said to have incomplete dominance over that for straight, so an individual inheriting one straight and one curly gene may have intermediate, wavy hair.
Hydrogen bonds, however, are much weaker than the permanent disulfide bonds that cause natural curls, and the effect is lost when the hair gets wet again. Each time it is washed, it should be deep conditioned, and if dry, styling products containing alcohol should be avoided. It was only after them that the long tresses made an entry into the mainstream and it became a formal as well as casual hairstyle. I am allergic to every hair care product there is and 99 percent of shampoos -- forget conditioner! You try having curly hair that looks like an afro and not being able to use products and the alternative is spending an hour and half (at best) every day fixing your hair.

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