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Please note that I am addicted to Fanfiction, Supernatural, Harry Potter (the series and the boy), Draco Malfoy, eclectic eccentricity, oddities, Severus Snape, music in all its forms, The Mentalist, sarcasm, writing, slash, the paranormal and supernatural, Magick, a good laugh, and witty icons.
This is a part of our lives.Morgan Le Fae became the #1 elite Morgan GP group on July 15, 2011, brought up singlehandedly by myself.
I, along with a select few close friends that I gathered around me as teammates, kept Morgan Le Fae at the top of the Morgan charts for nearly 3 years.My predecessor the Toy Soldiers team, was legitimately worried about me as I rose through the ranks (a single person with too much depression-turned-obsession-of-Howrse on her hands) overcoming them for a good 6 months prior to it happening.
I eventually became good friends with several of their members, and imagine my shock when they told me that a group of 8+ people was scared of little ol' me.

Through my 4-H Rabbit project I gained a whole new perspective into the scientific aspects of the life cycle, as well as the how deep my appreciation for having a hand in the upbringing of new life runs. Also if you see a horse you like but it is not for sale, still feel free to email me with a offer.
Sorry but none of my horses in my Paint section are for sale, this includes Thunder and Sugar. Although I'm no longer active on Howrse, I do come on about once every 6 months and it's nice to find some correspondence in my box.

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