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One thing that I find which does separate this program from other backlink programs on the market is that it takes content, transfers it into PDF documents, those rank on Google and link back to your site which is technically supposed to boost your site’s rank. I’ve seen first hand what happens when you use backlinks when I tried it from what I though was a reputable place called Bring the Fresh. I can promise you this, a lot of website owners are probably also doing this kind of stuff as well.
It’s just not worth risking your entire website (really your whole online business) for this. So to summarize Backlinktopia, as I said before, it’s not a scam, but the results you get (if any) will only be in the short run.
If you’re looking to build a stable online business, I will advise against using programs like this.

What is also true is that this approach to marketing does take longer to see success, but at the same time, what you’re doing is legitimate and will lead to better long term results. Salve ragazzi io e tutti i ragazzi che taggano vogliamo mostrarvi e farvi aprezare questa bellissima arte. Adesso vi farò vedere alcuni ragazzi che hanno imparato come voi e che sono riusciti a diventare molto bravi.
As for the question on if it can get you great SERP results, the answer is both yes & no. We’re talking anchor text keywords, content gathering abilities and other standard methods. The man behind the program, Clint Faber is pretty transparent in explaining what his program actually does.

Sooner or later sites that use this tactic will get caught and be penalized in the process. Doing things like putting in keywords as anchor text in comments is probably not going to work anymore.
I’m going to predict that in the near future, this approach to SEO will basically become extinct. The best thing to do is just keep adding quality content and let Google slowly fall in love with you.

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