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In today’s world, people are getting even busier so an efficient planner is a necessity to have these days. This app makes it easier for you to schedule your important plans daily and compare them side by side with the actual activities you did on the day. Schedule Planner PRO HD also allows you to customize the settings and add your own category that isn’t in the available set of choices.
With this app, you can check and compare the time you spend on every activity through the colored pie-chart diagrams. You will also never miss doing an important task as this app allows you to set the alarm to remind you of your planned activity. Schedule Planner PRO HD is a great iPad app for planning your daily or monthly events and activities.
Paula Garde is the co-founder of an iPad app reviews website which features the best and top rated apps for the iPad. The App Store for the iPhone has a number of free car racing games, but Real Racing GTI tops the list with superior animation and a smooth frame rate. Upon starting Real Racing GTI, the user is presented with a sharp-looking menu screen centered around a GTI model. Apple likes to champion the iPhone as a gaming machine with graphics rivaling that of Sony’s PSP.

Real Racing GTI’s three gaming modes each feature the same racing engine and also allow the user to select one of the six GTI car models for the race.
The Options screen allows the user to change various control settings, like turning on manual acceleration. With its clean and simple interface, Schedule Planner PRO HD is a great tool to help you with your day-to-day events and activities.
If you have repetitive tasks, you can simple copy, paste, repeat or edit the existing plans for quicker scheduling. It is a great game that works well as a kind of advertisement for the Volkswagen GTI line of cars. Developed by FireMint and sponsored by Volkswagen, the game features VW’s GTI line of cars tricked out for racing. Menu links exist for all three game modes, along with links for credits, options and the Showroom, where one can browse Volkswagen’s GTI line and even find a local VW dealer.
The highlight of Career mode is the ability to race on the other two tracks: Forino Valley and Montclair.
It will show you your priorities and how much time you spend on each category every day.  Your detailed weekly and monthly statistics are also available by sending them to your email. Developer, FireMint, is known for their Real Racing iOS series, which was unfortunately acquired by EA who turned Real Racing 3 into a freemium title, ruined by too many micro-transactions.

The user has the option to do a quick one-off race, a time trial, or take part in a short three-race series (Career Mode) behind the wheel of one of the game’s colorful collection of GTIs.
The racing animation is especially smooth featuring both a high frame rate and well-detailed background graphics.
Quick Race mode also uses the same beach track for a one to nine lap race against 5 other GTIs. It is slightly disappointing to be stuck with one track in Time Trial and Quick Race modes, but Real Racing GTI is a free download, after all.
Each category is color-coded for easy comparison and reference. You can arrange the tasks by time, duration and category. The accelerometer-based steering works great, although there is some tendency to over-steer. Using the automatic acceleration option is recommended, as it makes it easier to brake with a simple finger tap on the screen.

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